Is Shein a Good Brand?

Is Shein a Good Brand

Is Shein a good brand? Shein is an online merchant of clothing and accessories with a huge selection of various clothing and fashion items. The company invests heavily in online promotions that mostly focus on the utilization of social media to enhance its brand reputation and ultimately drive sales.

If you’re shopping from the United States, you’ll be glad to know that they have a fantastic refund policy, which states that you could partake in free return on the first ordered package returned within the duration of 30 days.

Shein is one of the most rapidly expanding internet merchants, which previously made waves at the Wall Street Journal during 2021.

In this article, I’m going to emphasize the Shein brand, while answering major questions which you may have concerning the brand.

History of the Shein Brand

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Shein Corduroy Long Sleeve | Source: Amazon

Shein is a quick fashion retailer based in China. Chris Xu created it in Nanjing, China, in 2008. The company is recognized for its low-cost clothing. Shein was originally somewhat of a company that engages in drop shipping rather than regular retail.

The company did not develop or manufacture apparel but obtained its supplies from a Guangzhou wholesale clothing industry. Shein obtained Romwe, an e-commerce enterprise based in China, in 2014, transforming it into a “fully connected retailer.” It now offers its goods in more than 220 countries.

The corporation has been embroiled in several problems in recent years, involving trademark conflicts, human rights breaches, and health & security issues. Shein’s business approach, as per Bloomberg and others, has benefited from the trade war between China and the United States.

Shein was once known as ZZKKO, an online retailer. Chris Xu, an entrepreneur and SEO marketing expert, launched the company in China in 2008, and wedding dresses were the company’s initial venture. Shein was later renamed “Sheinside” after branching out into retailing generic womenswear. Guangzhou’s wholesale clothing marketplace, which serves as a primary center for many of China’s garment producers and markets, provided the company with its merchandise.

Shein had no part in the creation of the clothing, either in terms of design or production. Nevertheless, It functioned in a similar way to some kind of drop shipping company, which sells things directly to foreign buyers via third-party merchants.

Shein began selling cosmetics, shoes, handbags, and jewelry, in contrast to female wear, in Spain, France, Russia, Germany, and Italy in the early 2010s. The company started using online marketing in 2012, engaging with apparel bloggers for contests and advertising stuff on Social media, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Shein began selling cosmetics, shoes, handbags, and jewelry, in contrast to female wear, in Spain, Russia, Germany, and Italy in the early 2010s. The company started using online marketing in 2012, engaging with apparel bloggers for contests and advertising on Social media.

By 2013, the company had grown to 100 people and had relocated to Guangzhou, China. Shein started developing its very own supply chain network two years later to become a completely integrated shop. It also bought Romwe, a Chinese e-commerce company, in the same year.

In 2015, the firm’s name was changed from “Sheinside” to “Shein,” citing the need for a name that was easier to remember and discover online. By 2016, Xu had assembled an 800-strong team of designers and prototypers to produce Shein-branded clothes. The corporation began to improve its supply chain by removing vendors who supplied low-quality merchandise or images.

With other internet firms including Fashion Nova and Zaful, its items and hits were highlighted on daytime tv programs in the U.S by 2017. Furthermore, Shein items were featured with other well-known stores in hauls by fashion influencers.

Shein, although being an online retailer, has developed pop-up shops for those who prefer not to shop online. Shein’s success was also enhanced by the retailer’s early use of TikTok and its capacity to publicize viral commodities.

TikTok’s tendency of bulk buying items from Shein and displaying Shein clothing to their viewers like a regular haul video, according to CNN, plays a significant role in driving buyers to the company’s website. Shein’s app downloads overtook Amazon’s on May 17, 2021.

Shein promises to understand the mindset of the millennial generation and tailor marketing methods to meet their needs to develop. Shein possesses 21.9 million Insta followers and 2.8 million TikTok followers, according to their social media accounts.

Shein was by far the most talked-about firm on Youtube videos and Tiktok in 2020, as well as the fourth most talked-about firm on Instagram. Its modest costs entice teen online buyers on a shoestring budget to share their purchases on social media.

