72 Simple Fashion Tips for Attractive Looks

simple fashion tips

Many times you find yourself thinking about what to wear or you’re saying to yourself “I don’t even have any clothes”. But that’s not really true if you think about it. You most likely have a wardrobe full of clothes or at least some clothes.

The issue really is that you may not know how to style them in a manner that makes you look gorgeous except if the clothes are no longer your size or maybe too old. By the way, know that you’re in good company if you have ever found yourself thinking like this. 

That’s the reason we have put together these simple fashion tips to guide and help you make the best of your clothes and get the best value from the money you spend on your clothes. 

Fashion Tips for Women (Ladies)

1. Clutter-Free Closet

fashion tips - clutter free closet

Always ensure that your closet or wardrobe is clutter-free. This is very important even if you don’t have a large wardrobe or closet, try to keep whatever space or storage you use for your clothes organized so that you will always know where to get your clothes. This will save you a lot of time especially when you are looking at the cumulative effect over a long period. 

2. Pick Outfits that Compliment

Finding the right balance between your outfit tops and bottoms can often be tricky or difficult but this is one way to have a perfect outfit with stunning looks. If you are wearing a loose top (blouse, shirt, cardigan, etc.) put on a skinny or tight bottom outfit (pencil jeans, pencil pants, leggings, jeggings, etc.).

In the same manner, if you are wearing wide-legged pants or bottoms (maxi skirts, flowy pants, etc.) consider pairing it with fitted tops (blouses, shirts, etc.)

3. Improve Your Wardrobe

If you are confused about the kinds of clothes that enhance your beauty, check out your current favorite outfits that fit you the most. Use them as a guide for the kind of outfits you should be buying especially if these clothes fit very well with your body shape

4. Go Prepared

You are not likely to find the best outfits that you really want if you’re shopping in a hurry. You should set aside some time specifically for wardrobe shopping so that you can make sure the clothes you are buying are the right fit for you.

Select as many potential outfits as you can and head over to the fitting rooms in the store to try them out before deciding which ones to buy. Taking your time to shop will save you time and money later because you are less likely to return any items which will save you time and money.

5. Consider Your Skin Tone 

Skin tones are not only useful for makeup and skincare alone. Pay attention to your skin tone when selecting colors for your outfit. There are specific colors that are compatible with or complement certain skin tones and there are colors that do not compliment particular skin tones.

For instance, if you have a warm skin tone, colors like brown, yellow, gold, olive, and red will really look good on you and most of your outfits should be in these colors. Also, you have a cool complexion, outfits in colors like white, black, grey, silver, and blue will look amazing on you.  

6. Jackets are Game Changers

Jackets have the ability to change the way you look in your outfits completely. They can transform your dressing and make you look gorgeous even when you wear them with casual outfits.

Consider having at least three basic jackets in your wardrobe: denim jacket, leather jacket, and tailored jacket or blazer. Denim and leather jackets can be used for casual and evening outings while your tailored jacket or blazers can be used for formal and business occasions or meetings. 

7. Mind What You Show

Some of the outfits are designed to reveal parts of your body but you need to be mindful about what is being revealed and how much of it you want to show off. Find out if you are going to be comfortable where you are going in your revealing outfit before deciding if that is the best outfit to wear. Consider this as a rule of thumb, wear something else if you are not sure that your revealing outfit will be acceptable where you are going. 

8. Take Advantage of Fashion Accessories 

Fashion accessories are an excellent way of complimenting your dressing. They make you look stylish and trendy without heavily accessorizing your outfit. There are several fashion accessories that you can make use of in your dressing irrespective of the kind of dress you are wearing.

Some of the fashion accessories that can take your style to the next level include items like brooch pins, cufflinks, necklaces, wristwatches, handbags, scarves, neckties, hats, belts, eyeglasses, etc. 

9. Improve Your Secret Style

You don’t hear fashion tips like this all the time but know that wearing good underwear can boost your style confidence besides other benefits. The fact that nobody can see what you are wearing underneath your dress does not mean you should neglect it.

