Difference Between Hoodie and Sweatshirt

Difference Between Hoodie and Sweatshirt

The difference between hoodie and sweatshirt is more than you would think. They both are classic sportswear pieces made with the same types of fabrics. They have both been around for years with Champion being the company that pioneered the making of sweatshirts by developing a way to process and sew thicker material.

The thicker material used for a hoodie or a sweatshirt can be either French terry or other types of knit such as cotton among many others.

In 1930, Champion sewed the first hooded sweatshirt. The company was looking for a way to keep workers warm in upstate New York. Since then, this area has been known as “the birth” of the hoodie.

Both of these stylish looks are a great choice for any time you are going out and it is feeling a bit chilly. They are both great to wear if you want to stay warm and it’s not very cold out. Usually, if you have on a hoodie or a sweatshirt, you don’t need to add a jacket.

What is a Hoodie?

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A hoodie gets its name because it has a hood attached to it. A hoodie has a hood as a bonus to help keep warm. You can pull the hood up over your head and the hood has a cord that comes out around the neck and this cord can be pulled tight to keep the hood on your head.

A hood being attached is a great piece of clothing to have on when you are out in the heavy wind, rain, snow, or any other elements that would cause you discomfort in the cold. A hoodie has a closed waistband as well. The closed waistband keeps cold air from reaching your skin and protects it from the weather.

A hoodie could also have a front zipper. This makes the hoodie more versatile and allows it to double as a jacket. Many people wear a t-shirt or light shirt and grab a front zippered hoodie to wear if they get cold.


Sweatshirt vs Hoodie vs Jacket

Difference Between Hoodie and Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt or sweater can be described as a long-sleeve crewneck shirt (with or without buttons) that is made from thick clothing material like thick cotton, fleece, etc. It can be designed or made with pockets or no pockets in the front and usually without a headcover.

A hoodie is also a sweater but with a head covering (hoodie) and most designs usually have pockets in front. Hoodies are usually made from thick materials like fleece, thick cotton, and sometimes a combination of materials. Some hoodies are also designed in a way that the hoodie (head covering) can be separated from the sweater.

Jackets on the other hand are coats that are made from thick materials worn mostly to keep warm but they can also be a fashion piece. Jackets are usually made from thick clothing materials including leather (both synthetic and genuine leather). It is also common to find jackets that are designed with zippers and pockets in the front. Some of the common materials used for making jackets include denim, polyester, tweed, etc.

What is a Sweatshirt?

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A sweatshirt is a winter weather staple. It is a long sleeve pullover that covers your upper body and arms. It is made out of a much thicker material than a regular shirt. A sweatshirt will keep you warm and provide comfort on a cold day.

A sweatshirt has a collar on it which allows you to wear another shirt underneath, like a t-shirt. Many people love to layer their clothing and a sweatshirt is one of the top choices to add when layering.

A sweatshirt will not have any buttons on it. It also will not have any hooks, zippers, or ropes. This makes a sweatshirt more basic when compared to a hoodie.

What Consumers were Hoodies and Sweatshirts Marketed Towards?

When both hoodies and sweatshirts were first becoming popular, the hoodie was known as the more gangster of the two. During this time, graffiti artists were everywhere and a hoodie could easily be pulled up over their neck to prevent anyone from identifying the artist.

Sweatshirts were known as the more sporty of the two. They were adopted early on as classic staples in sportswear.

In today’s market, a great majority of hoodies and sweatshirts are sold with college and university logos on them. Consumers love to wear sportswear with their favorite team on them or their favorite college.

Hoodies and sweatshirts are wildly popular today with high school and college-age students. These sportswear options are easy to wear, readily available and you can’t beat the comfort. It is a win-win for any student.

Hoodie vs Sweatshirt

Difference Between Hoodie and Sweatshirt

When deciding which of these two items of clothing you should purchase, you need to weigh the pros and cons. There are a lot of factors to consider before deciding. You need to ask yourself why you are buying one.

Are you going to be wearing it as a jacket in the cold or do you just want to wear it while running errands on a crisp day and don’t want to get weighed down with an extra jacket? If you plan on being out in the cold for an extended period, then a hoodie is your answer.

A sweatshirt is also meant to be worn on a crisp day, however, it is more of an indoor item of clothing. People typically add a jacket over a sweatshirt if it’s chilly outside. A sweatshirt can also be worn overtop another shirt like a t-shirt or a polo shirt.

Whatever you decide, you will still be kept warm and cozy with either your sweatshirt or hoodie. They are reasonably priced with hoodies sometimes costing slightly more than a sweatshirt.

Is a Hoodie with a Zipper Considered a Hoodie?

Even though there is a zipper down the front, yes, having a zipper down the front of a hoodie doesn’t change the name of the clothing. A hoodie with a zipper is still made out of the thicker fabric just like a sweatshirt and hoodie without a zipper.

If you have a zipper on your hoodie, all this means is that you are more likely to treat it as a jacket than a piece of sportswear. A hoodie with a zipper is a great bonus in your wardrobe too!

Many students love to have hoodies with zippers to wear daily. Wearing a t-shirt is a very popular choice when heading to class. Having a hoodie to use as a jacket makes your decision on what to wear easy. They can also tell their parents they are taking a jacket when they grab a hoodie.

In Conclusion

Both hoodies and sweatshirts are very common and practical clothing items. They can be worn to stay warm when in colder temperatures. You can wear them alone or with t-shirts underneath them. A hoodie can be made with or without a zipper. If it has a zipper, you are more likely to treat the hoodie as a jacket.

The differences between a hoodie and a sweatshirt are quite minimal but yet enough to make them two totally different pieces of sportswear. You would be wise to own a few of each. They are versatile, comfortable, and available at practically every store where clothing is sold. Be sure to pick them up with your favorite logos too!

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