What to Wear Under a Bodysuit

What to Wear Under a Bodysuit

We all love a good bodysuit, but have you ever wondered about what to wear under a bodysuit? Slick lines, tight waist, there’s so much a bodysuit brings to an outfit. Different from your everyday clothing options, a bodysuit can be classified as an inherently unique closet staple.

It’s more than likely that the majority of bodysuit wearers would choose to have one in every color if they could. There’s only one problem…what do you wear underneath the bodysuit itself? It’s a potentially daunting question, but where there’s love for clothing, there’s a will to make it work, so let’s find out.

Are You Supposed to Wear Underwear with a Bodysuit?

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When it comes to wearing anything under a bodysuit, there are definitely a few concerns. The idea of a bodysuit coinciding with underwear doesn’t necessarily go together and they actually seem to contradict each other.

Anyone with eyes can imagine how bulky a bra and underwear might look with a bodysuit. After all, a bodysuit is supposed to create a seamless upper body that doesn’t interfere with the rest of the outfit; the bodysuit acts almost like a second skin in terms of the visual illusion it creates. So are you actually supposed to wear underwear with them?

The answer is no, definitely not! Most stylists and designers adhere to what’s mentioned above: wearing underwear with a bodysuit defeats the whole purpose. In addition, extra skin-tight layers underneath can cause discomfort and no one wants to feel like they’re being suffocated in their clothes. Some bodysuits are even thick enough to not have anything show through and may even have bras built in.

The design of bodysuits is meant to combine the allure of wearing an undergarment and using it as outerwear, therefore making the bodysuit a piece of underwear in itself. Then again, we don’t judge here! If you feel like you need a little more support, especially for those with bigger cup size, then feel free to throw on something underneath.

Most of the time, we all want to feel as comfortable as possible in our clothes, and we all know how easy it is for any discomfort to show through in our appearance, detracting from the overall look.

Additionally, for those who feel a bit uncomfortable without support in the upper body region or just don’t want to show off too much of what’s underneath, you can always use the various products you can find in many store accessory departments.

A seamless push-up or regular stick-on bra is a great addition, as well as a set of skin-tone coverups, preferably those with scalloped edges, as they give the appearance of a natural fade into the skin.

What do Gymnasts Wear Under their Leotards?

So with all this talk about undergarments, you might be thinking, if I feel the need to have extra support, what do some of those skin-tight clothes wearing athletes use? In some sports that require the athlete to be as sleek as a seal, uniforms, whether they be a unitard, leotard, or something with slightly more flare, are usually required.

In gymnastics specifically, you might be wondering the lengths they go to in order to keep everything…and we mean everything in place. It turns out that the clothing underneath is a bit more complicated. For one, gymnasts actually can and do wear certain types of underwear under their leotards, but it definitely isn’t your run of the mill panties and bra. In gymnastics competitions, athletes can actually lose points for accidentally flashing the audience or judges with underwear.

It may seem backward to deduct points for such a thing to many, but since gymnasts still have to deal with it, they’ve found ways around the rule. Although most gymnasts avoid wearing panties underneath, those who do, wear high cut designs that decrease the risk of it showing. For a bra, there are various slick and padded sports bras available for gymnasts, most of which have clear straps.

In addition, a handy tool used by dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters, and even pageant queens is butt glue. Yes, the name seems weird, but its function is incredibly useful. Simply apply the glue to the edges of the leotard and as the adhesive melds to the skin, the Leo becomes stuck in place and much less likely to ride up.

What Do You Wear with a Bodysuit?

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Bodysuits are made for fashion exploration, meaning the options for what to wear with one are practically limitless. However, if we’re looking for specific pieces, there are a few classic arrangements to consider. For pants, you can never go wrong with a great pair of jeans, especially straight leg or flares that balance out the slim fit of the bodysuit.

Simple trousers are also a great option for bottoms if you want a more professional look. You can wear a draped sweater or sheer button-up over a bodysuit for a laid-back, yet stylish feeling and a monochromatic look with a bodysuit is always chic. No matter what you wear, the bodysuit can be melded to the style you prefer, whether it be demure and dainty, professional, or sporty.

What to Wear with a Lace Bodysuit

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Now lace bodysuits are a little different. The design of a lace bodysuit is usually a bit bulkier and isn’t meant to achieve the same basic staple look. In fact, we could say that lace bodysuits do the exact opposite by acting as the centerpiece of an outfit.

A great way to balance the lace out is with an oversized blazer with jeans. If you want a night-out look, try styling it with black dress shorts or a black mini skirt, preferably in leather or a thick knit cotton. Lace bodysuits and regular bodysuits for that matter also look super cute with a cardigan thrown on if you want to tone down their form-fitting nature.

What to Wear Under a Lace Bodysuit

Lace bodysuits may be a bit trickier in terms of wearing something underneath, but it’s not impossible. Again, you don’t really have to wear anything under them, but if you want to feel comfortable, try using skin-toned cover-ups or silicone stick bras as previously mentioned so everything blends in. In addition, you could also wear a regular bra without it looking bulky and over-layered.

Instead, make sure the bra you’ll wear underneath is the same color as the bodysuit or at least close to it. Then, make sure the bra has some interesting strap features, whether it be an overlay of straps or lace inserts.

Having the bra be the same color creates unity, while the strap details add to the overall interest of the look. Be warned though, that adding this kind of bra to a more formal lace bodysuit may overwhelm the look, so using this trick with a more casual version is preferred.

What Shoes to Wear with a Bodysuit

Shoes can make or break an outfit. When it comes to bodysuits though especially one that’s a solid color and basic cut, you could wear virtually anything. You can never go wrong with a nice pair of stilettos for a formal touch, but for casual styling, try some bulky sneakers, boat shoes, or converse. Additionally, you can achieve a ‘Parisian girl’ look with a quality pair of rounded toe kitten heels.


So what do you wear under a bodysuit? Whatever makes you comfortable! Bodysuits come in many shapes and sizes and many of them are made for the purpose of fitting the shape and size of the wearer. So when you’re picking out the perfect outfit for your bodysuit, just know that overall, what really makes an outfit isn’t necessarily what you wear on your skin, but what you wear underneath.

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