Try getting some nice underwear that may even be inexpensive to give you the comfort and confidence you need. Guys can wear vests or crew t-shirts with boxers or briefs while there are a wide array of nice bra, briefs, thongs, boxer briefs, etc. for ladies to choose from.  

10. Use Versatile Fashion Accessories

fashion tips - fashion accessory

The good thing about fashion accessories is that they don’t only transform your style, they save you money too. Most of these fashion accessories can be used across different outfits where they can complement the dress and improve your style.

This saves you money because you don’t have to buy a different accessory for each outfit you have. For instance, you can use reversible belts to dress with different outfits in different colors. You don’t have to buy two different belts that are compatible with each outfit. 

11. Avoid the Morning Confusion

Picking your outfit in the morning of a busy day may not be a good idea. You are more likely to pick clothes in a hurry and put them on which may not be the best dress option for you. Try selecting your clothes and complete outfit with shoes and bag the previous night before going to bed.

You can even iron the clothes out if need be, and transfer the contents in your bag to the new bag you have picked. This will help you avoid the confusion about what to wear in the morning and the tendency to forget to carry important items you may need during the day.

12. Use Dress Combinations

Layering dresses or combining dresses with other outfits is a skill that can save you money and improve your style dramatically. This is not just useful during the cool seasons like fall and winter, you need to know how to do this all the time. You need to try combinations like wearing sneakers with denim on a t-shirt with a jacket, or denim jeans with flat shoes a crop top, and a jacket.

There are countless ways to layer your dress or dress combinations that you can try. Always be on the lookout for such either on television or everywhere you go and take note of it when you see something you like so that you can try it.   

13. Keep Versatile Fashion Items

Dress styles may change with each season but you don’t have to keep buying new clothes with each season. There are fashion items and outfits that can be used anytime irrespective of the season. You just need to know how to pair them with the right dress combinations.

For instance, ladies high heels can be used with different dress combinations irrespective of the season. You can wear them with pants, skirt and blouse, gowns, denim jeans and even combine it with a jacket where necessary. Other utility fashion items or dresses include jackets, handbags, etc.

14. Know Your Limits

Just because they say something is fashionable or in vogue does not mean you should join the bandwagon blindly. You need to think about it and check to see if it really looks good on you before wearing or doing it.

For instance, it may be fashionable to wear mini skirts but will you be comfortable wearing them if you know you don’t have nice legs? Your “style power”  may be in a different outfit, focus on those areas of strength instead. It may not be worth doing or wearing any outfit that is considered fashionable if you are not going to look good or comfortable in it. 

15. It’s not About the Label

Wearing a good and expensive fashion label can be great but it may not always be worth it especially when there are good alternatives that cost less. This is a good tip if you are on a budget in your finances, but it’s okay to splurge on yourself once in a while.

You can always find good high-end fashion outfits at a fraction of the cost at most discount clothing stores. However, you just have to wait till the hype about those expensive outfits is overshadowed by the latest fashion drops then you can have them at half the price or less. 

16. Brighten Up with Accessories

If you are wearing dark-colored outfits, consider using bright-colored accessories to light up your outfit. Most fashion accessories are available in bright colors like red, yellow, orange, etc. and you can use them to nicely compliment your outfit. You can also pick accessories that match with colors of some of your outfits to create a perfect fit. 

17. Just Try It

Do you remember those moments at the clothing store where a dress is okay but you are not sure if you really like it? Just take them to the fitting room and try them on anyway.

You may be surprised to see how beautiful it will look on you, or you may just remember an outfit or accessory you already have that will fit perfectly in it. A note of caution is to watch closely how much you want to spend otherwise you may end up spending more than you planned. 

18. Style with Stripes Carefully

Clothes with stripes have an illusion effect that makes you look taller or shorter than you really are (at least in the eyes of those looking at you). But you can use this to your advantage.

Consider wearing clothes with longitudinal stripes if you want to appear taller and if you want to look shorter wear clothes with lateral stripe patterns. Besides, striped clothes give you a variety of options for the things that you can match with these outfits using the stripe colors. 

