Is Timberland a Good Brand?

Is Timberland a Good Brand

Is Timberland a good brand? Timberland is famous for its premium quality clothing and boots that are comfortable and durable. Every brand has its own unique style and brand recognition. With Timberland it has to be its – bold, rugged, and cool appeal. It is a brand that doesn’t try too hard and yet is popular because of its dedication towards creating products of top-notch quality.

Most of Timberland’s products are designed for high-performance outdoor activities, from waterproof boots to moisture-wicking breathable T-shirts. Their products are crafted to be suitable for any kind of harsh weather conditions be it rainstorms, snowstorms, or sultry summers.

So if you are planning a long motorcycle road trip, an adventurous hike into a dense forest, or a high-altitude snow mountain trek, or you’re just on a journey to look tough and bold, then Timberland is the brand to choose! You can always count on their high-quality leather and fabrics to keep you comfortable and safe. Let’s learn more about Timberland and why it is considered to be so good in the rest of this article.

Where is Timberland Made?

Timberland shoes are made in various places where the company outsources its production. Some of those places include factories in the United States, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, China, etc. In 1952 the founder of Timberland, Nathan Swartz, used to work at the Abington Shoe Company. Eventually, he bought the company and moved to New Hampshire, New England. This location was famous for its extreme climatic conditions as it was surrounded by towering mountains, dense forests, and rivers. Back in those days, there was no waterproof footwear so it was a problem to perform any outdoor chores in these difficult weather conditions.

In 1973, the original waterproof leather boots were invented by the Swartz family. These boots with injection-molding waterproof technology were called Timberland. The boots were the first of their kind and were built to endure the tough terrains and harsh weather.

Soon the well-known and iconic Yellow boots were constructed which became super famous amongst hard-working skilled laborers, adventurer seekers, and workers. The premium quality waterproof leather, insulated lining for comfort, shock-absorbing sole, and bold style made these shoes a popular favorite. Since then Timberland has been making a positive impact in the fashion industry with its latest designs and commitment to quality.

Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot, Wheat Nubuck,7 M
Source: Amazon

What is Timberland Pro?

Timberland Pro is an exclusive category of the brand that aims at giving importance to endurance, form, comfort, and quality. The Timberland Pro apparel and footwear are tailored to meet the specific needs of hard-working professionals that include healthcare workers, manufacturing and construction, factory workers, maintenance, repair, and so on. The main purpose of Timberland Pro is to give priority to safety and comfort to all the professional workers that are working in hazardous or risky conditions.

 Features of Timberland Pro boot collection:

1. Waterproof

Timberland Pro waterproof boots can withstand a high degree of water force because the waterproof membrane repels water and locks it out. Whether it is light rain, heavy downpour, or snow, these shoes will keep your feet dry while also providing a sturdy grip.

2. Anti-fatigue technology

The Anti-fatigue technology helps in reducing shock and provides a cushioning effect when you have to work for long hours on your feet.

3. Electrical Hazard Protection

These boots are designed with a thick rubber sole to offer underfoot protection from live electrical circuits.

4. Antimicrobial Odor Control

The antimicrobial treatment ensures that your feet don’t stink even when you spend long hours in them doing strenuous tasks. It fights odors and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

5. Safety Toe

This feature is available in certain Timberland Pro footwear where they are designed with toe caps to provide additional protection to your feet when you are working in a dangerous environment or dealing with heavy machinery and objects.

What is the difference between Timberland and Timberland Pro?

The main difference is that regular Timberland apparel and footwear are ideal for everyday wear. Whereas Timberland Pro products are for professional workers and all those people with physically tough jobs who require a little extra protection, durability, and comfort to deliver high performance.

While both traditional Timberland and Timberland Pro are waterproof and are constructed for comfort, stability, and support, Timberland Pro has additional features. Their footwear includes electrical hazard protection, all-weather TPU sole, enhanced traction, antimicrobial odor control, and more.


