Do Nike Hoodies Shrink?

Do Nike Hoodies Shrink

Do Nike hoodies shrink? People are really passionate about wearing brand-name athleisure outfits from brands like Nike but they are also concerned about the possibility of their apparel losing its form.

In today’s world of fashion, many people opt for an oversized look to keep up with trends, especially with hoodies and sweatshirts. Along with this trend is the rise of athleisure as a casual look, with companies like Nike back in the forefront of the movement.

With that being said, buyers want to make sure their pieces fit the aesthetic look they want to have. This includes ensuring their clothing does not shrink or change shape over time, and if it does, how to prevent or care for it. So do Nike hoodies shrink?

Any brand of clothing shrinking or stretching out ultimately depends on the fabric they are created with. In the case of Nike, many of their sweatshirts and hoodies are made with cotton or fleece, meaning they will shrink if put in the dryer or exposed to extreme heat.

With hoodies made from other materials like polyester or their dri-fit material, the material is less likely to shrink, but you still may want to take extra steps to care for the item rather than putting it in the dryer. 

Do Nike Hoodies Shrink in the Dryer?

Your Nike hoodies may shrink in the dryer if they are made from materials like cotton or fleece. These fabrics are made with tiny little spaces in between each stitch, meaning they have room to shrink when exposed to heat.

Furthermore, cotton is a plant, and when you look at plants outside in the hot summer, they tend to shrivel up a bit. A similar thing happens in the dryer. 

The best way to avoid your cotton or fleece Nike hoodies, or any brand, is to let it air dry rather than putting it in the dryer. While dryers are convenient and time-efficient, they can negatively affect a lot of clothing and fabrics that are not intended for extreme heat.

The best way to avoid this is to air dry on a drying rack or hanger, which will help prevent shrinkage and other destruction from the dryer. If your hoodie is made with other materials, like Nike’s famous dri-fit material, it probably will not shrink in the dryer.

However, it is still recommended to air dry the garment since athleisure material like dri-fit can pill in the dryer or experience other types of damage. Dryers can also affect the softness of a hoodie. After a certain amount of drying, the fleece on the inside could pill, as well as the material on the outside, taking away from the softness the garment had when it was originally purchased. 

On the other hand, if your garment is too big and you want it to fit smaller, you can put it in the dryer to try and shrink it a bit. Put it in the dryer with towels, sheets, or other materials that are not heat sensitive, and dry for about 30 minutes at a time.

Do not dry your garment for more than an hour or as long as it takes to dry, because it can destroy the fabric if placed in the heat for too long. However, after the first time drying your garment, it will most likely not shrink anymore unless it is stretched out again. 

Do Nike Hoodies Shrink in the Washer?

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Shrinkage of fabric ultimately depends on the temperature they are exposed to. The hotter the temperature, the more likely a material is to shrink. This is why many materials shrink in the dryer.

However, some clothing is also susceptible to shrinkage in the washer as well. If washed with a hot water setting, clothing can still shrink. This is most likely to happen with materials like fleece, wool, and even cotton. 

If you plan on washing your Nike hoodie in the washing machine and don’t want to experience any sort of shrinkage, opt for a cold water setting and then air dry the garment. This should help prevent any changes in the size of the garment. 

Do Nike Fleece Hoodies Shrink?

Fleece is one of those materials that often shrink when washed and dried. The shrinkage of fleece ultimately depends on the textile blend used and the temperature the material is exposed to. The hotter the temperature fleece is exposed to, the more it will shrink.

With this being said, Nike fleece hoodies, and any brand of fleece hoodies can shrink. If you wash them in hot water or put them in the dryer, they are susceptible to shrinkage, especially when combined with materials like wool, cotton, or other natural materials that also shrink. Luckily, there are ways to prevent shrinkage.

The best way to prevent shrinkage is to air dry your garments. Invest in a drying rack or hang the garment in a place safe from heat exposure. If you are worried your hoodie will shrink in the washer, you can always hand wash your garment or bring it to a dry cleaner to be professionally cleaned

Do Nike Sweatshirts Shrink?

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Similar to Nike hoodies, Nike sweatshirts can also shrink. Again, this is almost entirely dependent on the material of the garment. Fabric-like cotton and fleece, which many sweatshirts are made out of, shrinks very easily when exposed to heat. Materials like polyester are less likely to shrink but can experience other defects after being exposed to heat.

The most common way your Nike sweatshirt will shrink is by putting it in the dryer. The high temperature of the dryer will shrink your textiles, making them feel and fit smaller. It can also cause pilling or overtime, thinning of the fabric.

For materials like polyester or dri-fit, your sweatshirt may not shrink, but the dryer can cause pilling or tear in the dryer. To avoid this, it is safest to air dry your sweatshirts to prevent shrinkage.

If you want to shrink your sweatshirt because it is too big, you can put it in the dryer for about an hour after washing. This can help shrink the material. However, this will probably only work for the first time drying it. Once it is dried once, it is less likely to shrink anymore unless stretched out again. 

Do Nike Dri-Fit Shirts Shrink?

Dri-fit material is made primarily of polyester and other synthetic, man-made materials. Because of this, it is less likely to shrink in the laundry. While less likely, it is not impossible. Dri-fit could possibly experience minor shrinkage in the dryer or when the washer is on a hot setting. The material can also experience pilling and tearing in the dryer. 

To avoid these issues, wash your Nike dri-fit clothing and other synthetic materials in the washer on a cold setting. To dry, hang on a drying rack or hanger to dry completely. 

If your dri-fit shirt or garment is too big, there is not much you can do to shrink it. It is best to return the item for a smaller size or donate it to someone who may benefit from it. 


Even though large clothing is “the thing” now, we still want to be sure to take care of our clothing to make sure it stays the size it was when we bought it. Nike hoodies and sweatshirts are susceptible to shrinkage in the washer and dryer, especially when they’re made from natural materials like cotton or fleece.

The best way to avoid shrinkage of these materials is to avoid hot temperatures as much as possible when laundering. Wash the garment on a cold setting and hang it to dry. With synthetic materials like Nike’s dri-fit material, shrinkage is less likely while cleaning the clothing, but other forms of destruction are still possible.

A good rule of thumb is to hang dry any clothing that you care about or spend a lot for to ensure it remains good-as-new for as long as possible.

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