Promise Rings: Everything You Need to Know Before Giving Them

Promise rings

What is a Promise Ring? Definition and Purpose

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Promise rings are usually given to someone you care about as a sign or token of a commitment you have made to that person or each other. The ring is a symbol of what you have committed to do and it reminds you of that promise whenever you wear it.

These rings are commonly used in romantic relationships to show an intention of commitment to your partner and this is often followed by an engagement or wedding proposal.

However, promise rings are also used in other ways besides romantic relationships. Some of the different ways that people use these rings include:

Self Commitments: this is when you give yourself a promise ring as a reminder about a certain commitment you have made to yourself. There are people who wear promise rings to remind them to stay committed to a cause they are very passionate about.

Mutual Friendships: people who are good friends often exchange promise rings as a symbol of their friendship. This is usually done with the expectation that the ring will help to remind them about each other and cause the relationship to endure over a long time. This is common with teenage friends who may not want future relationships to separate them from their best childhood friends.

Chastity: Parents often give their teenage children rings to serve as a token of a commitment to help their kids abstain from sexual relationships before wedding or marriage. These types of rings given by parents for abstinence is also often referred to as purity rings.

Types of Promise Rings

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There are different types of promise rings available in the market and there are various criteria used in differentiating them. Some of these criteria include designs, materials, cost etc.

Designs: Promise rings are designed in various styles to fit the preference of the different types of people who want to use them. For instance, there are promise rings that are designed for men (Yes, guys do wear promise rings too). You will also find these rings designed with feminine styles for women (and girls). It is also common to find promise rings for couples designed in a manner that most couples will love. Of course, there are custom made promise rings as well.

Materials: different materials are used in making promise rings and this meets the styling preferences of users and it improves the affordability of these rings by different people. Some of the common materials used for making these rings include gold, silver, platinum, etc. with some of them using diamonds, quartz or precious stones as decorative pieces for the ring.

Cost: there is a broad price range of promise rings making it possible for almost anybody to be able to afford one whenever they need it. There are even customizable rings that are often more expensive than regular rings.

Some of the different types of promise rings based on the criteria mentioned above include:

Gold Promise Rings: These are promise rings made from gold material or some of the several variations of gold like rose gold, white gold and of course yellow gold. Most of these rings are designed beautifully with diamond studs or some type of precious stones which could be in a wide array of colors.

Gold promise rings for women usually have feminine ring designs like heart shapes mixed with crystals or stones to form a gallery. You can also engrave your girlfriend or partner’s name or her favorite words on the inside lining of the ring’s shank or band.

Diamond Promise Rings: In most cases, diamond promise rings are usually made with a certain material like gold, silver etc. then decorated with diamond stones. There are different types of diamond stones that are used in making these rings. The rings usually come in different designs partly because of the variety of shapes, sizes and colors of diamonds used in making them.

The variety of these promise rings also reflects in their prices which vary widely depending on the kind of material used in making the ring shank and the type of diamond used in decorating it. Normally, the heavier the diamond, the more expensive it is (for instance, a 10-carat diamond will be more expensive than a 5-carat diamond).

Silver Promise Rings: These types of promise rings are also quite common. The ring is made from silver material or other variations and alloys of silver material. Some of the commonly used silver material include silver filled material, sterling silver, Tibetan or tribal silver, Bali, Thai or Mexican silver etc.

Silver promise rings for women are usually decorated with a gallery that has stones or crystals on it. Some are also decorated with tiny stones or crystals on the accent part of the rings. However, there are also a number of simple plain silver promise rings too design for men and also for ladies who love simplicity in their choice of jewellery.

Promise Rings for Men: these are promised rings that are specifically designed and produced for men. Oh Yes! Men can wear or receive promise rings too. The rings usually are not elaborately designed like those of women but the designs are good. Most of the rings are commonly made from either gold, silver or diamond.

Another common feature of promise rings for men is the ability to inscribe or engrave the name of your boyfriend or husband on it. It can be done on the inside lining of the shank part of the ring. If you want the name to be conspicuous, you can decide to engrave the name on the accent part of the ring.

A few of the rings are designed to have some stones or crystals embedded in the shank and these types are usually more expensive.

Promise Rings for Women: there are a variety of promise rings specifically designed for ladies. These rings are made from diverse materials like gold, silver, diamonds, stainless steel which are the common materials and several other materials that are not so common like titanium, rose gold, sterling silver, stainless steel etc. There are many designs, such as simple promise rings and dainty promise rings. 

Unlike promise rings for guys, these promise rings come in beautiful designs and are often decorated with precious stones, crystals or diamonds. Some of the features of these rings include engraved names on the shank or crest of the ring. Most guys usually take advantage of this feature to engrave their girlfriend’s name or both their name and girlfriend’s name on it.

Most promise rings for girlfriends also have galleries that are decorated with jewels like diamonds and crystals. Some of the rings accents are also beautifully decorated with crystals and small precious stones. Typically, these types of rings tend to be more expensive than the average promise ring.

Promise Rings for Couples: Yes! There are promise rings for couples too. This is normally used by couples who have made a commitment to each other or it could even be a boyfriend and girlfriend that have made a promise or commitment (of abstinence, to get married, etc.) to each other and have decided to get a ring that will serve as a symbol of that commitment.  These are essentially matching promise rings that show commitment to each other. 

Most promise rings designed for couples are usually in pairs with uniform design. The major difference may be the decorations and sizes. Most of the rings for ladies have features like heart designs, knots etc. which are often combined with a gallery of jewels with crystals, diamonds and other precious stones on it.  The male rings in this pair are usually plain with very little designs or decorations. For the male rings with stone decorations, the stones are usually embedded in the shank part of the ring.