19. Know Your Body

Having a good knowledge of your body will help you save lots of time at the clothes store. You shouldn’t spend time looking at clothes that on a quick glance you should know that they are not for you. This can only be possible when you know your size and body shape.

Your body shape helps you to know the kind of clothes and designs that are perfect for your body and those that are not while knowing your size will help you to look at the size of clothes to pick those that are likely to be your size. This will save you significant time because you won’t be wasting time looking at clothes that are not your size no matter how much you may like them. 

20. Wear Comfort Not Label

fashion tips - comfort not labels

It is important to wear outfits and shoes that you will enjoy comfortably. There’s no point wearing clothes or shoes that are very uncomfortable just because they are expensive.

If you really want to wear a designer outfit or any expensive outfit, make sure it fits you very well and you are comfortable wearing it. Don’t wear nice heels that are expensive but you are trying very hard to hide the discomfort you are feeling walking in them.

21. Avoid the Crowds

Avoid going shopping with more than two people. You may get confused about what to buy when everybody gives a different opinion. Shopping with one or two people is usually the best thing to do.

It gives you enough time to think about your picks and to decide if you really like it or not. It may even be best to shop alone if you know what you want and where to find it. Only consider going with one or two people if you are not sure of what you want, that is when their opinions may help you. 

22. Coat Lover? Get a Lint Roller 

You need to have a link roller in your closet if you are a coat lover. The material used in making most coats and tailored jackets may lose some fabric threads or lint. This takes the shine out of the coating material which may affect your looks when you wear a jacket or coat. This is why you need a lint roller to take out the lint on the coat before wearing it.  

23. Invest in Comfortable PJs

Nighttime is when you rest and your body gets the opportunity to recover from the stress of the day. You need to wear something good and comfortable so that you can enjoy your sleep and rest very well.

Good and comfortable pajamas will go a long way to help you relax and sleep well at night. Find good nightwear that you will be very comfortable when you wear it at night. 

24. Black Always Works

When you are confused about what to wear or what color to wear, go with black. It is a utility color that can be used freely in diverse situations and you can easily find other colors that can be combined easily with it. 

25. Want Long Legs? Try This

If you are always looking for ways to make your legs appear longer, then this trick may help. Try wearing shoes that are in the same color as your pants. For instance, if you are wearing black bottoms (pants or jeans) wear black shoes with them and preferably heels and your legs will appear to be longer than they really are. 

26. Be Creative with Outfits

Try to figure out different ways that you can wear the same outfit. This will be very helpful if you have a limited wardrobe and on a tight budget.

Consider combining an outfit with a jacket or layering it with another shirt or sweater. Try wearing the same outfit with different shoes and see how you look. You may just discover different ways to wear that same dress or outfit so that you can look different each time you wear it. 

27. Watch Your Back

Make sure you check how your back looks in the mirror before heading out the door. This is very important especially if you are wearing low waist pants or bottoms and crop tops that end just above your waist or by your waist.

Check further by bending down while backing the mirror to make sure you are not revealing anything (including your back crack and panties) when you squat, sit or bend down. 

28. Patterns and Colors

Try this trick when wearing patterns, whatever the color pattern of the outfit you want to wear, pick a complimenting solid color item (shirt, blouse, pants, or skirts) that compliments that pattern and you will have some good admirable looks.

For instance, if you are wearing a red and black plaid shirt, you can pick black or red colored pants or bottoms to wear with it. If you are wearing a blue flower patterned skirt, pick a blue top to wear with it. 

29. Use the Triple Combination Rule

You may find yourself in a style crisis if you base your outfit on more than three colors. The last thing anybody wants to have is a color mismatch that ruins everything about your style and dress efforts.

If your top and bottoms are in different colors, your shoes, handbag or other dress accessories should match the color of your main outfits. At least two items on your outfit should have matching colors. 

30. Try a Clothes Steamer 

Conair Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat; White / Blue

Have you ever tried ironing a maxi skirt or a pleated skirt? How about those blouses with pleats and designs that are made from delicate materials like rayon, silk, etc. where you have to adjust the iron to different control settings on the iron or risk damaging them? Frustrating isn’t it? Especially when you are in a hurry.

