What is the Best Makeup for Orange Dress?

What is the Best Makeup for Orange Dress

What is the best makeup for orange dress? This is the question that often makes it challenging to wear an orange dress. We all love an orange dress. That pop of color, the mood it brings out in us, and the sheer versatility of the color depending on the shade.

The one thing that stands in the way is the perfect makeup to match. Color matching makeup to your outfit has been a long-held concept within the fashion community, so today we find out, what kind of makeup is best for an orange dress?

What Color Makeup Goes with an Orange Dress?

When you are trying to bring unity to your orange dress, the color range can seem rather confining. After all, orange is typically viewed as a color with incredibly deep and wide-ranging meanings in most cultures.

However, there is really no need to be overwhelmed. In fact, it’s always important to take a step back and look at the sheer range of options when it comes to matching powerful colors with their coordinating makeup.

Using certain shades of bold colored makeup can clash with a bold dress and not to mention, distract from your fashionista centerpiece. Instead, stick with earth tones for a classic look. Colors such as beige, taupe, blush pink, tan, brown, and metallics like silvers, golds, and bronze complement an orange shade.

When it comes to orange dresses we have to account for the fact that a full dress of orange…is really a full dress of orange and takes up much more visual space than your makeup, reinforcing the idea that your makeup should accentuate the dress, rather than distract from it. Yet, one’s complexion also determines your choice of makeup colors.

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With this in mind, using a seasonal complexion color wheel will help create a well-blended and coordinated color scheme. Autumn complexions, for instance already match perfectly with an orange dress since their traditional colors are soft, rich, and warm, with colors such as Aubergine, olive green, camel, dusty peach, and copper.

Spring complexions need clear, warm, and fresh colors, such as taupe, bright peach, sot yellow, lavender, and brown. Summer complexions need soft, cool, and calm colors, like dusty Fuschia, plum, grey, and turquoise.

Winter complexions on the other hand are bold, cool, and crisp. Winter’s most flattering colors are bluish browns, forest greens, royal purple, Magenta, royal blue, and seafoam.

Of course, complexions, much like different shades of orange, vary, from light winter, and true summer, to deep autumn. However, it’s always best to refer to such color combinations when you are trying to best accentuate your look with a ‘bold’ color.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking outside the box and want to make a statement, there is a whole other list of colors to go by. In recent years, it has become increasingly looked down upon to categorize someone’s style, thereby limiting the selection of makeup and clothing they can wear, simply because they are told if they don’t, they will look frumpy or washed out.

As much as color matching is meant to help the individual achieve their best look, it is also packed full of discrimination that inhibits a person’s ability to express themselves. So, that being said, you can always look to royal blues, turquoise, burgundy, deep greens, and Fuschia for inspiration.

Frankly, if you are a self-described fashion thrill-seeker, a plum or violet eye look, alongside soft brown and blush pink accents, with a crisp orange dress, is a solid whimsically chic look.

Eyeshadow for Orange Dresses

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Just like using a color wheel for complexions, you can also use it for shades of eyeshadow. There are actually color graphs and wheels online that show which eyeshadow colors look to coordinate with your eye color. For instance, while sticking to the more neutral side, brown eyes work best with light greens, golds, deep plums and lavenders, and greys.

Green eyes are considered to be one of the most flattering eye colors for orange dresses. That being said, there are shades of eyeshadow that help extenuate the beauty of both the eye and dress simultaneously. In addition, you can even go for a two-shade look that expands the eye and increases its depth.

Shades such as reds, which would not normally be thought of as flattering on other eye colors, compliments a green eye color. In addition, you can also use aubergine and violet on green eyes for a deep set and natural look.

Blue eyes actually go well with complementary orange shades, such as copper, coral, and bronze. A nice grey or silver eye look helps intensify the color of blue eyes, while not overpowering an orange dress, but just like all other eye colors and/or complexions, brown is always a nice, natural choice.

Eye Makeup for an Orange Dress

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For a more sculpted look, you can try a cut crease, which is when a lighter shade cuts across the crease of the eyelid and gives the dramatic illusion of larger, almost animated eyes. For a more subdued look, however, you can always go the editorial route with a glossy lid.

By far, the glossy lid is both the easier and more modern method, while the cut crease is definitely more dated, but makes just as much of a statement.

While cut creases are fantastic for showcasing makeup skills, by showing the blending on the lid, like a canvas, it can overpower the orange dress. Glossy lids often require lip glosses or specialized eye glosses, but the look is natural enough without lacking in definition.

However, if you’re not one for sticky eyes, maybe try something in between, such as a smoky eye using cream eyeshadow. Recently, many celebrities have been using this method when dawning an orange frock. As for eyeliner and mascara, orange always goes fantastically with classic black for a night out and brown for something a little more relaxed.

Makeup for a Burnt Orange Dress

What is the Best Makeup for Orange Dress

Burnt orange can be the more flattering and approachable choice depending on the person because of its softer appearance. However, there’s very little change when it comes to a shift in the shade of orange.

For the most part, the whole spectrum of colors already mentioned works perfectly with burnt orange, but the most flattering pairings for burnt orange are peachy pinks, including lips and cheeks, copper and bronze, gold, deep forest greens, wine reds, and browns.

Lipstick to Wear with an Orange Dress

When it comes to lips, colors can range between blush pinks, nudes, corals, peaches, and reds. Out of all these colors, you really can’t go wrong, but if you’re looking for unity, you’ll probably want to pair lighter orange dresses, such as pastel, with more neutral-colored lips like blush pink or a nude.

However, a bolder or burnt orange can withstand something bolder, like coral or red. In order to stay on the natural side, add some rose-tinted gloss onto a light lip, but if contemporary drama is more your style, go for a matte look or a high pigment lipstick with a velvety finish.


The majority of us can be a little stumped when it comes to pairing makeup with an orange dress, but ultimately what matters is having a combination of some thorough color blending knowledge and self-expression. It’s important to remember, though, that despite the amount of fashion faux pas lists online, everyone has something that works for them on a unique basis, so get to exploring and find what’s fashionable for you.

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