Why is Burberry So Expensive?

Why is Burberry So Expensive

Have you ever asked this question – why is Burberry so expensive? Some people walk into a Burberry store and get stunned when they look at the price tag of a Burberry item.

Well, we’ve all been there and yet we all want a piece of Burberry in our wardrobe! Now, why is Burberry so expensive? Just because it’s a high-fashion luxury brand does it mean the clothing is worth all that money? Let’s figure out what makes this fashion brand expensive.

What Makes Burberry So Expensive?

Burberry is expensive because of its iconic classic British fashion style, the quality of its products, and the consumer loyalty the brand enjoys from its customers.  Burberry was first established in the year 1856 by Thomas Burberry when he was only twenty-one years old. The intention behind his clothing was to protect people from the harsh weather of Great Britain.

So, he invented a soft, lightweight, weatherproof, and durable fabric called gabardine that revolutionized rainwear. The material of this fabric was perfect to repel water during the rainy season and it also helped with staying warm.

Why Are Burberry Trench Coats So Expensive?

Another iconic invention was the Burberry trench coat in the year 1914 to 1918. It was used during the First World War as the functional design of the trench coat was efficient to store military equipment.

Additionally, the trench coat was designed with three layers, wherein the weatherproof layer offered protection from bad weather conditions, especially rain. The Camel fleece layer provided warmth and the third layer, which is the extra thick overcoat, was a life-saver on the bitter cold days of winter.

The famous trench coats are still in trend and are woven in revolutionary gabardine fabric with the vintage checkered design. They also include the signature details such as epaulets, gun flap, belted cuffs, storm shield, and D-ring belt.

The Burberry trench coats while keeping the heritage in consideration also embrace modern times, thus making them all the more desirable and highly-priced.

Soon, the iconic check pattern or the Nova check with the famous camel, red, white, and black colored checks became a trademark of the brand. The brand outfitted many celebrities, famous explorers, and royal families making them all the more popular.

Burberry also commits to sustainability and has taken steps to minimize environmental impact. When it comes to the comfort, fit, and durability of their products, they are lightweight, breathable, waterproof, and of course fashionable.

There is a lot of history and impressive stories behind this brand. Even though it is known as a British brand, Burberry has become one of the most famous global luxury brands in the fashion industry all over the world which is one of the main reasons why Burberry is considered to be so expensive.

Now, wouldn’t you be interested in finding out about some of the popular categories of Burberry, what’s trending, and what makes their scarves, shirts, shoes, and other fashion apparel so expensive? Let’s take a look!

Is Burberry Scarf Worth It? 

Burberry Check Cashmere Scarf- Stone
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The three popular types of Burberry scarves are cashmere, silk, and wool scarves.

1. The Cashmere Scarf: This is made by Burberry and it is designed from 100% cashmere at an age-old mill that is almost two hundred years old. All the scarves are made in the Scottish countryside using fresh spring water.

The classic traditional checks on the scarves and the craftsmanship behind the interweaving using traditional looms make the scarves exclusive. That sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? The super soft and luxurious cashmere fabric will keep you stylishly comfortable and warm during the cold days of winter.

2. The Wool Scarf: This is made from 100% organic wool in Italy. The wool scarves exude a sporty vibe and are available in bright shades. The bold jacquard-woven brand logo on the scarves makes them stand out. Even though subtle, the eyelash fringe details on the end of the scarves lend a stylish finish.

3. The Silk Scarf: The silk scarves are designed with artistic patterns, animal illustrations, monograms, camouflage, and floral prints that are hand-drawn! There are also scarves with the signature checks and the Thomas Burberry logo on these scarves. Made from 100% silk in Italy, these scarves look and feel incredible.

What makes the Burberry scarves so expensive is the quality of the material that is used in the manufacturing and the intricate details that make them luxurious. Not to forget the traditional checkered patterns and the Thomas Burberry logos on their scarves that further enhances the brand value.

What makes it a little more exciting is that you can personalize the cashmere scarves with your initials and also choose the color of the text to make them extra special.

Why Are Burberry Bags So Expensive?

Burberry bags are considered to be high-fashion and are often spotted on runways. Every bag is embossed with the Burberry lettering or the TB logo and is made from 100% leather.