Using a clothes steamer is much easier and faster. You can just put the dress on a hanger and blow it with steam to remove the creases and folds and your dress will be ready for use. Save yourself these troubles and get a clothes steamer.   

Fashion Tips for Men (Guys)

31. Fit is Key

Fashion tips for guys are equally as important as fashion tips for women. Make sure your clothes fit you well. There’s nothing that makes a guy look more sloppy in their dressing than an oversized or undersized dress. People usually notice the fit before they appreciate the quality of what they are wearing.

So if you are wearing an expensive outfit that is over or undersized, the quality will rarely be noticed because the irregular fit will overshadow everything. Wear clothes that are the right size and comfortable for you.

32. Sales Advantage

Consider buying more than one dress item that you really like especially if you are going to get a discounted pricing for buying more than one (remember those buy two for half price store tags?).

If you see a shirt or pants that you really like and they fit well on you, buy more than one of them in different colors to complement your wardrobe and create more dress options for yourself.

33. Avoid Big Pleats

Small pleats are okay for your dress pants, but large pleats may cause your pants to appear or feel big around your waist (front area) and make you look shorter than you really are.

Rather than wear pants with large pleats, how about wearing pants that are fitted to your body structure? These pants will give you a better, smarter look than most pants with large pleats.

34. Shirts and Sweaters Combo

If you are looking for a way to always look good even on a limited budget, this trick may help. Consider getting a few more shirts and sweaters in your wardrobe (if you don’t have them already).

You can create different dress combinations with a few shirts and sweaters that make you look nice and different each time. This can be a lifesaver if you are always thinking about what to wear for work.

35. Get a Nice Blazer

Have at least one nice blazer in your wardrobe preferably in a dark color. This is practically a game-changer that will transform your wardrobe.

You can wear a blazer with denim jeans, dress pants, or khakis bottoms and combine it with a nice t-shirt, shirt, or even sweater. There are several ways that you can style your blazers and look awesome every time. 

36. The Best Suit Colors

It is generally acceptable to wear dark-colored suits but some of the best colors for suits that you can have include dark charcoal and navy blue. These colors are very versatile for suits and you can wear a suit in these colors to almost any kind of occasion or event without feeling that your style is off.

It is also easy to find other dress items and accessories in colors that are either compatible or complementary with these suit colors. Consider getting a suit in any of these colors if you don’t have a suit yet or are considering adding another one to your wardrobe. 

37. Style with Colors

It’s not only ladies that can wear bright-colored outfits or makeup, guys also can brighten up their looks by wearing bright-colored outfits. It is generally nice to mix any bright-colored dress item with a dark-colored one to create a good contrast.

For instance, you can wear an orange or light yellow sweater on a shirt with black jeans or khakis. Dress styles like this will surely bring pop to your style.  

38. Don’t Hold Back on Socks

The fact that socks are covered by your pants and shoes does not mean that you shouldn’t invest in having some nice socks. You need to have different types of socks in your wardrobe for different dress styles.

Do you realize that the lower end (hem) of your pants is raised when you sit down and your socks are revealed in the process? Save yourself the embarrassment of having holes in your socks and get some nice socks for your dress pants and ankle-length socks for tennis shoes and sneakers. 

39. Dress with Wrist Watches

There are different types of watches and there is also an acceptable way to wear them with your different outfits. Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style advises that you wear dress and business outfits with plain face watches that have black leather straps.

The rule of thumb is to go for watches that are simple and elegant when dressing for business or work. You can wear Chrono watches or smartwatches with business casual outfits but don’t wear dress watches with sports outfits.   

40. Spice Up with Prints

fashion tips - style with prints

Clothes with print designs can be good outfits to have in your wardrobe. Sometimes, you just need something different from your usual style to spice up your looks.

Print t-shirt with jeans and sneakers or loafers can be a nice outfit for a weekend evening and print shorts with a nice short sleeve casual shirt and loafers or sneakers can really brighten up your style for a summer weekend or movie night. 

