Does Chanel Have Sales?

Does Chanel Have Sales

Does Chanel have sales? This is one question luxury products bargain hunters often ask. Chanel has ruled the luxury fashion scene since the early 1900s when designer Coco Chanel opened up a hat store for her designs, thanks to the loans of a wealthy businessman.

Today, the Chanel brand with its iconic “C” logo can be spotted as a bag on the shoulders of celebrities, influencers, and lucky fashionistas, as well as a scent the form of its signature Chanel No. 5 perfume, along with other creations of fashions and beauty. 

While Chanel products are recognizable to nearly any eye with a knowledge of fashion, not everyone can afford the price tag of a Chanel item. The brand will easily run you almost $3,000 for one of their small bags.

Some may hope for a sale or discount to pop up so they can get their hands on this luxury. Luckily, Chanel does have a very small sale about twice a year, but it may not be what you expect from a sale.

Chanel’s bi-annual sale features seasonal bags with a very small discount. The sale usually only features a few styles, and the bags on sale will still run you about the same as one of their full-priced classic designs. With this in mind, the sale may only be a benefit to you if you’re interested in one of those specific styles of seasonal bags.

Another chance you may have to get a Chanel bag at a steal is by purchasing it duty-free at an airport retail location. To get a bag, sometimes up to 20% off, at the airport, you need to fit the rules of duty-free shopping.

Additionally, not every airport has a Chanel retail location and the ones that do usually only have seasonal styles. However, if you qualify to score a bag this way, it is probably your best bet for a Chanel bag on sale. 

When Does Chanel Have Sales?

Does Chanel Have Sales

Years ago, Chanel used to hold sample sales where fresh styles and samples were offered at a discounted price. With the rise of their popularity, they no longer do this, simply because they know people will pay full price for their bags regardless. 

The bi-annual sale mentioned previously occurs twice a year at the end of peak seasons, usually in June and December. These sales offer minimal styles of bags, clothing, and accessories at a small discount. Again, these styles are often chosen from leftover seasonal designs, so you’re unlikely to find a classic style from this event.

Does Chanel Ever Go on Sale?

Chanel boutiques host a sale about twice a year at the end of peak seasons. This usually occurs in June and December. In this sale, you can find seasonal styles of Chanel products like bags, clothing, shoes, and accessories for a small discount.

The styles are usually only from overstock seasonal items, so don’t be disappointed if you cannot score one of their classic designs from this event!

Does Chanel Have Black Friday Sales?

Does Chanel Have Sales

Chanel does not have a Black Friday sale. They have a small sale of select seasonal designs usually in both December and June. However, do not expect to see a sale code for Chanel in Black Friday circulars.

Since this luxury store does not have trouble finding customers to pay full price for their products, they do not run sales on Black Friday. This marketing tactic helps them uphold their prestigious reputation. 

Does Chanel Have Gift Cards?

Not sure what to get someone who loves luxury fashion? Chanel does offer gift cards online. You can purchase a physical gift card to be mailed to you or an e-gift card delivered via email. 

If you order your gift card ahead of time, I would recommend opting for the physical gift card since it comes wrapped in Chanel packaging and includes 2 free samples. If you have enough time to wait for delivery, this option is way more luxurious than the e-gift card. Both the e-gift card and physical gift card allow you to include a personal message as well. 

Chanel gift cards can be used online or in Chanel boutiques on any Chanel product or fragrance

Does Chanel Offer Financing?

Chanel does not directly offer financing on its products. You can get financing on other sites that claim to sell Chanel products, but you risk the chance of buying an inauthentic design. Sites like Rebag offer Affirm, which allows you to pay in segments rather than in full. 

Does Chanel do Payment Plans?

Chanel does not offer payment plans for their bags, but there is a way to score it for their beauty products. If you shop through a site like Feelunique, which is an authorized seller of Chanel beauty products, you can choose Klarna as your payment method, which allows you to pay for your purchase over segments in the span of a couple of months. Keep in mind Chanel is only offered on this website through the UK. 

Does Chanel Have Afterpay?

Afterpay is a service that allows you to pay for your purchase in segments over an 8+ week period on many retail sites. This helps you finance your purchases if you don’t want to spend the money upfront. 

Chanel does not currently offer Afterpay as a service. They want customers to pay for their products in full, and due to their prestige and luxury, rarely have an issue finding people to do so

Does Chanel Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Chanel does not offer a lifetime warranty on their products, but they have introduced a 5-year warranty on handbags and wallets with chains. This warranty begins on the date of purchase, so save your receipts. The service recently began in April 2021.

The warranty gives buyers coverage on repairs, hardware, and other destructions that are included in the plan, as long as you can show proof of purchase from a Chanel boutique or the official website. 

Does Chanel Fragrance Ever Go on Sale?

Chanel is very well known for its fragrances, especially the beloved Chanel No. 5 perfume. Directly through Chanel fragrance boutiques, it is very unlikely to find a sale on products. However, that may change depending on different authorized retailers of Chanel perfumes. Overall, it is unlikely to find Chanel fragrance at a discount. 

Does Chanel Give Discounts?

It is very unlikely to find a working discount code for Chanel. However, there are a couple of ways to get a discount at Chanel.

Chanel employees get 30% off most products, so if you have experience selling luxury retail, it may pay off to apply to Chanel.

The other way to get a  Chanel discount is to visit their outlet location in the Woodbury Commons section of New York. The location offers a very limited selection of items, usually seasonal, at a small discount.


As a prestigious brand, Chanel has the luxury of being able to sell its products for a full price nearly all year round. They do not have to depend on sales to bring in customers, as their reputation does that for them.

However, there are a few ways to try and get your hands on an Authentic discounted Chanel bag. If you use these tips in the article, you may be one of the lucky ones rocking a new Chanel!

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