Is Romwe A Good Brand?

Is Romwe A Good Brand

Is Romwe a good brand? Romwe is a reputable clothes brand, which comprises fast-fashion retailers that operates on the internet and ship internationally. You’ve certainly seen their adorable items advertised at ridiculously low costs and wondered if they’re real. While certain of the offers may appear unbelievable, they are 100% true.

In this article, I would be emphasizing the Romwe brand, while answering major questions which are related to this brand.

History of the Romwe Brand

Shein is a quick fashion retailer based in China. Chris Xu created it in Nanjing, China, in 2008. The company is recognized for its low-cost clothing. Shein was originally somewhat of a drop delivery company rather than a retailer. The company did not develop or manufacture apparel but obtained its supplies from a Guangzhou global clothing market.

Shein bought Romwe, an e-commerce enterprise based in China, in 2014, transforming it into a “fully connected retailer.” It now offers its goods in more than 220 countries. The corporation has been embroiled in several problems in recent years, involving trademark conflicts, human rights breaches, and health & security issues. Shein’s business approach, as per Bloomberg and others, has benefited from the trade war between China and the United States.

Shein was once known as ZZKKO, an online retailer. Chris Xu, an entrepreneur and SEO marketing expert, launched the company in China in 2008. Wedding dresses were the company’s initial venture. Shein was later renamed “Sheinside” after branching out into retailing generic womenswear.

Guangzhou’s bulk clothing market, which serves as a primary center for most of China’s garment producers and markets, provided the company with its merchandise. Shein had no part in the creation of the clothing, either in terms of design or production. It worked, however, in a similar way to a drop shipping company, which sells things directly to foreign buyers via third-party wholesalers.

In the early 2010s, Shein introduced their products to Spain, Germany, Russia, Italy, and Italy, as well as offering beauty products, footwear, handbags, and jewelry in contrast to women’s clothing. In 2012, the brand began experimenting with online marketing by engaging with fashion influencers for prizes and promoting products on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

By 2013, the company had grown to 100 people and had relocated to Guangzhou, China. Shein started developing its very own supply chain network two years later in an effort of becoming a fully connected shop. It also bought Romwe, a Chinese e-commerce company, in the same year. In 2015, the firm’s name was modified from “Sheinside” to “Shein,” citing the need for a name that was easier to remember and discover online.

By 2016, Xu had assembled an 800-strong team of designers and prototypers to produce Shein-branded clothes. The corporation began to improve its supply chain by removing vendors who supplied low-quality merchandise or images.

With other internet firms which include Fashion Nova and Zaful, its items and tows were highlighted on daytime tv programs in the United States by 2017. Meanwhile, with other well-known merchants, fashion bloggers showcased Shein items in hauls. Shein, while being an online retailer, has developed pop-up shops for customers who prefer not to shop online. Shein’s popularity was also enhanced by the retailer’s early adoption of TikTok and capacity to promote viral items.

Shein had grown from a $15 billion corporation to a $30 billion corporation by November 2021. It reportedly achieved $10 billion in earnings amidst the global pandemic of 2020, marking the company’s ninth consecutive year of exceeding 100% in sales volumes. Shein was the largest online-only fashion retailer in the world as of October 2020 and beyond.

Does Romwe Have Good Quality Clothes?

Romwe Women's Cute Tie Back Ruffle Strap A Line Fit and Flare Flowy Short Dress Green M
Source: Amazon

Romwe clothing, like Shein as well as other quick fashion companies, is a terrific way to replenish your closet with on-trend items while staying on a budget. “You get what you bargain for,” as the cliche goes. Romwe’s clothing isn’t particularly high-quality, but on average, they certainly possess good quality clothing, concerning their affordable price.

Is Romwe Jewelry Online?

Romwe is a good place to go if you enjoy revamping clothing boutiques. The store is safe to purchase jewelry from and pay for online since it delivers over 60,000 items every month to its customers.

Are Romwe Swimsuits Good Quality

Romwe Women's 2 Piece Swimsuit Triangle Brazilian Cheeky Bikini Set Beachwear Brown S
Source: Amazon

The Romwe swimsuits are of average good quality and are majorly rated a solid 7/10 for sizing, style, fitting, and quality. They’ll last you several seasons and you’ll look stylish the whole time you put them on.

Is Romwe Good For Plus Size?

Romwe Women's Plus Size Floral Print High Waist Bikini Swimsuit Ruched 2 Piece Bathing Suit A Multicolor 2XL
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Romwe is a brand that frequently comes in tiny sizes, but can also come in larger sizes. When purchasing from international labels like Romwe, it is very crucial to make sure you obtain the correct sizes. You can take efforts to ensure that you always acquire the appropriate size, especially if you’re a plus-sized individual.

Romwe majorly creates slim-fit designs, so it might not be primarily suitable for plus-sized individuals and they may be required to size up for them to get their suitable sizes in most cases.

Is Romwe or Shein Better?

Romwe Women's Cute A Line Adjustable Straps Pleated Mini Overall Pinafore Dress Black M
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Shein focuses on fashionable clothing, whereas Romwe offers economical home decor, pet supplies, and party supplies in addition to cute fashionable clothing. FashionTIY is a must-see for fashionistas who prefer to shop at Romwe and Shein.

But in all, Romwe was acquired by Shein in their initial stages, which means Romwe is a subordinate or subsidiary to Shein which makes them the same, with their history far from being different.

Is Romwe Sustainable?

The price of a garment and the number of garments available might reveal a lot about a company’s ethics and sustainability. Romwe releases new batches of clothing regularly, all of which are quite inexpensive.

Regardless of claims which are being disputed online, Romwe is quite unethical but certainly sustainable to some extent, for its affordability.


Romwe is already a well-known global brand. Shopping on Romwe is extremely secure and Romwe items are perfect for folks who wish to test new trends without spending a lot of money on well-known brands.

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