Is Aldo a Luxury Brand?

Is Aldo a Luxury Brand

Is Aldo a luxury brand? There are countless designer shoe brands on the market and there are even more brands that take inspiration from designer shoe brands to create styles at a more affordable price point. Aldo is one of those brands. Aldo is not a luxury brand, but they do take their inspiration from designs from other luxury brands. 

Aldo shoes were founded in Canada by Aldo Bensadoun. Originally a domestic brand, the company expanded worldwide within a few years of opening. They currently have shops in over 100 countries. 

While they are not a luxury brand, they get inspiration for their shoes from brands like Gucci, Prada, and more. Their goal is to make popular styles of footwear for those who cannot afford luxury brands but still value fashionable designs and quality. 

Not only does Aldo make shoes, but they also sell watches, purses, and accessories in their stores. The store is a great alternative to get luxury styles and keep up with trends on a budget. 

Is Aldo Good Quality?

ALDO Women's Ginesio, Black, 7.5 B US
Source: Amazon

One of the reasons Aldo has been able to expand across the globe is because of its good quality, Aldo shoes and accessories are notable for their quality. It is important to note that their quality does not live up to the popular, luxury brands that they take design inspiration from, but for a more reasonable price, they are good for what they are. Customer reviews also claim the shoes last a long time, which is ideal for those who are fashion shoppers on a budget. 

Since Aldo finds inspiration from luxury brands, especially for shoes, their heels and shoes tend to be tall and sometimes bulky, despite the height, buyers claim that the shoes are comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time. This attests well to the quality since it is difficult to design tall heels and boots at a budgeted price without sacrificing comfort. The shoes are more expensive than similar designs from fast fashion brands, but they find a great price point without sacrificing comfort or quality, which many fast fashion brands do. 

Is Aldo a Luxury Brand?

Aldo is not a luxury brand, but some may consider them a designer brand. They are not comparable to top designer brands like Gucci, Burberry, Prada, etc., but they can be compared to brands like Steve Madden who also find inspiration from top brands at a more affordable price. 

Many of Aldo’s shoes are also once-in-a-while shoes, meaning there aren’t many casual everyday wear styles, a lot of designs are heels and booties that may be good for work or a night out, but not for running to the grocery store. Having these sorts of designs adds more of a designer feel to the store and its products. For the most part, they design dress shoes that are similar to luxury styles, and that gives them the reputation of a middle-range designer brand. 

Is Aldo a Good Brand for Bags?

ALDO Women's Barland Satchel Bag
Source: Amazon

As mentioned previously, Aldo has expanded to designing bags in recent years as well. According to customers, the bags are pretty well received by the public. Coming in a range of styles like crossbodies, shoulder bags, and totes, there are many designs to choose from for different occasions. 

As for quality, the bags seem to hold up well, the quality and variety of bags have resulted in many four and five stars reviews on their website and other fashion review sites. The materials used as well as stitching and hardware are comparable to mid-range fashion brands. You won’t be faced with quality similar to luxury brands like Coach or Louis Vuitton, but you will get a nice and sturdy bag for a lower price point. 

Is Aldo a Good Brand for Shoes?

Aldo is known for its shoes more so than its other products. Their shoes are similar in design to many luxury brands, but at a more affordable price point than those brands.

If you are looking for the same exact quality as high-end luxury brands, you may want to skip over Aldo while shopping. With a significantly lower price point, the quality will not be the same as that of high-end designer shoes. However, they will be of better quality than fast-fashion brands that try to replicate the same styles. 

Additionally, their shoes are not cheap, just cheaper than luxury brands. Shoes will still be in the $100 range and go up depending on the style, however, this is still significantly cheaper than other brands. With this price, the quality is good as well as the longevity of the shoes. Overall, they are a good brand. 

Why are Aldo Shoes so Expensive?

ALDO Women's NOIDEAA Pump, Bordo, 11
Source: Amazon

As mentioned previously, Aldo shoes are at a reasonable price point compared to luxury brands like Gucci and Prada where they get many design ideas from. However, they are still more expensive than other shoe brands. The purpose of Aldo shoes is to offer a luxury design at a better price, however, without sacrificing comfort or quality, the shoes are still likely to cost a bit more than shoes from Target, Walmart, or fast fashion brands. 

The price of shoes heavily depends on the quality of shoes, Aldo shoes are of noteworthy quality, and for that reason, they will naturally cost more than other shoe brands. For reference, shoes at Aldo hover around the $100 range. A pair of heels averages $98 while a pair of boots may be about $150 depending on the design

Aldo is also a Canadian brand, so that may add to the price of shoes since they need to be imported to other countries to sell. This is the case with a lot of designer brands that are sold across the globe. 

Overall, Aldo shoes are expensive because of the quality and longevity you are getting. They are cheaper than luxury designer brands that they look like, but better quality than cheaper versions of similar designs. 

Is Aldo a Good Brand for Watches?

Lola Rose Women's Blue Sandstone Watch with Rose Gold Tone Milanese Steel Band
Source: Amazon (Not Aldo Watch)

Aldo sells many products in addition to shoes, one of those being watches. Aldo sells quite a variety of watch designs for men and women at a reasonable price, an Aldo watch typically costs between $50 and $60. This is very reasonable compared to high-end competitors such as Michael Kors, who will charge up to $300 for watches. 

Aldo watches are reasonable in price and quality for what they are. They are professional looking and of decent quality, however, they are unlikely to last longer than a few years. If you are searching for a cheap watch of decent quality, Aldo is a good place to start.


Designer and luxury shoes can be expensive, and oftentimes the quality of them can be difficult to replicate. Aldo is one of the mid-range designer brands that do an adequate job of producing popular and trendy styles without breaking the bank. Their shoes may be in the $100 range, which is still expensive, but extremely more affordable than the $1,000 shoes they are often compared to. 

Additionally, Aldo tries not to sacrifice comfort or quality when designing their shoes. For the price point, they are still comfortable dress shoes that will last a long time. 

Aldo also is well-known for its bags and accessories. Purses, watches, wallets, and more can be found at Aldo for a good price compared to competitors. At the end of the day, if you are looking to shop trendy styles on a budget without sacrificing quality and comfort, Aldo is a great place to start!

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