Are Gap and Old Navy Sizes the Same?

Are Gap and Old Navy Sizes the Same

Are Gap and Old Navy sizes the same? Many people who love these clothing brands keep asking this question. We found out that their sizes are not exactly the same and Gap sizes are more consistent when compared to Old Navy.

Gap and Old Navy are both excellent stores to shop at without putting a hole in your wallet. When you want to go shopping for some new clothes that won’t break the bank and still put a smile on your face, Gap and Old Navy are great go-to stores!

Old Navy uses manufacturers from all over and this is the reason their sizes tend to be all over the place. When you use more than one company to make clothing, chances are the sizes are going to be different from each other.

Gap and Old Navy are both owned by the same parent company, GAP, Inc. This is one of the biggest reasons these two retailers are compared to each other so much. The sizes are a big topic of conversation.

Old Navy tends to be the most inconsistent in their sizing and more times than not, they run a bit big. Customers have said the smalls seem to be pretty big and everyone can agree that try-ons are a must at Old Navy.

Gap is true to size when compared to Old Navy. If you walk into Old Navy and think you are going to grab and go without trying anything on, you will most definitely be in the returns aisle the next day!

Online shoppers of Gap feel more confident when they check out because they know the size they picked is going to fit. No one wants the headache of returns.

Are Gap and Old Navy the Same?

Gap and Old Navy are both owned by the same company and they are both brands that love to put their name across the front of their sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Although they do tend to both carry many of the same trends, they do both market to a different group of shoppers and there is a difference between Gap and Old Navy clothes.

Old Navy has been known for many years, as far back as I can remember actually, to have clever family commercials and they are always front and center around the holidays. They use manikins as family members and have always been fun!

Gap, on the other hand, markets itself more towards the sophisticated and trendy style setter. They try to reel in the fashion setting coworker! Yes, I understand they have an entire store devoted to children but I feel Baby Gap and Gap for Kids are not to be considered when comparing the original Gap to Old Navy.

Both of these stores have differences and you can tell as soon as you walk in. I always feel Old Navy has more of a big department store feel to it and when I walk into Gap, I feel like I am shopping in more of a boutique-style store.

Gap is smaller and not as bright with the fluorescent lighting which is a bonus.

Are Gap and Old Navy Jeans the Same?

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Ok, everyone has their pair of favorite jeans! We all lean towards a specific brand, usually, this is because once we find something we like and feels good, we stick with it! Why mess up a good thing, right?

Old Navy and Gap jeans are both great choices. You can walk in either store or online and get a pair at a reasonable price. If you are looking for the cheaper or the two, then your brand in this category should be Old Navy.

Old Navy has tons of sales throughout the year and even if there aren’t any sales going on, you can still get a pair for at or around $50.00. One thing to know about Old Navy is you may need to either try on or buy a few pairs because they tend to run a few sizes bigger or smaller and this can depend on the style of jeans you are purchasing.

Gap’s jeans tend to be a bit thicker than Old Navy and they run more true to your size. They do run more towards the $100 range but Gap does have sales!

Are Old Navy and Gap Leggings the Same?

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Old Navy’s fabric for their leggings is strong and will hold up in the long run. When compared to Gap leggings, Old Navy’s fabric is not as soft and comfortable as Gap’s. If you want soft and great smooth feeling comfort then you want to go with Gap.

Gap runs on the higher side price-wise so that means you are going to pay for the soft feeling. Old Navy shoppers appreciate the price of their leggings and they know they last longer and when you want the most value for your money, you are going to go where what you buy will last longer!

Gap vs Old Navy T-shirts

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Both Gap and Old Navy’s t-shirts are very affordable. Gap’s t-shirts start as low as $4.99 and Old Navy has starting t-shirt prices of $8.00. When comparing the brands, Old Navy’s reviews all lean towards five stars. They wash well and hold up when put against regular wear and washings.

Consumers say Gap T-shirts have really diminished in quality over the years. They are very thin now and look awful after one wash. Gap may be cheaper but I think we all want our clothes to last longer than a wash.

T-shirts aren’t meant to last forever and it’s affordable and within reason to go to either Gap or Old Navy for t-shirts. Both places are affordable and in my opinion, you can’t have too many t-shirts.

Both Gap and Old Navy are Great Choices

Anyone who is budget conscious will want to look into both of these retailers. Gap and Old Navy are two retailers where you can get affordable and trendy clothing. You can get a whole new wardrobe for the upcoming season or just buy a few items to brighten up what you already have.

If you are in the market for a whole new wardrobe and don’t want to not spend a ton, take a trip to Gap or Old Navy. You will find out that you can look around, get what you need, and more without needing to go into debt.

You do not have to feel guilty about buying all new clothes. You can walk into either store and come out with several deals and a variety of styles. All of us could use some retail therapy every once in a while and why not do it where you won’t break the bank?

In the end, the choices are yours. Each of us has different wants and needs and budgets. Old Navy is a great place to take the whole family for an afternoon and let them loose to try on and grab some deals.

Gap is also a great place but if you want to take the whole family, you may have to visit more than one store since they have a few different stores that market to the whole family.

Have a fun day shopping and make sure to try everything on because we know that Gap and Old Navy sizes are not the same.

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