What Does Low Rise Jeans Mean?

what does low rise jeans mean

What does low rise jeans mean really? Low-rise jeans are the type of pants that rest on your hips, where the waistband is placed low on the waist. These jeans sit usually around 3 inches below your navel and they’re also known as hip-huggers, low-slung, or low-cut jeans.

If you’re thinking about investing in a good pair of jeans and wondering if low-rise jeans are still in style, then you are in the right place. Let’s find out all about what is considered to be low-rise jeans and if you need them in your wardrobe.

What is a Rise and What Does it Mean?

When you hear the word “rise” in a pair of trousers or jeans, then that determines the distance between the middle of the crotch seam and the waistband. This will help in understanding whether you want your pants to sit on your waist, below your waist, or on your hips.

You might think that a little rise will not make any difference while selecting jeans, but you won’t believe that it does make an impact. The correct size, fit, and rise can help in creating that perfect look.

Once you know exactly what suits your body type, then you don’t have to put too much effort every time you dress up. Just throw on those perfect pair of jeans and flaunt an effortless style. However, when you buy a pair of pants with the wrong type of rise or fit, then it can make the whole look disproportional and improper.

What are the Different Types of Rise in Jeans?

1. High-Rise: The high-waisted jeans sit above the navel and cover the stomach where the rise can be around eleven to twelve inches. With high-rise jeans, you can achieve a flattering and fashionable look. You can pair these jeans with crop blouses or you can also tuck in shirts to accentuate your silhouette.

2. Regular Rise: Regular or normal or original rise are the type of jeans where the waistband sits right below your navel and on your waist. The rise falls between nine to eleven inches to give a natural fit where the jeans sit between the stomach and hips.

3. Mid-Rise: Mid-rise or medium-rise are the types of jeans that sit just a little lower than the regular rise jeans. Mid-rise is often considered to be a regular rise because the difference is so minute.

The waistband is again between the hips and navel but just slightly below your waist. If you want to reveal just a bit of that waist, then these jeans will look fab when you style them with a short tee and throw on a slouchy blazer.

4. Low-Rise: Low-rise jeans have a short rise where they sit below the waist and rest on the hips. In this one, the rise falls around five and eight inches.

5. Ultra Low-Rise: These jeans are considered to be dangerously low because the waistband rests on the lower part of the hips where the rise is between four to five inches. These jeans are for those daring ones who don’t mind flaunting their underwear or thongs.

What is Considered Low-Rise Jeans for Women?

The distance of low rise for women is from the middle of the legs to the top of the waistband and can range between five to eight inches. These pants will rest on the hips and the fabric will not cover the stomach area.

Are Low-Rise Jeans Still in Style?

It is announced officially that low waist jeans are making a comeback this autumn season of 2021. Plus, the ultra low-rise jeans might get all the attention on the runways in the early spring of 2022.

A decade ago, jeans hanging low on the waist while revealing a gap of the skin was a cool trend. But soon the trend started to fade. However, this year we will be witnessing the return of the low-rise jeans fashion trend.

Best Low-Rise Jeans

Now that we know that low waist jeans are going to make an appearance again, let’s stay up to date and figure out what are the coolest low-rise jeans to buy this season.

1. Faded Blue Jeans:

Lucky Brand Women's Low Rise Lolita Skinny Jean, Magnolia Springs, 31
Source: Amazon

A classic must-have! Blue jeans are so versatile. When you team them with white blouses or crop tops and slip into sneakers or pumps they can lend an effortless style in no time.

2. Skinny Black Jeans:

GUESS Women's Power Low Rise Stretch Skinny Fit Jean, Novak, 24
Source: Amazon

A pair of flattering black jeans are all you need on those lazy days. Wear them with a tank top, throw on a jacket, slip into boots and you’re done!

3. Baggy or Boyfriend Jeans:

Women Loose Boyfriends Jeans High Waist Baggy Denim Pants Wide Leg Straight Trousers Y2k Vintage Streetwear (Blue, S)
Source: Amazon

These jeans will look super cool and chic when you club them with tube tops, camisoles, or full-sleeved crop tops.

4. Bootcut Ultra Low-Rise:

Silver Jeans Co. Tuesday Low Rise Slim Boot with Power Stretch L12602EGX357 Indigo 25 31

If you are bold enough to take low-waist to the next level, then try out these jeans.

Why Do People Dislike Low-Rise Jeans?

Back in the 2000s, low-rise jeans were all the rage where showing off the belly button, flat midsection, and the thong-baring style was all around. But then, low-rise jeans also caused a lot of hassle when it became a body-conscious trend.

The jeans look flattering only on some people. Like women with petite body types, or tall and slender bodies with that perfectly flat midsection and slim hips.

This kind of created a fat phobia because the jeans did not look good on everyone. Some of the things to watch out for while wearing these jeans are underwear peeking up from underneath, camel toes, and bum cracks. It also gave rise to that dreaded term called muffin top.

These are the reasons why many people disliked the low-rise trend. But hold on, let’s not jump to conclusions, all this doesn’t mean that low-rise jeans are meant only for a specific body type. It’s about knowing how to wear them right.

Do Low-Rise Jeans Look Good on Anyone?

Like we discussed, low-rise jeans look good on a certain body type which we already know. But, that doesn’t mean they are not meant for the rest of the people. If you wear them right by getting a size and fit that works for your body type, then these jeans can look terrific on you.

Tips to Look Good in a Low Rise Jeans

  • Pick a bigger size if you don’t want the jeans to hug your hips too tight. This way you won’t have to worry about skin bulging out from the sides when you sit down.
  • Play it safe. If you are not comfortable showing your skin, then you can tuck in your shirt or top and create a polished look.
  • Use layers. Add on a slouchy blazer or an oversized shirt if you decide to give some air to your belly button.
  • It’s also extremely important to accessorize right to win all the brownie points. A perfect pair of shoes and a statement belt can sometimes do the trick.

Let’s discuss the benefits of buying low-rise jeans and what are they really good for?

Benefits of Low Rise Jeans

  • Low-rise jeans help in giving that perfect shape to your body where they hug the lower part and accentuate the curves.
  • With low-waist jeans, you can keep it simple. You don’t have to put too much effort into creating a sharp and chic look. You can dress casually and still look stylish on most occasions.
  • There are different types of styles that you can choose from while selecting low-rise jeans – skinny, straight, flared, boot-cut, and baggy style.

Go Low!

There, you know everything about low-waist jeans. If these jeans don’t match your style, then it’s fine you don’t have to try everything that’s trending. But, for all those people who are excited to embrace the old style again, you know what you need to do to play it right.

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