Louis Vuitton vs Prada

Louis Vuitton vs Prada

There is no question, Louis Vuitton vs Prada would be very intriguing to compare or understand which one is better. They are both luxurious fashion brands that sell the finest products made out of the best quality materials and fabrics. Both lines created a legacy for themselves and are the top two fashion luxury brands on earth today.

Louis Vuitton and Prada have been around for over a hundred years and they aren’t going away anytime soon. To say both companies know what consumers look for in fashion is an understatement. Louis Vuitton and Prada have some of the most genius fashion minds working for them.

To own a piece from either collection is a great accomplishment for many. We all love to live the finer life from time to time and if you put on an item from either of these fashion collections, you have succeeded!

Prada vs Louis Vuitton Quality

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When you say either of these two names, the first thing that should come to mind is quality. I mean, both Prada and Louis Vuitton have been around for over 100 years and have become a legacy of high-end fashion products. They are sought after by a huge portion of consumers who love amazing brands and both are worn by celebrities on the red carpet.

The quality of Louis Vuitton is quite astonishing. It is made out of the finest materials and fabrics. The durability alone of its handbags is well worth the price. You are investing not just buying a bag. You will have your Louis Vuitton in your closet long-term and it will look the same as the day you bought it years from now.

The same can not be said for Prada, unfortunately. Prada, in recent years, has been struggling with the quality it provides to consumers. Their bags are not holding up long-term as much as we would expect from such a luxury brand. Owners of Prada bags and other pieces have said the hardware on the purses and also on other pieces of the line seem to feel cheap and almost plastic-like.

Prada vs Louis Vuitton Price

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Deciding on buying anything from these two outstanding brands is a great decision all by itself but which one do you buy? Louis Vuitton and Prada both come with high price tags and many times, it boils down to what do you like better?

Louis Vuitton seems to be the lower price between the two luxury brands. Louis Vuitton has come out ahead in the durability category and when you spend this much on something, you want to know it is going to last. One fact to point out is that since Louis Vuitton is so durable, it will bring you a great price if you ever decide to sell it because their products hold the original value.

Prada is always going to be more expensive than Louis Vuitton. This fashion luxury name has a reputation and that brings them to repeat, lifetime customers. Prada has been declining a bit in value in recent years and some buyers second guess the purchase for that reason.

Prada has loyal customers who really don’t let long-term durability bother them. They will keep buying Prada because they love the styles and price is not an issue when it comes to choosing what you want for some.

Louis Vuitton vs Prada Wallet

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Louis Vuitton and Prada both sell exceptional wallets. They both market their unique brand’s style and keep up with the standards of their luxury fashion names. They both offer qualities we all would want in a wallet.

Prada’s wallets are highly durable. They are made to be water-resistant as well as scratch-proof. The material and craftsmanship enable them to last a lifetime and they are also known to be super easy to clean. You will not be disappointed with your purchase of a Prada wallet.

Louis Vuitton’s wallets all have the recognizable design their consumers look for on their brand. The Louis Vuitton style is a classic look that shows its worth.

Their wallets are made of cow-hide leather. This type of leather will fade over time and if it doesn’t then it is not a real Louis Vuitton. This distressed look is very popular and when you have great quality that does it naturally, that is a great plus to this purchase.

Their wallets are waterproof and fireproof which give them the lead against Prada since these qualities make them almost indestructible!

Prada vs Louis Vuitton Shoes

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When comparing the shoes both Prada and Louis Vuitton carry, you are going to find around the same quality and pricing. The difference tends to come in the style over anything. Both luxury brands offer a wide variety of shoes to pick from.

They both have sandals, training shoes, walking shoes, and heels. Prada seems to go with its bold colors and logo design to make the shoe stand out. Their shoes incorporate the logo in such a way it is said to be experimental. You will know a Prada shoe when you see it.

Louis Vuitton keeps it classic. You will find their shoe line to be more subtle with their famous logo and warm colors. They do add a touch of color to their summer sandals and their shoes are always easy on the eyes.

Louis Vuitton vs Prada Decision

If you are at a roadblock and can’t seem to decide on which one of these luxurious fashion brands you should buy, consider yourself lucky. Many consumers would love to be in your shoes (luxury ones). The ability to buy from either of these brands is a great feeling so take the time and enjoy it.

Both Louis Vuitton and Prada have amazing, high-end quality lines and anything you purchase from them is an investment. Basically, it all comes down to specifically what you are looking for. Louis Vuitton vs Prada is going to be argued by their loyal customers for years to come. Ask yourself what you want and like the best and go with it!

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