41. Never Forget This

Always make sure you match your belt and shoes in the same color. This mistake is often made especially by young guys who don’t know much about fashion tips. Your belt should be in the same color as your shoes and always keep this in mind when planning your outfit.

That is why it is always good to have reversible belts with different colors (preferably black and brown) on each side of the belt. This way, you can always match your shoes and a belt without having to buy several belts in different colors. 

42. Exploit Store Sales Offers

Sometimes it can be a wise move to wait for expensive outfits to be on sale when you can buy them at half price off. Fashion items are usually very expensive when they are just released, but you can get them at very steep discounts if you are willing to wait a little. Some of the best times to find great discount deals include the week after Thanksgiving and the week after Christmas.  

43. Quality over Quantity

It is better to have a few quality outfits in your wardrobe than to have a lot of cheap or poor-quality outfits. The quality of what you wear says so much about you and it is always better to let people have a good impression about yourself by the way you dress.   

44. Contrast with Pocket Squares

Never use pocket squares that have the same color shade as your suit or jacket. Pocket squares are supposed to be in contrast with your suit and preferably have a brighter color shade than your suit. Most pocket squares are designed separately or in a set with matching ties or bow ties and suspenders. 

45. Ideal Tie Length

The length of your necktie should never get lower than the upper border of your belt. Your tie looks awkward when it extends lower than your belt especially if you are not a tall person. Ideally, the tip of the lower end of the tie should be just above your belt buckle. 

46. Ditch the Socks

You need to put on socks when wearing dress shoes like oxfords, and when wearing boots and tennis shoes. However, you don’t necessarily need to put on socks when wearing shoes like boat shoes, loafers, moccasins, bucks, chukkas, and bluchers. You can wear short ankle-length socks if you are uncomfortable putting on shoes with your bare legs but not long dress socks. 

47. Cover Up with Cardigans and Sweaters

This trick may help when you are in a difficult situation with little or no options for nice shirts. If your shirt does not fit, wear a sweater to cover up the awkward look. You can also use this trick if you made a mess or stained your shirt during lunch. This trick can help you cover up your mess.   

48. Treat Your Shoes Well

Shoes should be used and treated with care especially if you have spent some fortune to get them. You can keep shoes in a well-arranged storage or shoe cabinet.

Drop camphor balls in shoes that you won’t be wearing for a while, use shoe toe inserts, fillers and stretchers to prevent shoes from folding or collapsing out of shape when not in use. You can also polish your shoes regularly and protect the heels from abrasive friction with sole or heel protectors.

49. Watch out for Counterfeits

Counterfeits are now quite common with fashion products, especially the expensive fashion and luxury goods. Sometimes, you can even see them for sale in the most unlikely places.

A good rule to always check out is if the price is too good to be true and it’s not a sales discount offer at a known store chain then it is most likely to be a counterfeit or fake product. 

50. Avoid Impulse Purchases

fashion tips - impulse shopping

Always try not to buy things on the fly, especially fashion items that are expensive because you will be hit with buyers remorse sooner or later after you have done it. You need to be deliberate about your outfit purchases especially if you are going to spend a significant amount on any item. 

51. Know the Return Policy

The best way to cope with a buyer’s remorse situation is to understand the return policy of the store where you shop. This helps you to understand the implications of what you are doing when you spend your money buying that item.

Return policies typically state under which conditions and rules or standards that may apply when you want to return an item you bought. Also, know that return policies are not uniform or “one size fits all”. They may be conditions that may affect you negatively, so if you are in doubt about the return policy at any store, ask the store staff. 

52. Style for Shorts

Wondering what to wear on a summer weekend?, Think no more. You can wear a nice khaki short-styled with casual loafers or slip-on shoes with a t-shirt.

You can even layer the t-shirt with a graphic or flower-designed short sleeve shirt and fly the buttons to have a funky feel. You can make yourself comfortable in the summer sun by putting on some shades or monochromatic shades if you want and a nice Chrono wristwatch. 

