Do Vans Run Big?

Do Vans Run Big?

Do Vans run big? What took off life merely as favorite trainers for skaters have grown over the years to become a wardrobe staple for the fashionistas?

That is the simple yet elegant story of Vans. They are timeless, comfortable, and cutting edgy looks on their wearers, irrespective of their genders.

But the major good thing about these trainers lies in the fact that Vans have a notoriety for running true to size to a size up. So, no, Vans don’t run big; they fit true to size as they give your looks an edgy twist.

But take note that their general fitness depends on the model. However, buying them half a size down is the best choice.

Do Vans Run Big or Small?

Vans Slip-On Galaxy & White Skate Shoes Unisex (Mens 6)
Vans Slip-On Galaxy & White Skate Shoes | Source: Amazon

The answer is no and yes. With their snug design, they fit true to size.

All types of vans shoes are consistently sized to give you timeless and edgy looks and the needed comfortability. They are performance skate shoes designed specifically to have a snug fit, not running big from experience.

However, they are medium width-size shoes which means that if you have wide feet, you should order wide sizing.

While these trainers are famous for their snug design or fit which does not run big, it should, however, be noted that they run smaller than some other types of shoes.

So, to the question: do Vans run big or small? No, they don’t run big, but yes, they run smaller compared to some types of shoes.

Do Vans Run Big or Small Compared to Converse?

Converse Men's Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Space Explorer Sneaker, Field Surplus Green Camo, 7
Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker | Source: Amazon

No, and Yes are the answers. Vans do not run big compared to Converse.

The converse is a little on the big side. They are estimated to be a half bigger than Vans.

For example, Converse Chucks run bigger than Vans Slip-on by half. Also, Converse One Stars by a noticeable difference run larger compared to the Vans Slip-On Shoes.

The same thing goes for Converse Pro Leather shoes. The lists go on and on, all pointing to one thing which is: compared to Vans shoes, Converse shoes run larger, and in most cases by half.

This does not only obtain in their comparison to Vans because Converse Chucks are peculiarly famous for running bigger than other types of shoes.

So, to the question: do Vans run big or small compared to Converse, the answers are both no and yes.

No, they don’t run big compared to Converse. But, yes – they run small compared to Converse.

Do Vans Run Big or Small Compared to Nike?

Nike mens SB BLZR Court CV1658 Shoes, Black/White/Gum-brown, 10
Nike SB Zoom Blazer Sneaker | Source: Amazon

Yes, and No, Vans run big compared to Nike. While Vans and Nike shoes have a few features in common, especially with the Nike SB, when it comes to size, they are a world apart.

Compared to its other major competitors, which Vans are one, Nike shoes tend to be slightly smaller. It runs more petite length-wise shoes compared to Vans and is also narrower.

Its narrowness, however, can be a cause of trouble to customers with wide feet compared to Vans. However, with use the petite-length size of Nike shoes tend to stretch slightly making them comfortable over time.

Nike shoes compared to Vans run smaller and further offer pronounced arch support which makes the experience of their users with high arches more pleasant but a little problematic compared to those with low arches.

Compared to Nike Cortez and Nike Blazer, Vans slip-on shoes fit looser. Most comparisons done between the two achieved the same results – that Nike shoes run smaller than Vans – except for Nike Air Max where Vans Slip-on shoes trumped.

In conclusion, Nike shoes run smaller than Vans shoes

Do Vans Run Big or True to Size?

Vans SK8 Hi True White Canvas Mens US 7.5
Vans SK8-Hi Sneaker | Source: Amazon

No, Vans do not run big. And yes, they are true to size.

According to Vans, its shoes run true to size. This is to the effect that Vans shoes are sized per U.S. standard which is determined by a Brannock device.

If you are a type that size 12 rocks your boat, Vans shoes of the same size should fit you perfectly fine. However, Vans shoes are unisex which poses some difficulties, particularly for women who find it getting their sizes challenging.

Vans shoes do not run big, they fit true to size with their snug fit specifically designed to give you comfortable and edgy looks. All Van shoes have consistent sizing to give their customers the same experience.

