Why Do My Acrylic Nails Keep Popping Off?

Why Do My Acrylic Nails Keep Popping Off

Why do my acrylic nails keep popping off? I bet you have heard this frustrating question several times from ladies with broken acrylic nails. There’s nothing more frustrating than paying to get your nails done, seeing how beautiful the acrylic looks, and then one day, POP, one bites the dust.

Why do acrylic nails pop off? And why do yours keep popping off? There are a few reasons behind this misfortune. One reason your acrylic nails may pop off is that your nails were not prepped correctly before application.

Before applying acrylics, a nail technician should file, buff, and clean your nails, overall assuring there is a clean and textured surface for the acrylic to stick to. If your nail surface isn’t ideal for the acrylic, they could pop off days later because the paint may have stuck only to itself rather than your nail. 

Another reason acrylic nails may pop off is because of the health of the nail or yourself. If you are following an unhealthy diet or experiencing a sickness, that can be reflected in your nails, causing them to become frail, grow unevenly, or become misshaped. All of these factors can determine how well the acrylic sticks to your nail after application, and ultimately if the acrylic will pop off later or not. 

The last reason your acrylic nails may be popping off is because of misuse. Our nails are an extension of our bodies, but with acrylics, the more we overuse or bang our nails, the more likely they are to break or pop off. If you work at a job that includes hard labor or is often using your nails to open bottles, lift heavy things, etc., that can cause your nails to pop off quickly, undoing your nail technician’s hard work. 

Why Do My Acrylic Nails Keep Falling Off?

Acrylic nails fall off sometimes. The reasons why may include unhealthy life habits, misuse of the nails, or under preparation of your natural nail before the acrylics were applied. 

If you have an underlying illness or unhealthy dietary habits, it can affect your nails and their texture, making it challenging for the acrylic to stick correctly.

In addition, if you are not careful with your nails, especially longer nails, they can pop off from hitting a surface too aggressively. Lastly, if the nails were not prepped properly by your nail technician, it may be difficult for the acrylic to stick to your natural nail, which may cause them to pop off. 

Do Acrylic Nails Break Easily?

If done correctly, acrylic nails should not break easily. However, even then they are not prone to accidental breakage.

Acrylic nails are essentially glued to your regular nail. If done correctly by your nail technician, they should not break off from everyday tasks, however, if you are involved in a lot of physical activity in work or play sports, there is an increase in the chance that they may break or pop-off.

Hitting your nails against hard surfaces is the most common way for them to break, pop off, or chip. This is especially true for longer nails. If you consider yourself to be a clumsy person or someone involved in a lot of physical activity, the shorter the acrylic nails, the better.

If you have never gotten acrylics before, it may also be beneficial to start with shorter acrylics, and gradually get longer from there. This will help you get used to the nails as well as keep them safe from breakage. 

Do Acrylic Nails Fall Off in Water?

Why Do My Acrylic Nails Keep Popping Off

Acrylic nails can fall off if exposed to water, but not from simply being in the water. Water, especially chemicals in water such as in swimming pools or hot tubs, can weaken acrylic nails and cause them to lift or fall off completely.

However, this is not usually the case unless the water gets between the acrylic and the natural nail. When this happens, the water can start to weaken the glue and acrylic product, causing it to break away from your natural nail. If your nails begin to lift, exposing them to water may worsen the condition. 

What to Do When Acrylic Nail Pops Off

If your acrylic nail pops off, there are a few things you should and shouldn’t do. For starters. Do not try to reattach the acrylic nail to your body. If it pops off, the acrylic is now contaminated from being exposed to the air, the floor, and other elements. Furthermore, your natural nail needs to be cleaned and prepped correctly for acrylics. 

What you can do is return to the nail salon. Most salons will repair broken or missing acrylics for free, especially within a certain time frame. Although this may be free of charge, remember to always tip your nail technician and other beauty professionals for any service they do for you. 

If you cannot return to the salon immediately, you should file and buff your natural nail after an acrylic pops off to get rid of any excess glue or sharp edges that may get caught on things. 

How to Stop Acrylic Nails From Popping Off

To stop a pop-off before it happens, you have to take care of your nails. Like I mentioned before, nail popping off is usually due to illness or malnutrition affecting the shape of your nail, clumsiness or physical labor, or poor preparation from the nail technician.

The first two elements can be controlled by you. Try to be extra cautious when doing tasks with acrylic nails, especially if the nails are longer. When they begin to grow out or lift, it is time for a refill at the salon. You can also maintain a good diet and good health to keep your natural fingernails strong. 

How to Make Acrylic Nails Last Longer

If they haven’t broken, acrylic nails can usually last 2-3 weeks before you need to return to the salon to get them removed or get a refill. While this is mostly dependent on how fast your natural nails grow, you can take care of your nails in order to preserve them for as long as possible.

This may include a balanced diet, moisturizer for your hands, and cuticle oil to be applied daily. You can also be cautious while doing physical tasks that may involve breaking a nail. 


Acrylic nails can be a beautiful and fun treat. However, broken acrylics or popped-off acrylics can really ruin the look of a fresh manicure. It is important to take care of your acrylics to prevent them from popping off.

This can be done by maintaining a good diet and lifestyle, being cautious while doing physical tasks, maintaining proper nail and hand care, and getting a length that is compatible with your lifestyle. With these tips, your acrylic manicure will look better for longer, and you won’t experience as many nails popping off!

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