Leather is considered to be a luxury fabric as it never fails to lend a refined touch of style to any type of bag, be it a shoulder bag, tote, or bum bag. It is also a fabric that offers enhanced durability thus making the bags extremely tempting.

The bags are also designed with signature Burberry checks and graphic monogram prints. This is the reason why Burberry bags made from genuine leather are considered to be super expensive.

Burberry has an exceptional collection of bags for both women and men. These bags incorporate the current season trends and are sometimes available in colors that match the seasons. For instance, maple brown, maroon, and saffron will be the colors in the fall collection.

The popular types of Burberry handbags in the women’s collection include:

The Olympian Bag

Burberry Large Embossed Crest Bonded Leather Tote In Black
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The curved design of this shoulder bag with its slim structure exudes a very elegant vibe. The Olympian bags are made from Italian leather to give the bags a smooth appeal.

The Pocket Bag:

Burberry Grey Ladies Trench Leather Handbag Key/Bag Charm
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These bags have a uniquely stylish design. They look like a tote or a pocket with a reinforced leather top handle.

The Note Bag:

Burberry Women's Haymarket Nova Check Coated Canvas Convertible Wristlet
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The note bags have a sleek design and can be used as a shoulder bag, a crossbody bag, or as a clutch depending on the occasion.

The TB Bag:

Burberry Gladstone Tote Bag 3870759 Chocolate
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These bags are more loved because of their simple yet sophisticated look. It is designed with a clasp that has the Thomas Burberry monogram right in the front. The TB bags are available in many appealing colors making them more alluring.

The Lola Bag:

Burberry Antique Yellow/Black Large Vintage Check Hobo
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These bags are crafted with a quilted design that gives them a distinctive look. Carry them to a high-fashion event, a cocktail party, or just to a casual meet-up with a friend, the Lola bag will add a polished touch to any attire.

Now let’s have a look at some of the trending Burberry bags for men:

Messenger Bags:

Burberry London Check Messenger Bag In Navy/black
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Men with messenger bags always look fantastic especially when the bags have a smooth and attractive finish like the ones designed by Burberry. You can wear a messenger bag to work by slinging it over your shoulder or wear it as a crossbody bag.

Bum Bags:

ZORFIN Fanny Packs for Women Men Fashion Belt Bag for Disney Travel Running Walking Hiking (Brown)
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A cool trend, bum bags are ideally worn around the waist but you can stylishly flaunt the Burberry bum bags across the front as a crossbody bag and also sling it over your shoulder.

Duffel Bags:

Burberry men Kennedy duffle bag canvas blue
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Men usually prefer backpacks or duffel bags, especially when packing for a trip. The Burberry duffel bags have a sleek and sophisticated look, making them perfect for use as a gym bag or packing for a short travel trip.

Are Burberry Shirts Worth It?

The formal Burberry shirts are made from jacquard fabric, silk, or cotton poplin with the Thomas Burberry monogram embroidered in them. The jacquard fabric is considered to be the most loved fabric as it allows complex patterns to be woven into the fabric in the form of prints or embroidery.

The flannel checks and Burberry checks on the casual shirts give them a classy appeal. All of the Burberry shirts are designed with mother of pearl buttons to further enhance the charm factor thus making them so expensive. The clothing offers a flattering fit, thereby ensuring a smart and trim look.

Are Burberry Shoes Expensive and Fashionable?

The shoes are designed in fun-spirited seasonal tones and Burberry checks. Made from leather, suede, and a blend of other high-quality materials, the Burberry shoes for men and women ensure comfort and style. The runway stilettos and sneakers, quintessential formal shoes, and statement pumps look stunningly fashionable.

These are some of the highly popular categories, but let’s not forget the Burberry beauty products, Burberry eyewear, and Burberry perfumes which are loved to quite a high degree and contribute to the popularity of this powerhouse brand as well.

Is Burberry Worth the Price?

Yes, Burberry has the essence of luxury and the only reason Burberry is so expensive is that people are willing to pay the price to own authentic luxury goods.

The use of genuine leather and other high-quality materials from Scotland and Italy, the intricate craftsmanship, the brand value, the trademark checks, and logos, the fascinating history behind the trench coats, the runway accessories and shoes – all in all, contribute to making Burberry more exclusive and therefore more desirable.

It is a high-status brand that defines sophistication and style making it irresistibly attractive.

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