Is Ralph Lauren a Luxury Brand?

Is Ralph Lauren a Luxury Brand

Is Ralph Lauren a luxury brand? Many people who are not very familiar with this apparel brand tend to often ask this question. Ralph Lauren, with its signature polo horse logo, was created in 1967 and marketed towards upper-class consumers such as businessmen, athletes, and celebrities.

For decades it was a luxury brand and its reputation could be identified through pop culture. Today, Ralph Lauren is not seen as a luxury brand by some. This is partially due to its expansion of labels such as Polo, Chaps, and Denim & Supply.

The brand also makes dinnerware and homeware too. Since the name is more attainable to the masses now, it is not regarded as a luxury brand. However, it is still relatively high-end. 

Is Ralph Lauren a Designer Brand?

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Ralph Lauren is a designer brand. Lauren grew up in the Bronx and had a passion for preppy style. After his first job at Brooks Brothers, he set out to create his own brand. Combining vintage and preppy looks, the brand grew big among the upper class. 

Now, Ralph Lauren produces clothing for men, women, and children as well as perfume and cologne. The looks are sold under many different labels and are sold online, in factory stores, and at various retail locations. The brand also expanded into kitchenware and homeware such as furniture and design accessories. 

In the 1980s and 1990s, the brand was at its peak. In the mid-90s, Goldman Sachs purchased over half the company.  Ralph Lauren is also in charge of designing Team USA’s uniform for every winter and summer Olympics.

This earns them great marketing as a patriotic company and helps boost their reputation for classic American styles. Due to its continued popularity, prestigious reputation, and classic designs, Ralph Lauren is known as a designer brand. 

Is Polo Ralph Lauren Good Quality?

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Overall, customers have been pleased with Ralph Lauren’s quality of garments and other products. Although, the quality will depend on the label you purchase. The more expensive the label, the better quality the product should be. 

Ralph Lauren’s most popular label, Polo Ralph Lauren or Blue Label, has very good quality. Ralph Lauren uses luxurious fabrics like soft cotton and wool to make their clothing, which sometimes results in a high price tag. However, the quality has it consistently rated as one of the best brands for business clothes, especially for men.

Many customers also exclaim that the clothes do not fade after washing multiple times, which is to be expected from high-end brands. The clothes tend to last a long time, meaning the quality is good enough to withstand years of wear.

Some say the quality has lessened over the years, especially with overproduction with some of their labels, but that is true with many high-end brands, unfortunately, as pieces have to be made faster and in larger quantities. However, overall Ralph Lauren seems to be of good quality based on reviews among consumers. 

Is Ralph Lauren Expensive?

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The price of Ralph Lauren depends on the label bought. The most expensive label under Ralph Lauren’s designs is the Purple Label, which features the best materials crafted and tailored to perfection.

These styles will typically run you about $1,000 per sweater or nice top. Their most popular label is the Polo label, which will typically cost you under $100 for a shirt or sweatshirt, and about $200 for a jacket.

Ralph Lauren also owns brands like Chaps, which has causal and business-style clothes for men, women, and children in the “traditional” American style. This brand typically has styles under $50 and can be found in retail locations like Kohl’s, Boscov’s, and Amazon. 

Which Ralph Lauren Label is the Most Expensive?

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The Ralph Lauren Purple Label is the most expensive label within the Ralph Lauren brand. The purple label has casual wear like sweatshirts as well as luxury wear like topcoats and cashmere sweaters. The label is mostly marketed towards men.

The cheapest items within the purple label are dress socks, which begin at $23. The most expensive item is a crocodile leather duffel bag priced at $25,000. For cashmere sweaters and topcoats, you can expect to spend upwards of $1,000. 

The materials and tailoring that go into the purple label outweigh the care put into other labels of the brand, and the price tag definitely reflects that. 

Why is Polo Ralph Lauren So Popular?

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Polo Ralph Lauren is probably the most popular label under the Ralph Lauren brand. This label includes the classic collared polo shirts with the embroidered polo player logo on the chest. 

The Polo label originally began as neckties designed by Lauren, and the popularity helped launch the brand’s first boutiques, with the first being in Bloomingdales in 1969.

In 1974, Lauren dressed actors of The Great Gatsby movie in the line, which helped launch its popularity for collared shirts. The shirts were marketed as something men could wear casually or for more formal occasions, which drove up sales. 

Today, the Polo label continues to be a popular style for its versatility, classic designs, and quality. 

How to Spot Fake Polo Ralph Lauren

Due to its popularity, Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the most copied brand labels. Counterfeit items can be found in many places. There are a few ways to ensure you are getting the real deal. One way to ensure you’re getting the authentic product is by buying from the Ralph Lauren website or one of their many retail locations. 

Real Polo Ralph Lauren shirts also have a single line of stitching along the bottom of the shirt. It is a straight line that looks professional and clean. The Polo shirt should also have a branded blue label on the collar, stating that it is a Ralph Lauren design.

Does Ralph Lauren Ever Have Sales?

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Ralph Lauren often has sales. They usually feature a Christmas sale, New Year’s Sale, Black Friday Sale, and various others throughout the year. During these sales, not every label and product is discounted, but many are.

Ralph Lauren also has outlet stores that feature products and designs from past seasons and are designed specifically for the outlet for discounted prices. The Ralph Lauren outlet stores are a great way to build up your collection for a reasonable price. 


Ralph Lauren is a great brand that has been around for decades. Their traditional American preppy designs are both vintage and timeless. They have gained popularity through marketing campaigns like dressing the USA Olympic team for every ceremony and dressing the cast of famous movies such as The Great Gatsby.

While they are not necessarily luxury due to their price and accessibility, they are definitely a designer brand worth wearing. 

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