Is Saucony a Good Brand?

is saucony a good brand

Is Saucony a good brand? You should have all the grime on your feet before deciding which model of footwear to buy or grow committed to. You don’t want to be associated with companies that advertise their goods in a very rigorous manner, without actually providing quality.

We’ll discuss if Saucony is known as a good brand in this article. While you may have stumbled across the label, Saucony, while searching for quality running shoes, you may not be familiar with the brand.

Fortunately for you, we’ll dissect the Saucony brand and answer a few questions which are majorly asked by the public to the brand.

History of Saucony

Saucony mens Bullet Sneakers, Black/Silver, 9.5 US
Saucony Mens Bullet Sneakers | Source: Amazon

Saucony is derived after the Lenni Lenape Indigenous American term “saconk,” which means “where two rivers meet.” Their logo depicts a rushing river with three boulders, which was influenced by the original site on Saucony Creek. During the early and mid-nineteenth centuries, some dedicated athletes turned their attention to running.

Saucony is a sports footwear and sportswear company based in the United States. Wolverine World Wide owns the corporation, which was founded in 1898. Saucony sells a variety of footwear and apparel, including sports shoes, vests, hoods, t-shirts, joggers, shorts, and socks. Hats and backpacks are examples of the accessories which Saucony offered at the time.

Four businessmen created the company’s first plant in 1898 near Kutztown, Pennsylvania, here on the upper banks of the Saucony Stream (from whence the company got its name). Hyde Athletic Industries was founded in 1910 by Russian expatriate A. R. Hyde in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hyde became noted for producing athletic footwear over time, with names which include SpotBilt and PF Flyers; in the late 1960s, Hyde Athletic Industries purchased Saucony and relocated it to Cambridge.

In 1979, Runner’s World magazine named two of Saucony’s athletic shoes in the top ten (the Hornet was named best bargain), and by the subsequent spring, desire for the product had increased by 20 times. The title of the company was legally changed from Hyde Athletic Industries to Saucony in the late 1980s after Saucony emerged as Hyde’s dominating brand. The expression “sock a knee” was formerly imprinted on Saucony’s shoeboxes, which indicates the correct spelling of the trademark.

The Saucony trademark logo depicts Saucony Creek’s steady flow as well as the pebbles that line the creek bed. The company makes racetrack spikes and long-distance racing flats and is a well-known racing shoe manufacturer. Saucony also produces footwear for specialized track and field activities.

Stride Rite Corporation bought Saucony for $170 million in 2005. Stride Rite Company was eventually purchased by Payless ShoeSource in 2007 when the company was worth $800 million, and the merged firm was dubbed Collective Brands.

Saucony, together with Keds, Stride Rite, and Sperry Top-Sider, has become subject to Wolverine World Wide in a $1.23 billion deal, which also contained the purchase of Payless ShoeSource and Collective Merchandising Worldwide to venture capital firms Blum Venture Partners and Golden Gate Capital. Saucony and other Boston-area businesses were transferred to a renovated regional headquarters building in Waltham, Massachusetts, by Wolverine World Wide in 2016.

Wolverine World Wide gets the vast majority of its footwear from South America-based third-party producers.

Why are Saucony Shoes so Expensive?

Saucony is recognized for producing high-performance athletic shoes. They use a cushioning system called “Grid,” which is based on spider webs.

Saucony has been using this cushioning approach for almost 15 years, to maintain its quality standard, which makes it so expensive.

Is Saucony a Good Running Shoe?

Saucony Women's Ride 14 Running Shoe, CHARCOAL/BLACK, 8.5 Medium
Saucony Women’s Running Shoe | Source: Amazon

Although Saucony offers some of the greatest running shoes on the market, many other brands make fantastic shoes as well. But in all, Saucony provides high-quality running shoes.

Is Saucony a Good Walking Shoe?

Saucony Women's Integrity WLK 3 Walking Shoes, Black, 5
Saucony Women’s Walking Shoe | Source: Amazon

The Saucony brand is known for creating high-quality shoes, but regardless of their quality pieces which make for one of the best athletic running shoes in the market. There are still other quality walking shoes available, which beats the price of the Saucony walking shoes, while still attaining similar high quality.

Are Saucony Shoes Good for Standing All Day?

If you want to travel to paved city streets, rough country paths, or stand for lengthy periods at work, Saucony walking footwear is indeed an ideal choice.

Each one provides outstanding comfort and shock permeation, ensuring that your feet are primed for more at the close of the day’s work.

Where are Saucony Sneakers Made?

Saucony Men's Hornet Sneaker, BLACK/GREY, 3.5
Saucony Men’s Hornet Sneaker | Source: Amazon

Saucony shoes were made in the United States in 1994. However, the company was obliged to stop marking its sneakers as “Made in the USA” in 1994.

Saucony enterprises were transferred to Waltham, Massachusetts, by Wolverine World Wide in 2016.

Is Saucony Better than Nike?

Nike is ranked as one of the best and most popular sporting brands in the world, so we wouldn’t actually classify Saucony as a brand better than Nike.

But Additionally, the sizing of Nike and Saucony is nearly identical (for just some sizes), so switching shouldn’t be a problem. Saucony does, however, occasionally run half a size bigger than Nike.

If you’re using a Nike 11, for example, go for a Saucony 11.5 instead.

Are Saucony Shoes Cool?

Saucony shoes are very cool shoes, which are made from top-class materials known across the world. As much as their shoes are cool, they are also durable and of very high quality.


We can say after much research that this label is a very decent one. Saucony satisfies all of the standards of a quality brand and even exceeds them when it comes to walking shoes.

However, you must make an effort to choose a shoe that is appropriate for your foot.

Saucony is a superb shoe brand, which is why it is one of the most well-known companies in the world. They create shoes that cater to the individual’s needs in terms of convenience, versatility, breathability, style, sturdiness, and more, which is sufficient to designate the brand as a good brand.

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