Another common feature with most promise rings for couples is the ability to engrave names on them. The name of the boyfriend or guy is engraved on the accent part of the guy’s ring or on the inner lining of the shank part of the ring. The same thing is also done with the name of the girlfriend on her ring. Sometimes, the names could be switched, with each other. The name of the guy is engraved on the girlfriend’s ring and the name of the girlfriend engraved on the boyfriend’s ring.

Most promise rings for couples are very affordable, but the prices get higher depending on the material for the rings and the kind of designs and decorations on the rings.

How Much is a Promise Ring?

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on this prized gift for your loved one, you can always find a ring that is within your budget. Some of the different categories of promise rings include:

Promise Rings Under $500

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Promise Rings Under $300

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Promise Rings Under $200

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Promise Rings Under $100

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Promise Rings Under $50

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How to Give Promise Rings?

If you are wondering the best way to give a promise ring to your boyfriend or girlfriend, then relax because there are several creative ways that you can do this and make it a memorable experience that will be difficult to forget.

One of the factors that you should consider when planning how to give a promise ring is the location. Do you or your partner cherish private environments where you are with each other alone or you prefer doing that in the presence of other people?

If you prefer to give the ring in a private setting, then consider any of these romantic settings or locations: a private restaurant, a quiet evening on the beach, a serene garden, a private pool, a backyard deck with sunset view etc. It may not even be any of these (this is just meant to give you ideas) but any private or romantic venue that works well for you will just be fine. 

These kinds of locations make it easier for you to create the perfect ambience to give a promise ring to your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.

If on the other hand, you prefer to get all the attention when giving a promise ring to your girlfriend or boyfriend in the presence of other people, consider these ideas: organize a party and invite your friends, then give the ring during the party. You can also organize a group movie date (maybe with your friends), then use that time to give the ring, or do an evening group outing (e.g. gaming night, skating night, bowling night etc.) and give the ring when everybody is present, you can also consider doing it in the presence of family maybe after a Sunday lunch or dinner together with your family if that works for you.

Another idea may be to present the ring during festive times like Christmas and Easter when you will be in the company of friends and family.

These are all ideas that you can use, pick an idea that resonates with you or your partner, and tweak it in a way that works best for both of you.

Promise Ring Quotes

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One of the challenges that many people tend to have when giving promise rings is not knowing what to say or sometimes the right things to say. As simple as it may be, saying the wrong things or not saying the right things to your partner when giving a promise ring can ruin the whole experience.

Imagine your friends looking at both of you then all of a sudden you start struggling with what to say, unromantic isn’t it? See some sample promise ring quotes below that you can use. Feel free to edit and use them any way you want.

Quote for Promise Ring 1:

“Today I have made my decision, to love and to be with you, I have found a precious jewel in you and I won’t let go for anything else! This ring is my promise to you, that I won’t turn my back on you. I will always be my shining jewel and I will always love you!”

Quote for Promise Ring 2:

“ There are many options to choose from, but today I choose you above every other lady/guy. This ring is my promise to you that I will remain committed to the love that we share. It’s a symbol of the trust I have in you, and I will cherish and uphold you at all times, in all situations. Always know that through the storms and the waves of life, I will always love you!”

Quote for Promise Ring 3:

“My dear [Name/Love Name] I want you to know that as this ring has the shape of a circle that is not broken, so my promise to you will not be broken. Your heart is safe in my heart and it will not be broken. I will always love and protect you!”

Promise Rings Vs Engagement Rings – What’s the Difference?

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The major difference between promise rings vs engagement rings is the purpose of the rings. A promise ring can have a variety of reasons like friendship, chastity, pre-engagement, or commitment to a cause whereas engagement is mainly used for showing an intent to marry someone. The only ring that comes after an engagement ring is the wedding ring.

Engagement rings are also usually more flamboyant and even more expensive than promise rings in most cases. Some promise rings are just plain without stones, crystals or galleries while engagement rings are usually decorated in most cases with crystals, stones like diamonds, jewels etc.  

If the purpose of giving a wedding ring is to show a commitment to someone you love and intend to marry eventually, then a promise ring in this situation can serve as both a promise ring before you propose (i.e. before engagement) and then as an engagement ring after your wedding proposal.

What is the Cost of a Promise Rings?

The cost of promise rings varies widely depending on the kind of features you want the promise ring to have and how much you are willing to spend. You can find promise rings with as little as $50 or less and as much as $500 or more.

Which finger or hand to Put a Promise Ring?

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Promise rings can be worn on any finger or hand (left or right). There is no specific finger designated for wearing promise rings. However, you can wear it on the ring finger of the left hand if you are still single (not married) or on the ring finger of the right hand if you are married. It is also okay to wear a promise ring on the ring finger if the ring will eventually be used as an engagement ring.  

What does it mean when your Boyfriend gives you a Promise Ring?

It means he really takes his relationship with you seriously and wants to show that he is committed to you. Depending on your discussions or the situation, it may also imply that he is willing to wait for you or stand by whatever both of you have agreed to or discussed.  

Can I give a Promise Ring to my Boyfriend?

There is nothing wrong with a girl giving her boyfriend a promise ring as long as it is not considered an engagement ring. The make many designs of guy promise rings. You can give him a promise ring if both of you have a mutual understanding about your relationship or any other thing and want to have a symbol that shows your boyfriend that you are committed to him or whatever it is that both of you have agreed on.


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