Is Time and Tru a Good Brand?

Is Time and Tru a Good Brand?

Is Time and Tru a good brand? Yes, Time and Tru is considered a good brand by many shoppers due to its positive reviews online.

Female fashion changes and evolves with time as more designs, styles, and patterns are adopted. It takes only a good fashion brand to be able to keep up with the recurring changes associated with this part of the clothing industry.

It is safe to say that time and Tru have tried to stay true to their designs and creation of female wear and accessories over the years.

Time and Tru is majorly a women’s clothing and accessories fashion line, which is a subdivision of a larger company known as Walmart, Inc. Walmart created the Time and Tru brand to assist women in making their clothing choices easier by making sure to stick with modern designs and patterns.

With time and Tru, you get to buy different kinds of women’s wear, footwear, and accessories at an affordable price. Yes, that’s right, Time and Tru is also a very affordable brand where you can get clothing items for as low as $25 and below.

Depending on your budget, time and Tru can be the best places to shop at affordable rates. You can walk into any Walmart store to pick a piece of the Time and Tru collection to add to your collection of fashionable wear.

Who Makes Time and Tru Clothing?

Time and Tru Women’s Semi Fitted Pull Over Long Sleeve Turtleneck Top (Red Gold Foil Star, S)
Time and Tru Long Sleeve Top | Source: Amazon

Time and Tru is a clothing brand from Walmart Apollo, Inc. and it is among the four different brands that were created in 2018 by the company. Walmart takes full responsibility for manufacturing and designing the clothing and accessories retailed by the Time and Tru brands.

All the brand’s clothing is trademarked with Walmart and can only be purchased from its registered stores nationwide. This particular clothing brand, which is the Time and Tru brand, was created to cater majorly to female clothing and accessories.

Walmart has continued to make available it’s clothing from the Time and Tru brand in its major stores across the country. It is then easy to buy any type of clothing that you might want from this brand when you walk into any Walmart store or its online website to make your purchase.

Is Time and Tru Walmart Brand?

Yes, Time and Tru is a Walmart brand that was created majorly as an apparel brand for women. Walmart is an international brand that has been in existence for quite a while before it decided to operate a separate apparel brand for women’s fashion wear and accessories.

There is also another brand by Walmart that deals with the fashion needs of plus-size women while making sure that their fashion needs are adequately met. On the Time and Tru brands, you can invariably get almost any type of female clothing that you might need, ranging from dresses, tops, t-shirts, jackets, blouses, shorts, overalls, bodysuits, and so on.

There are also accessories such as belts, hats, scarves, shoes, sandals, and many more. To purchase a piece of any of these Time and Tru items, you can do so by visiting any Walmart store online or offline to make your purchase.

Is Time and Tru a Maternity Brand?

Time and Tru Cool Tie Dye Maternity Babydoll Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Small)
Source: Amazon

Yes, Time and Tru is a maternity brand where you can get different types of wear for your changing body shape. Pregnancy is a time when it becomes a bit difficult to fit into your old clothes as your body experiences a drastic change in shape and size.

For many women, it is not easy for them to shop for the right type of maternity wear because they don’t know where to look. As a trusted brand that deals with women’s clothing and fashion, Time and Tru can just be your best bet in getting affordable and stylish material wear.

You can buy maternity wear such as nursing t-shirts and tops, gowns, pants, leggings, shorts, jeggings, and so on. Just because you are pregnant does not mean you should not be fashionable or wear what you want.

Time and Tru offers maternity wear in a variety of designs and colors for you to choose from, comfort is very much considered in designing these maternity outfits because you don’t want to feel cramped or uncomfortable in what you wear.

Time and Tru Reviews

With time and tru being an affordable brand, I am sure you have seen a commercial or stumbled upon its apparel in a Walmart store. Time and Tru have tried to revamp their styles to suit modern women, and this can be noticed in their choice of fashion footprint and designs.

The brand has a variety of clothing like blouses, pants, t-shirts, camisoles, and so on for very cheap prices, mostly below $25. Even though their items are very affordable, they strive to maintain high quality in their products.

