Is North Face a Good Brand?

Is North Face a Good Brand

Is North Face a good brand? The North Face is a veteran brand as far as winter and outdoor gear goes. The brand has been around since 1966 when entrepreneur and climbing fan Doug Tompkins opened a shop in San Francisco for American Climbers touring Yosemite National Park. 

Despite the expensive price tag, North Face is generally a very good brand with high-quality products. They specialize in cold-weather gear and gear for running, climbing, camping, etc.

Especially if you are looking for gear to face the cold or specialized outdoor weather gear, the brand is one of the most well-known in the world, and for good reason.

With a high price tag, many are hesitant to make the jump into North Face. However, the quality and longevity of the pieces make the price tag worth it for many buyers.

For example, coats will last years and are noticeably warmer than other coats in your closet, especially because of their warming and insulation technology. The products can also be easily washed without ruining anything.

Is North Face a Luxury Brand?

The North Face Men's Half Dome Pullover Hoodie, Burnt Ochre, M
The North Face Men’s Pullover Hoodie | Source: Amazon

A luxury brand is a high-end brand that produces high-end products in the fashion world, while North Face is a well-known brand name, it is not quite a luxury brand. While North Face is expensive, the price tag is not quite up to par with other luxury prices.

Furthermore, the quality of products is also high-end. 

Despite the luxurious feeling and effectiveness of the products, North Face is not quite luxurious but can be compared to its luxury competitors like Canada Goose and Bogner. 

Is North Face Expensive?

The North Face is often criticized for the high prices of its products. However, real fans and committed buyers do not mind the prices because they know the quality lives up to the money. 

One of the reasons North Face is so expensive is because of the brand name. As with other brands, as a customer, you are willing to spend more on branded products.

This is a marketing tactic that many established brands use as they grow in popularity. The reason companies become successful is because people recognize their products and want to represent that product and logo as well. 

One of North Face’s most popular products is its fleeces. A women’s fleece typically runs in the $100 range.

The more high-quality the jacket, the more expensive it becomes. A standard winter coat or parka costs about $300 while this is expensive, it is still more reasonable than luxury winter gear brands like Canada Goose.  

Is North Face Worth the Money?

The North Face Women's Aconcagua Jacket, TNF Black, L
Source: Amazon

Despite the high prices, customers would say that North Face products are generally worth the money. North Face products have a longevity of many years, especially with climbing gear like backpacks, which can also be easily washed and packed full of supplies. 

The North Face also has a generous limited lifetime warranty policy on nearly all its branded products. This helps justify the price since you will be able to easily return or repair products that do not live up to their expectations. 

Why are North Face Coats so Expensive?

As mentioned, The North Face can have a high price tag on coats and jackets, but not without reason. North Face coats are so expensive because they truly live up to the price. 

One of the main reasons for the price is again the brand name. For almost all high-end brands, products are priced high based on the brand name and logo.

When a brand becomes popular, people want to wear it, and when people want to wear it, they will pay more to do so in order to show others they are wearing it. 

The quality of the coats is also notable. For example, many of their coats advertise warming features that are better than other coats.

Buyers will say that they do feel warmer in these coats compared to other jackets they own. The longevity of the coats is also remarkable.

Some loyal customers have kept jackets for 5-10 years with no signs of quality damage. When a brand has the quality to back up its prices, it makes the money more justifiable. 

Is North Face Environmentally Friendly?

One big issue in the fashion industry is the environmental impact of brands and their production. is a trustworthy website that rates popular brands based on labor conditions, carbon footprint, and more.

Overall, The North Face brand was labeled as “It’s a start” meaning their policies are making an active step to improve, but they can definitely still get better. 

The wool used for products is used from non-mulesed sheep and they do not use animal products besides leather. The brand also uses some recycled and eco-friendly materials and is making a positive effort towards lessening its greenhouse gas emissions. 

Is North Face Denali Jacket Good for Winter?

The North Face Denali 2 Jacket - Women's TNF Red Holiday 2 Plaid Print Small
The North Face Denali 2 Jacket | Source: Amazon

One of The North Face’s most popular styles is the Denali jacket. This is like a zip-up heavy-duty fleece and can cost between $100 and $200 depending on the style.

The jacket is heavy and can be good for running errands or going out in the winter. However, I would not substitute a normal winter jacket for it completely. 

Since it is fleece material, the jacket is not waterproof and the fabric is not as wind-resistant as other styles by The North Face. The Denali jacket is a great jacket, but not necessarily fit for a warm winter coat. 

Are North Face Jackets Good for Skiing?

The North Face Men's Apex Flex DryVent Jacket, Root Brown/TNF Black, XL
The North Face DryVent Jacket | Source: Amazon

The North Face jackets are very good for skiing. They are warm and waterproof, as well as easy to move around in.

North Face designs jackets specifically for skiing such as the Dryvent jacket and Reign On jacket. The jackets are very versatile and truly keep you warm and protected from wind while skiing.

Many skiers opt for The North Face because of this. Many skiers would recommend the brand to others for cold-weather equipment at a reasonable price for high-quality pieces. 

What is North Face Company Named After?

The North Face was founded in San Francisco in 1966 near the climbing grounds of Yosemite National Park. It was intended for climbers to be able to get good gear for their climbs. 

Traditionally, the north end or north face of a mountain is the coldest, iciest, and most difficult to climb. With this in mind, The North Face wanted to create a brand that encouraged people to take on outdoor adventures.

The logo of the brand is supposed to represent the north face of the Half Dome in Yosemite. 

Where are North Face Shoes Made?

The North Face Men's Snowfuse, Ganache Brown/Sullivan Green, 11
Source: Amazon

The North Face products are made all over the world, including in Vietnam, China, Bangladesh, the United States, Turkey, and more. There is not just one country that manufactures the shoes or other products.

Each style or type of shoe may be designed in a different place.


The North Face is a great, high-quality brand in the cold-weather and outdoor sports market. The company has been a cult favorite for years, and their quality and longevity are to thank for this.

While the products may be on the pricier side, it’s true because the products work. The brand is worth the hype and is definitely worth investing in if you’re in the market for a new winter coat or outdoor gear!

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