Timberland PRO mens 6 Inch Rigmaster Xt Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot industrial and construction shoes, Brown Tumbled Leather, 9.5 US
Source: Amazon

Is Timberland Designer?

While Timberland is not a designer or luxury brand, it is a premium brand that values high standards while designing its footwear and apparel. The brand might not focus so much on fashion but the quality of Timberland products is amazing. They are durable, sustainable, comfortable, and reliable at all times. The effort and innovative designs that Timberland puts in its products can be experienced when you wear them.

Is Timberland Sustainable?

Timberland is committed to sustainability and lessening environmental impact. It believes in creating products responsibly and promoting a greener world. Most of the Timberland products are made from recycled, organic, and eco-friendly materials. Their GREENSTRIDE footwear collection is made from recycled plastic, natural cane sugar, and environment-friendly materials that use less water and energy.

Timberland also believes in improving the quality of the planet by planting more trees to fight climate change, water scarcity, famine, and pollution.

Does Timberland Use Real Leather?

Timberland Mens Davis Square Chukka Wheat Nubuck/Cordula Boot - 9.5
Source: Amazon

Timberland products are made from leather that is sourced from LWG (Leather Working Group) gold or silver tanneries that are extremely environmentally friendly. Timberland does not make use of animal fur, wild or domestic animal hides in the making of their products as these practices are strictly prohibited. The leather used by Timberland is high-quality, tough, waterproof, and durable.

Is Timberland a Good Brand for Jackets?

Timberland designs high-quality jackets for both men and women that look cool and offer maximum protection from rain, wind, and cold weather. Their jackets are made from recycled materials like polyester or nylon, thereby also protecting the environment. The timberland jackets have a versatile design with many varieties to choose from – puffer winter jackets, rain jackets, stylish bomber jackets, puffer vests, parkas with a fur-lined hood, and fleece jackets.

Timberland PRO mens Timberland Pro Hypercore Jacket, Black, XX-Large US
Source: Amazon

Are Timberland Wallets Good?

All of Timberland’s products are designed by giving importance to quality and durability. Timberland wallets are equally good and are designed to keep your valuable items safe and secure. Timberland’s bifold, trifold, and Passcase wallets are particularly famous for their classic design and functionality.

These wallets are embossed with the Timberland tree logo and are available in leather and non-leather variations. The wallets are made for everyday use and are easy to maintain and clean. The sleek design of the wallet also provides roomy storage and allows a convenient and neat organization. In the wallet’s spacious compartments, you can safely keep your ID cards, bills, credit cards, and coins.

Timberland mens Leather Trifold Hybrid Passcase Wallet, Brown/Tan, One Size US
Source: Amazon

Are Timberland Boots Good for Hiking?

Yes, you can go on short and light hiking trips in Timberland boots. While they might not be the best option for heavy-duty serious treks and hikes, Timberland footwear is good enough for easy to average-level hiking trips. You can wear the Timberland boots on rough and uneven terrain as they offer excellent traction and a firm grip.

Timberland Men's Anti-Fatigue Hiking Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Boot, Brown, 11
Source: Amazon

Is Timberland Worth It?

By now, we understand that Timberland has a wide variety of footwear, apparel, and accessories for both men and women. With many years of experience in expert craftsmanship and a remarkable commitment to quality, Timberland has become one of the most desirable brands and is totally worth it.


Their cutting-edge designs and high-performance footwear and clothing will keep you comfortable and safe in any kind of harsh environment. If you are thinking Timberland products are designed just for heavy-duty stuff, then it’s not true. You can always wear Timberland boots for casual occasions or their clothes on regular days for instance a walk in the park or a coffee date. Timberland’s casual wear such as T-shirts, shirts, jackets, and coats is super impressive and will keep you relaxed and comfortable all day. You will not regret including Timberland boots and apparel in your wardrobe, so go get them!

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