53. Ditch Your Old Wallet

A good wallet is part of your style and it can make or break your style efforts. Imagine looking at a nicely dressed guy walking up to a checkout counter at a store or restaurant and removing an old worn-out leather wallet to make a payment.

All the admiration you have for the nice dressing and style will quickly fly out because you are repulsed by the sight of the wallet. Always ensure you are using a nice leather wallet that looks good and most of these wallets are inexpensive. 

54. Declutter Your Wallet

Your wallets should not be overstuffed with unnecessary items. A bulging wallet from your back pocket or hip pocket can significantly distort the way you look and it may also significantly affect your comfort too. Take out items that you don’t need from your wallet to make room for the right amount of stuff that you should carry in it. 

55. Spot Check for Dress Shirts

There are a couple of things that you can do to quickly confirm the quality of dress shirts you want to buy if you are ever in doubt about the quality of the shirt.

You can check the collar to see if it is sturdy, thick, and smooth. Most nicely tailored dress shirts have thick smooth and sturdy collars that are appealing to look at. Nice sturdy hardware like buttons is also used on many good-quality dress shirts and not the cheap generic buttons. 

56. Dress Shirt Fitting Tips

The beauty of dress shirts is in the fit. This is part of common fashion tips for guys but it is not often used by many guys. The appeal that comes with wearing nice dress shirts is lost if the shirts are not fitting.

Some of the things you can do to make your shirt fit nicely include ensuring that the sleeves end just by your wrist and not above or beyond your wrist. If you are having to pull up your sleeves, then the shirt is likely not the right fit for you. 

57. Catalogues of Ideas

There are so many sources of information on fashion tips that you can use when you feel stuck or confused about what to wear. You shouldn’t be confused about what to wear or how to dress for any occasion.

Fashion magazines and catalogs can be a great source of inspiration for ideas on how you can dress for different occasions. Also, sites like Pinterest can also provide a lot of ideas that you can use and improve your style and dress options. 

Fashion Tips for Teenagers

Dress style is generally very important for many teenagers and they typically try to express themselves through their dressing and fashion.

However, there is a chance that some young people may not know how to dress appropriately. These fashion tips for young boys and girls can be useful in helping them or their parents to know what kind of outfits to wear. 

Fashion Tips for Teenage Boys

58. Be Yourself

fashion tips - be yourself

There can be enormous pressure from your peers to dress in a certain way or dress like one of your favorite icons, but this will just make things more difficult for you.

You don’t have to be or dress like anybody, just be yourself. The best way to dress is to wear the things you love, the things that you can afford, and the outfits that make you look good.

59. Avoid Graphic T-Shirts

Stop wearing graphic t-shirts because you need to start looking more mature than the small boy you were a few years ago. Also, some graphic tees may have content that will make you the center of unnecessary and sometimes unwanted attention. There are several alternatives to graphic tees that you can wear like plain colored tees or t-shirts with minimal designs

60. Wear Clothes that Fit

Yes, wearing the right size of clothes is for teenage guys too. This is what gives you the right sense of style and the confidence that you need.

Wearing undersized or oversize outfits will not just make you feel uncomfortable, it may make most people to have a wrong impression about you. Outfits like low waist jeans or pants, baggy pants or jeans, and other outfits may not be what you need to boost your sense of style.  

61. Style with Jeans

Denim jeans are a staple for teenage wardrobes and a must-have for teenagers. The good thing about jeans is that you can style it in various ways and still look good in different styles of wearing jeans.

You can style your jeans with a t-shirt and trainers or slip-on sneakers or you can wear it with a nice t-shirt and layer the t-shirt with a short-sleeve shirt. You can even wear your jeans with a dress shirt and nice shoes like boots.  

62. Style with Sneakers

Sneakers are another staple that is almost a must-have for many teenage guys. You can wear them with khaki pants or khaki shorts, and jeans.

There are several styling options that you can use for sneakers. You can wear them with jeans or khaki pants, or wear it with a t-shirt or short sleeve shirt for mostly informal events. 