The company provides cheaper rates to drive demand to increase user growth. Customers can earn more discounts if they consume more, which they can then use during their subsequent shopping spree.

Shein not only uses its algorithm-driven detection model to attract customers, but it also encourages them to return to the platform regularly to complete tasks such as adding items to their carts, watching live broadcasts, and participating in its contest show to earn points that can be rewarded later. Customers will be subjected to more info and buying incentives as a result of this increased exposure.

Is Shein Worth it?

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Source: Amazon

They’ve had a lot of success in the apparel industry, and Shein grew to be quite popular with Amazon among high-income female youths. Shein’s items are not only affordable but also stylish and unique. However, it cannot always be compared to individual things sold by high-end merchants, their items are still definitely worth ordering!

Does Shein have Good Quality Clothes?

Shein’s can be of reasonable quality for a very affordable budget, but as much as their clothes could be considered as good quality, they are rarely of a great grade. But overall, their clothes are of good quality because of their affordable prices.

Why is Shein so Cheap?

Shein is a Chinese-made clothing line and it can offer at such low prices because its factories produce garments daily, and its warehouse operators ship clothes to clients who place orders via their online marketplace. As a result, even when prices are low, the sell-off generates enough revenue to sustain the business afloat.

Is Shein Ethical?

The company has been commended for being the UK’s most size-inclusive company and for providing inexpensive clothing for those who need it.

However, the ethics of Shein have been questioned in the past few years due to the transparency of their production process. The environmental policy on their website states that they are committed to sustainable practices in their sourcing of raw materials and production. They also have a social responsibility policy on their website where they state that they are committed to fair trade practices with the people who make their clothes and to the environment. However, very little is known in terms of how these policies are adhered to.

Are Jeans from Shein Good?

SheIn Women's Casual Modern Boyfriend Mid Waist Button Front Ripped Tapered Jeans Black X-Small
Shein Ripped Tapered Jean | Source: Amazon

When it pertains to Shein, you’re paying for low-cost, quick-fashion. This isn’t usually a negative characteristic, but Shein creates a poorer-quality imitation of fashionable, stylish, and higher-end jeans for a significantly lower price. But their jeans are still good if you aren’t looking forward to hurting your budget.

Are Shein Swimsuits Good Quality?

SheIn Women's 3 Piece Lettuce Trim Thong Bikini Set Swimsuit and Cover Up Beach Skirt Brown Medium
Shein Bikini Set Swimsuit | Source: Amazon

The suits are all wrapped for modesty and longevity, however, with white fabric cover instead of dyed-to-match material, which is a hallmark of higher swimwear quality. But overall. Their swimsuits are still of good quality at affordable prices.

Are Shein Shoes Good Quality?

With medium durability, they’re surprisingly durable and well-made. The shoes aren’t Shein’s original design, but rather a Yoki design which was built for comfort,  with a touch stiff and with little arch support. Nevertheless, Shein’s shoes are certainly of good quality which could be found at affordable prices.

Is Shein Makeup Safe?

Shein’s makeup and cosmetics are made using substances and chemicals that are regarded as safe. So there’s no need to stress about that because its makeup is certainly safe.

Are Shein Earrings Safe?

SHEIN Geometric Decor 6 pairs of Earrings
SHEIN 6 pairs of Earrings | Source: Amazon

Every set of Shein earrings has its fantastic chime to it. They keep their grade better than every cheap earring available in the online marketplace, plus you can’t go wrong with inexpensive earrings. And yes, Shein earrings are certainly safe to put on.

Is Shein Jewelry Good Quality?

While you will receive your order, it may not appear to be of the same excellent quality in person. When you consider the cost of the jewelry about the value you receive, these items are quite good.

Shein jewelry isn’t awful quality if you would like certain items to match various clothes for various occasions and they are certainly safe to adorn yourself with.


Shein is a good brand with modest quality items. You’re likely to be surprised and delighted if you purchase from Shein and you’ve got 40 days to ask for a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

However,  if you keep your expectations modest, you will not be disappointed.

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