Thredup vs Poshmark – Which One Is Better?

Thredup vs Poshmark

If you are in search of great marketplaces to sell your second-hand outfits and accessories that you don’t know how to get rid of, you might consider retailing on ThredUp or Poshmark. Both marketplaces (Thredup vs. Poshmark) are one of the best thrift stores you can get online for either buying or selling used clothing and accessories.

Deciding which of them to choose might be a little tricky since they both offer their best services. This article will help you decide between Poshmark and ThredUp, and which one you should use. By comparing the terms of selling and buying, shipping, usability, and payment methods, we are here to help you choose your best shot between the two online thrift stores.

ThredUp and Poshmark can help you meet your needs whether you are a seller or a buyer. So what’s the difference between these two? Thredup is an online thrift store that allows you to sell and shop from the comfort of your home. You can readily sell and buy used clothing and accessories at this thrift store. Thredup removes the issue of recycling clothing and instead helps you sell them at an affordable rate to a buyer.

You can get a variety of clothing for adults, women, and kids. There are also different types of accessories you can buy and sell on Thredup. Poshmark, on the other hand, connects buyers and sellers in the online space. It also allows potential buyers to meet with their local sellers through a series of online listings on their platform. Poshmark allows you to browse through different areas where you can meet buyers or sellers.

Thredup vs. Poshmark Buying

Buying on either Poshmark or Thredup depends on their policy, which can be checked on their platforms. Thredup is a great place to buy used clothing online as you can get them at affordable prices and shop from the comfort of your home. Thredup offers you so many items to choose from, including kids’ clothing and accessories like belts, bags, shoes, and so on.

Also, the online thrift store makes it easy to shop on its website by making different search filters available to add to your search for items. Buying on ThredUp and shipping is easy as you are sure to get your items through priority mail shipping. For many, buying on Poshmark seems more accessible and easier.

This is because the marketplace is one such place where you can connect with sellers and buyers from different areas. You can also sell your used clothes on Poshmark for credit instead of cash and swap your clothes as well. That is getting a new clothing item in exchange for your used clothing. Poshmark focuses more on clothing recycling and how it affects the environment.

Selling on Thredup vs Poshmark


Thredup vs. Poshmark

Thredup does not have an app like Poshmark, but you can still sell your items by visiting the online website of the thrift store. Selling on Thredup would entail you being charged for the shipping of the items, which may not result in significant profits in the long run. Except in cases when you sell high-end or luxurious items, you can then get good profits from your sales.

ThredUp also doesn’t allow you to get paid until the products posted on their website for sale are bought. Thredup can, however, decide to buy your items before a real customer comes your way. In this case, you will get paid before your item is officially purchased. On Thredup, the cheaper items or brands get sold off within 60 days, while more premium brands get 90 days maximum to sell.

Selling on Poshmark is much easier because you are directly connected with the buyers. Poshmark allows you to take clear and concise images of your items, which they in turn share with potential and active buyers on Poshmark. For every successful item sold on Poshmark, they take a commission of 20% for items over $15. The good news is that Poshmark does not charge listing fees on its website.

Which One is Better: Poshmark or Thredup?

Both Poshmark and Thredup are good places to resell your used clothing. However, many people believe the Poshmark app is easier to use since it can be downloaded on your mobile. This allows ease of shopping wherever you are, and selling too can be closely monitored. Poshmark allows you to earn extra cash by selling your clothes through their brand’s consignment service. This allows you to choose whether you want to ship your items with the prepaid label or not. By choosing this feature, you would, however, be charged a 20% commission on each successful sale.

You can also access free shipping as a seller, which allows you to earn more profits. Thredup, on the other hand, offers a free listing as you are not charged for posting your items on the website. Thredup does not have an application but can be accessed only through its online website. The website also offers a 14-day return policy, but all the items must still have attached to them their original tags.

Thredup offers an easy-to-navigate layout for shopping. On the website, the clothing is sectioned into style, brand, and size for easy access. Another significant difference between these two online thrift stores is that as a seller, you have complete control over how your items are sold on Poshmark, and buyers can also negotiate prices directly with sellers. However, Thredup is the opposite, as you cannot negotiate the prices with sellers and you also don’t have full control over your items posted for sale, as with Poshmark.

The Difference Between Thredup and Poshmark

Thredup vs Poshmark

Poshmark and Thredup are both online thrift stores that allow you to resell used clothing. However similar these two stores can be, there are significant differences between them. Let’s see some of them here:

1. Poshmark allows its users to get immediate access to new inventory within its list of active sellers, and ThredUp offers a larger resale space for its items directly on the website.

2. Poshmark has an app that makes shopping easier and it can be accessed anywhere, while Thredup operates just on its website as it does not own a mobile application.

3. Poshmark gives you as a seller more control over how your items are sold but would remove a certain percentage for successful sales, while ThredUp, on the other hand, gets fully involved in the process and dictates how your items are sold. Thredup also gets a larger commission than Poshmark.

4. Thredup does not have a good return policy on its website as its policy states that it will only accept returns of items with their original tags for up to 14 days after delivery. Poshmark has a more relaxed rerun policy.

5. Thredup helps you to do all the necessary promotions and advertisements for your clothing resale, but it comes at a cost, while Poshmark allows you to handle all your promotions and inventory by yourself.

  Is Thredup Reputable?

Yes, ThredUp is a reputable place to sell and buy. Thredup is a good place for online thrifting and allows buyers to get affordable items for sale. There is no limit to the types of clothing items that can be sold on Thredup. To sell or buy on ThredUp, the items are priced according to the condition in which they would be sold, whether new or used and the quality.

You can find retail prices as low as $2 and higher for luxury items. Thredup is a legit place to sell and buy from the comfort of your home. If you want to sell in bulk as well, Thredup is a fantastic place for you. All you have to do is to send your used clothing to Thredup and it can either be sold or recycled for money.

Thredup accepts all types of clothing brands, which is why you will find an assorted list of brands available on their website. In a case where any item you want to sell does not have a registered brand on the website, it will be listed as unbranded in its category.


Both Thredup and Poshmark are fantastic online thrift stores where you can sell your used clothing. It is also a good place to buy as you have a variety of brands and items to choose from. So which of these thrift stores would you prefer to buy or sell your items?

Poshmark is much more recommended for selling since you are given more control over how your items are sold and also paid for. Poshmark also allows you to list your items for free and negotiate the prices listed with the sellers directly. The app makes use of a price estimator to make shopping easy.

Thredup is also a good place for selling and buying, as it has an easy layout that allows you to make your selection. Also, for every purchase, you get points, which are awarded to you and can be redeemed for future purchases. So which online thrift store is best for you is determined by what you require.

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