Do You Wear Sperrys with Socks?

Do You Wear Sperrys with Socks

Do you wear Sperrys with socks? It’s common to see people go about their daily business wearing Sperrys without socks to complement them. This is largely informed by the fact that Sperrys are most frequently worn in the hottest months of the year. Therefore, wearing Sperrys without socks, they would say, makes them stay cool – which of course is very understandable.

However, while you may be tempted to go out in Sperrys without socks for a variety of reasons, it’s important to note that the negative sides of wearing Sperrys without socks by far outweigh whatever inconvenience you may suffer from wearing it.  The bad sides to this attitude are not just ones that shorten the lifespan of your Sperrys but equally come with health implications.

The point then is wearing Sperrys with socks is not just necessary but a must for you. These are some of the reasons why you need to wear socks with Sperry shoes:

  • First, wearing them with socks is good for healthy feet:

Understanding the chrome entrails of your feet is just all you need to realize the costly mistake you make each time you wear Sperrys without socks. An average foot contains more sweat glands per square centimeter than any other part of your body. Wearing Sperrys without socks; therefore, turn your dark, unduly warm, and sweat-soaked feet into an epicenter where bacteria develop which causes infection and all.

  • Secondly, wearing socks enhances the lifespan of your shoes:

You don’t want a situation where you would be in the market every time looking for new Sperrys to buy! Wearing Sperrys without socks apart from being unhealthy practice to your feet, also shortens its lifespan.

Finally but not least, socks provide a cushion between your feet and the layers of your Sperrys. This makes you feel more comfortable when you wear Sperrys with socks than when you do so without socks.

Can Sperrys Be Worn Without Socks?

The answer is equally “yes.”.John Legend, Sperry’s Global Brand Ambassador, has this to say, “It depends on the cut and fit of your pants, and how cool you are.” If wearing Sperrys without socks suits your style, then go for it. However, remember the possible health and other implications of your chosen style.

If you are pushed to keep your feet cool, you can equally balance these two extreme ends – not wearing socks with Sperrys to keep your feet cool and wearing socks to keep your feet healthy – by wearing your Sperrys with no-show socks. That seems to strike a fair balance, a better approach.

Socks to Wear with Sperrys

Amazon Essentials Men's 6-Pack Performance Cotton Cushioned Athletic No-Show Socks, Black, Shoe Size: 6-12
Source: Amazon

However, wearing socks with Sperrys suits your personal style – which of course should be – a list of socks that can perfectly suit your taste is listed below:

1. No Show Socks:  As already stated before now, the better approach to balance the clashing interests of wearing Sperrys without socks and wearing them with socks is no show socks. With no-show socks, you can comfortably cheat the no-sock look and at the same time keep your feet healthy and comfortable. They are called hidden gems for a reason.

These socks are virtually invisible once your shoes are on and come mostly in basic black or white from which you can make your selection. However, their invisibility should never be an excuse to go for a dull one or keep them dirty. Equally, there are no socks meant for females and those meant for boys only.

2. Classic Black Socks:  These socks which are traditionally made of thin and fine-woven material are a good fit for any outfit. Being a neutral color they can blend you into any outfit. However, these socks have either thick or thin textures; going for the thick ones won’t give you that edge cut. You need the thinner ones to give your looks that perfect cut that stands you graciously out.

3. Bright and Bold Socks: These are another set of socks to roll with your Sperrys. To most people, they are premium socks with personality. And the fact it’s – bolder striped socks with Sperrys never lose their shine and beauty. What to do with these socks? Simple, choose a pair that complements your whole outfit.

Best No-Show Socks to Wear with Sperrys

You may need to Know one of the best no-show socks out there to go with your Sperrys. A list of these hidden gems has been made below. These are available on Amazon and the links to search them up are equally provided.

  • Sperry Men’s Multicolor 3 Canoe  Pack Liner Socks:
SPERRY Men's 3 Pack Solid Marl 1/2 Cushion Mid Vamp Liner Sock, Pine Bark, 10-13
Source: Amazon

These socks are made of 58% cotton, 21% nylon, 19% polyester, 2% spandex. These socks are best summarized as one of the best no-show socks for your Sperrys. They are not just any regular no-show socks that slip and slide off your feet. They can serve as liners and are thin, with their cotton fibers making your feet breathable and comfortable. They are rated four and half stars on Amazon by their users.

  • Sperry Women’s Marl Padded Sole Liner 3 Pack:
Sperry Top-Sider Men's Solid Canoe 3 Pair Pack Liner Socks, Black, 10-13 (Shoe Size 6-12)
Source: Amazon

These socks made of 88% polyester, 10% nylon, and 2% spandex have excellent reviews among their users, rated 4 and a half stars. They fit perfectly to your feet, so you don’t have to give thought to them sliding down your feet. They are equally thin, with a nice cushioning effect to the underneath of the balls of your feet.

Also, the gummy part of these socks which fit them perfectly to your feet does not dissolve in the washing machine. They are a good choice for comfortable socks that do not show out of your Sperrys.

  • Men’s Invisible No Show 4 Pack Liner Socks:
Fruit of the Loom Men's Invisible No Show Breathable Liner Socks (4 Pack), White/Khaki, Shoe Size: 6-12
Source: Amazon

These socks which are made of 67% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 5%  Spandex, and 1% other fibers are one of the best no-show socks out there, if not the best. They are comfortable and hold up nicely to your feet. They have positive and wonderful reviews from their users.

How To Wear Sperrys Boot

These are hardy, waterproof boots that can fit a variety of outfits. They are just made for your everyday style; can be worn day to night without sacrificing your comfort or style, just the right fit for you regardless of your daily routine, whether you’re hiking, going to work, or opting for casual looks. If however, your work is manual labor inclined, you may need to wear your Sperrys duck boats rolling up the cuffs of your dress or packing them into your boats.

Generally, you wear them with socks. You can style it to fit your taste or any occasion. Either roll the cuffs of your trousers to tuck inside your Sperrys duck boots or tuck the rolled-up cuffs of your trousers around your duck boots. Traditionally, you can choose not to tuck them at all if your trousers are tight-fitting. And a lot more. Whatever way you choose to wear them of course would have to depend on your dress and occasion.

Are Sperrys Duck Boots Worth It?

The answer is yes. These are boots for winter; they are waterproof, lightweight, and offer great traction in inclement weather conditions. They have stood the test of time with excellent reviews from their wearers. It’s hard to come by a wearer of these boots that have something bad to say about them. Also with their moderate price, they sure return matching value to your money.

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