Do Converse Run Big or Small?

Do Converse Run Big or Small

Do Converse run big or small? This is the question many lovers of converse shoes are asking. Whether you were born at the turn of the century or you’ve been around for about a century, Converse shoes cannot be new to you. You may have even donned them to your most memorable outdoor events or high school.

Whatever your lifestyle choices; Converse shoes never struggle to fit in due to their classy yet simple appearance. Worn for decades popular celebrities such as movie stars and sportsmen; we cannot forget the impact it had on public acceptance when Basketballer, Chuck Taylor used Converse shoes. Originally founded in the earlier years of the 1900s, the American shoemaking company is now a subsidiary of Nike Incorporated.

It has been a popular debate if Converse shoes run big or small. It’s a matter of concern especially if you are particular about using shoes that are not too loose when you wear them or are not too fitted that your toes hurt. What you’re looking out for is looking fashionable without compromising on the comfort of your feet.

In this article, you’d not only find out if converse shoes run big or small, but you are also just about to get answers to your questions about popular sneaker brands.

Should I Size Down in Converse? 

Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top, Red, 10
Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top | Source: Amazon

Converse shoes aren’t made to be the same sizes as your conventional shoe sizes. They are always about half a size larger so you may consider sizing down.

If for instance, you purchase size 8 Converse shoes; in reality, you’ve purchased 8.5 shoes. You could consider sizing down half a size to get that comfortable fitting your foot deserves.

To get your actual size one time is easy. You simply have to take manual measurements by placing a piece of paper under your feet. Ensure to stand as flatfooted as possible and get someone to draw a line just before your toe and just behind your heel.

This is more reliable than trusting shoe sizes that vary across several brands.

Are Chuck Taylors True to Size?

Converse Chuck Taylor All HI TOP Star/Black Monochrome/Size Run AS1/Sz-3
Converse Chuck Taylor All Hi Top | Source: Amazon

Since Chuck Taylors are unisex shoes, you may want to take be extra careful when ordering one. Reviews on Amazon reveal that 73 out of 100 persons say the shoe fits as expected but you may not want to take this seriously because many buyers already know the size disparity between Converse shoes and the usual US size shoes hence informing their ordering choices.

However, to the best of my experience, Chuck Taylors don’t fit true to size. A Chuck Taylor size 9 for men is size 11 for women, so when ordering women sizes, chose 2 and a half size down but just a half size down for men.

Do Converse Platforms Run Big?

A style that was made popular by girl bands in the ’90s, converse platforms are not only stylish but also comfortable. There’s a bit of connection between looking taller and looking cute, if your wish to look a bit taller in converse shoes then Converse platforms should be your pick. Converse platforms can add about one and a half inches to your height.

Generally, Converse shoes run half a size bigger than usual sizes so you may want to consider this when ordering one. However, people who prefer some allowance in their shoes, they rather use their usual sizes for the Converse Platform shoes.

Do High-Top Converse Run Big?

When basketball teams like American Boys began to don high-top converse shoes in the 1930s, it was only a matter of weeks before it found its way into mainstream fashion.  Converse high tops gained massive acceptance in day-to-day fashion in the 60s when movie stars began to wear them on set, the most remarkable of them being the romance movie “Tall Story.”

With high canvasses that cover and protect your ankles, high-top converse fits well with several fashion styles. If you’re wondering if they run big or small, you would be interested to know that high-top converses run true to size for male users, and for women, it runs half a size.

Does Converse One Star Fit True to Size?

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Sneaker (Mens 5/Womens 7, Red/White 9564)
Converse One Star | Source: Amazon

With converse one star shoes, you cannot struggle to stand out from the crowd. Its mild design gives you the appeal of a cool individual prepared to have an eventful day. Converse One Star most often comes in black with a conspicuous white star proudly etched on the sides.

Converse One Star shoes are mostly made of a combination of rubber and cotton canvas, only a few of them are made with animal leather or suede materials.

Talking about sizing, Converse One Star runs about half a size larger than your usual shoe size. So when you order one with your actual shoe size, you should expect a converse one star with a little bit of space for your feet. When next you’re ordering a converse one star shoe; order sizes half a size lesser than your usual size.

You may want to know the unpopular differences between converse one star and converse all star.

Though One Star sneakers are made of canvas, they do not fall into the classic Chuck Taylor category. You can only find a few basic colors of One Star sneakers.

Colors such as gray, black, and pink make the cut however, All-Star sneakers come in different colors and designs. Though there is a similarity between the two concerning the production of high and low tops, you can spot the major difference between both styles.

While All Star sneakers have the star encircled, One Star sneakers rather have a conspicuous one star appearing to pop out of the shoe. Though One Star takes the credit for having thicker soles than their counterpart, they do not have metal rings on their lace eyelets.

When it comes to price, Converse One Star costs less than their counterparts as they are regarded as a lower version of the Converse All Star.

Are Converse Sneakers True to Size?

Converse Low TOP Black, 11.5 Women/9.5 Men
Converse Low Top | Source: Amazon

Young or old, male or female, Converse sneakers are a brand you can never go wrong with. Fashion trends have come and gone yet converse sneakers have remained in the market with little only slight alterations to the original concepts.

Converse sneakers started off as shoes for athletes but it is now a familiar face in mainstream fashion. Though the debate continues whether converse shoes are sneakers or not, more people do not just take them as sneakers, they prefer converse products to other sneaker brands.

In most cases, when you order converse sneakers using sizes that fit with other shoe brands, you may find your converse sneakers to be bigger. That’s because most converse shoes are half a size bigger than normal US standard sizes. When ordering a Converse sneaker, select sizes that are half a size less than your usual shoe size.

Do Vans fit the Same as Converse?

Vans Unisex Black/Black Skate Shoe (5 D(M) US, Red)
Vans Shoes | Source: Amazon

Vans are by far the closest in resemblance to Converse shoes. Both, being produced by American brands, they share the stylishly cool, comfortable, and simple finish that embodies the American spirit.

Just like converse shoes, Vans designs comfortably blend with various casual and outdoor fashion styles. Another striking similarity is the combination of black canvasses on whites soles, although many converse shoes do have a black stripe on their white sole.

Vans fit half a size lesser than the converse. So if you use a converse shoe of size 8 and you want to order a Vans shoe, select that which is sized 7.5 and it will fit just fine.

Final thoughts

Having shoes that feel comfortable with your feet in them is as important as looking stunning in your favorite sneakers. Converse shoes offer that cool, mature, enthusiastic look to your fashion style but you also want to be sure that what you order is your fit.

When next you are making an order for your favorite converse shoe, remember the tip you learned in this article. You may also want to consider checking the shoe charts on the converse shoe website or Amazon.

If you already have a shoe that is larger or smaller than your size, your neighborhood shoe repairer may be of help.

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