Let’s look at some of the Time and Tru collections and their reviews:

1. Time and Tru Straw Hat

Time and Tru Women's Packable Floppy Hat, One Size (Brown/Tan)
Source: Amazon

This straw hat is made with care to prevent the sun from getting onto your face when worn. They are also beautifully adorned with different fun designs to give you just that chic look.

2. Romper with Floral Print

This floral romper from Time and Tru is made to fit perfectly for different body types and figures. The fabrics are very much in style and there are different types for you to choose from.

3. The Flounce Sleeve Cardigan

This beautiful flounce sleeve cardigan is perfect for both a summertime get-up and a chilly night. The cardigan is beautifully designed with flounce sleeves to keep you looking stylish, and it can be paired with any type of clothing.

4. Joggers

Time & Tru Women's Utility Jogger Pants (XS, Brown)
Source: Amazon

You can get a beautifully designed jogger from Time and Tru. The joggers can be paired with any type of top and worn for casual events in place of sweatpants.

You can wear them for a casual day at the office or time out with friends, while they are perfectly paired with a nice blouse or top.

5. Maternity T-shirts

Time and Tru Grey Women's Maternity Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt (X-Large)
Source: Amazon

These are made to fit perfectly on a pregnant woman, and they are also comfortable and easy to wear. You can pair these comfy t-shirts with any type of maternity pants or shorts as desired to give you that chic look.

6. Time and Tru Maternity Leggings

Time and Tru Maternity Active Leggings (Black Plaid, LG 12-14)
Source: Amazon

These are super comfortable to wear, but they run big, so choosing a size smaller would be perfect for your body. The leggings are made with very high-quality materials, and they are also very affordable. You can get a pair for about $12 or less.

7. Time and Tru Boho Dress

Time and Tru Women's Embroidered Peasant Dress (Black Soot, Medium 8-10)
Source: Amazon

With this beautiful boho sundress from Time and Tru, you can stay pretty even when on a date. When carefully paired with a wedge shoe, you instantly get the bohemian chic look.

8. Bikini

Time and Tru Women's Plus Size Twist Front Solid Highwaist Swimsuit Bottoms 1X, Orange Sizzle
Source: Amazon

Who doesn’t love a stylish bikini that fits perfectly on your body? Time and Tru guarantees you a breathtaking look with its bikinis.

They are available in different styles and necklines to give a classic and chic look. They are fantastic for a poolside party or a day at the beach.

9. Perforated Slip-On Sneakers by Time and Tru

Time & Tru Women's Comfort Casual Slip On Shoes (6 M, Gold)
Source: Amazon

These sneakers are cute, comfy, and casual. They can also be paired with any type of clothing to give you a pleasant look. With this perforated slip-on, you get to keep your feet cool all day long, even during the summer.

Where Can You Buy Time and Tru?

Time and Tru is sold in all Walmart stores nationwide, and you can also make your purchase from its online retail website. By making its clothing available only in Walmart stores, you can expect to get just the type of time and true items you need.

It is a sure way to prevent buyers from having counterfeit clothes which may carry the brand’s name but are not genuine. Your question about whether Time and Tru is a good brand has surely been answered.

You can rest assured that any piece of this affordable brand that you purchase is definitely worth your money. Walmart is an international brand, and they have continued to build its reputation by offering good products and services for sale.

Visit a Walmart store nearby to buy a piece of the classy and chic Time and Tru wears, or you can even make your purchase online from their trusted website. Above all, you are surely going to get the best the brand has to offer you without going over your budget.


Time and Tru is a good brand from the Walmart company. As they deal in different types of female wear and accessories, you can be sure to get just what you need from them.

Time and Tru also makes its clothing and accessories very affordable, so you can shop with convenience and on a budget without spending over your limits. Time and Tru fashion items can be purchased from all Walmart stores or their website.

So, the next time you go shopping at Walmart, make sure to pick up a piece of time and true wear or accessories.

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