63. Take Advantage of Khakis

You can dress nicely in casual or business casual style with khaki pants. Khakis should be part of your ward for your lass formal outings where you don’t want to look like an unserious kid.

You can wear them with nice dress shirts and casual loafers or proper dress shoes. However, you can wear them with a t-shirt and sneakers if you are just hanging out on a weekend evening with friends. 

64. Have a Formal Outfit

As young guys, you rarely think of dressing in this formal business attire since you are still in school and there’s hardly a need for you to dress like that.

Most guys even prefer to go rent whenever that need comes but it’s really nice if you can have just one formal attire for your wardrobe if you can afford one. Consider buying a suit (jacket and pants), or at least a nice jacket that you can wear with a tie and nice pants. 

65. Care for Your Clothes

Most teenagers don’t take good care of their wardrobe (clothes and shoes), and it is common to find their closets in disarray. You should be different from other guys who are like this. Clean up your closet and arrange your clothes and shoes.

Put away dirty clothes, socks etc. in the laundry bin and wash them. Iron and neatly arrange your clean linen. Your style shouldn’t be about what others see, it should start from the privacy of your closet before you can showcase it outside for everybody to see. 

Fashion Tips for Teenage Girls

66. Take Advantage of Denim

fashion tips - denim advantage

There are so many style possibilities wrapped up in denim jeans and you can create amazing styles that bring out the beauty in you with jeans. Denim jeans come in different styles and designs and this presents you with amazing options that you can use in creating your outfits. 

For instance, during the winter you can wear jeans with ankle length or knee-high boots with a blouse or t-shirt layered with an oversized cardigan or sweater. You can also wear denim jeans with sneakers and a shirt and accessorize it with a sling bag for an evening outing or as an outfit for school. The possibilities with denim jeans are endless, use your creativity to get the best out of it.   

67. Know Your Body Shape

Your knowledge of self-awareness should not just be about your personality, attitudes, and strengths but it should also be about your body. You should know your body shape, outfit sizes, which clothes bring out your stunning beauty, outfits that you are comfortable wearing etc. This will make you get the best out of your fashion style and more importantly give you the confidence you need to express yourself with your fashion style. 

68. Leggings for Casuals

Leggings are the wardrobe staple that almost every girl has in their wardrobe. There are different types of leggings and also different ways that you can style your dressing with leggings. Many girls use them as home wear because they are very comfortable.

You can wear them with a t-shirt and slip-on shoes at home. If you are going out for an evening outing or informal event, consider wearing them with long blouses or oversized cardigans with either boots, flat shoes, or sandals. Make sure you are wearing athletic leggings designed specifically for workouts if you are wearing them to hit the gym.

69. Master the Art of Layering

You need to understand how to layer your outfit to create unique beautiful styles. You will need to have either a cardigan, shirt, or jacket in your wardrobe to use this trick effectively. The more of these outfits you have the more layering options you will have available when dressing.

Layering is always a good idea when wearing an outfit with fitted bottoms like pencil pants or jeans. Also, consider layering with a nice jacket if you are wearing a sleeveless fitting gown or sleeveless top.    

70. Suits are Essential

Formal dressing is a part of the fashion style for young girls and there will certainly be a need for you to dress this way (sooner or later). Consider having either a pantsuit or skirt suit as part of your wardrobe. Formal dresses are easy to style and the general rule is to keep it simple and elegant. 

71. Gowns are Important too

Gowns are very important for young teenage girls because you typically wear them for formal events. You don’t need to spend too much money to have them because you can always rent gowns at a local rental store for an event.

However, there are simple, beautifully designed, and inexpensive gowns that you can get for your wardrobe. You can wear them for parties, date nights, and other formal events. Consider styling your gowns with accessories like hats and nice purses. 

72. Unleash Your Creativity

The best way to utilize the many fashion tips you read about is to take that information and create something uncommon. The most important factor in dress styles and fashion styles for teenagers is to use your creativity. Use what you have in your wardrobe and create unique styles for yourself that fits your personality.

You don’t have to spend so much money to create a unique style of dressing, just get the most important items you need and see how you can blend them together to create something unique. 


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