In conclusion, the general opinion is that Vans do not run big, they are true to size. Although a small number of people have expressed views that, except for Vans Authentic, Vans run big sometimes or is not true to size.

Do Vans Run Big or Small for Toddlers?

Vans Toddier Slip-On (Checkerboard) Rainbow/True White VN000EX8U09 Toddler Size 6.5
Vans Toddler Slip-On | Source: Amazon

No, Vans do not run big for children. The general opinions are that Can toddlers do not run big for children nor small; they are true to size.

Van Toddlers is one of the types of Vans shoes which seem to enjoy unsplit opinions on the brand’s true-to-size claim. They do not run big or small, just true to the size. They are simply awesome.

However, while they do not run big or small, you should buy half a size or even a full size bigger since your toddler can grow pretty fast to size them. Care, however, should be taken to ensure they are not too massive to avoid a situation where your toddler keeps slipping and falling now and then.

Finally, to the question again, no, Vans toddlers do not run big or small. Opinions on this are undivided.

Do Vans Run Big or Small Compared to Adidas?

adidas Men's Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe, Shadow Red/Shadow Red/White (ECO), 6.5
Adidas Skate Shoe | Source: Amazon


Yes, Vans shoes Run big compared to Adidas with the exception of Vans shoes for kids in which most cases they run a little smaller than Adidas.

While both Vans shoes and Adidas shoes share common things in the future, particularly in size which makes it a little difficult in knowing their sizes, the two are not the same.

Adidas shoes run half a centimeter smaller than Vans shoes. For example, a US size 8 in Adidas translates to 25.5 Centimeter and the equivalent of the same on Vans is 26 centimeter.

This is a pointer to Adidas running smaller than Vans. In most cases of Vans shoes for adult males and females, Vans shoes run a bit larger than Adidas.

Whereas in Vans shoes for kids, in most cases, Van shoes run a little smaller than Adidas. Thus, as an adult who wants to buy Vans shoes in the US, you should buy shoes 0.5 sizes smaller than Adidas while the reverse is the case for your kids.

To the question again, yes, Vans shoes run big in most cases of adults’ shoes but smaller for kids in most of the cases.

Do Vans Run Narrow?

Vans Classic Slip On Black Off White Checkerboard VN-0EYEBWW Mens US 4.5
Vans Classic Slip On | Source: Amazon

Compared to other brands of shoes like Nike, Vans are medium-width shoes. Therefore, it does not run too narrow nor too wide; just sitting in between as unisex shoes available in half sizes.

The major problem women, in particular, have in Vans sizing is finding appropriate sizes for narrow, smaller feet. These shoes do not care if you want narrow or glitter or even chunky skate shoes.

They simply don’t come in narrow or wide options. Thus, if you have too narrow feet, you may have some challenges in finding your size. In the same vein, if you have wide feet you might want to order a size up.

Nonetheless, Vans are performance skate-style shoes that are designed to have a snug fit and easy to slip on and off.

Do Vans Run Wide?

No, all Vans are available in medium width. The standard is simply medium width – no wide or narrow option.

The shoes are not specifically made to fit wide feet because, as said earlier, these shoes come in medium-width sizing alone. So, if you have wide feet you might need to go a size up to ensure that your feet are fitted into them.

They are, however, renowned for their comfortability, easy to slip off and on, and fitting a wide range of foot types, including wide feet. Also, these shoes stretch over time in a process known as being broken in.

It might take some weeks to break in, but once that is done, they will suit your wide feet and be more comfortable to your feet.

Should You Buy Vans a Size bigger?

Vans - U Authentic Shoes in Pewter/Black, 8 D(M) US Mens / 9.5 B(M) US Womens, Pewter/Black
Vans Authentic Skateboard Sneakers| Source: Amazon

Yes, depending on the circumstances under which you are making this choice. Vans shoes come in medium width sizing, in half sizes, except size UK 11 and above which come in full sizes.

Thus, if you have wide feet and find yourself pitched against these two sizes, you should go a size up instead of going a size down.

To the question again, yes. You can go a size bigger instead of lower if you have wide feet.


Vans are timeless, elegant trainers which give you the right comfortability and edgy looks. Vans do not run big, they are true to size, which makes the whole sizing process simple.

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