Lululemon vs. Fabletics

Lululemon vs Fabletics

Lululemon vs. Fabletics, which is better? Lululemon and Fabletics are some of the biggest activewear brands out there. Both companies aim to bring style, comfort, and flattering design to all amateur and professional athletes.

Whether it’s getting in a good sweat-inducing workout or just running errands, these two brands have proven themselves to be some of the best when it comes to athleisure and adaptable activewear. With high-profile companies like these though, it’s only reasonable to want to weigh your options, so today, we’ll be breaking down the differences between Lululemon and Fabletics.

Lululemon vs. Fabletics, Which is better?

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While our first inclination is always to pick one or the other, we all know things aren’t that simple. Both Lululemon and Fabletics are targeted towards activities such as yoga and running. Lululemon was founded in Vancouver Canada in 1998.

Chip Wilson, the founder, wanted to create athletic wear for men and women that was centered around yoga, with a focus on implementing technical advances in fabric to create an all-around higher-quality and stylish clothing line.

Many of Lulu’s products continue to be raved about by various athletes in relation to the piece’s durability, versatility, and classic style. At Lululemon, you can definitely stock up on your basic foundational “forever pieces,” like their Scuba line, Align leggings, and sports bras. However, one of the things that stop the majority of people from enjoying their pieces is the price, which usually ranges from $70 to $500.

Many would call these prices inaccessible to the everyday buyer. One of the downsides to Lulu is that they rarely have sales, with the exception of Black Friday and their “We Made Too Much,” section, which is permanently discounted. However, Lulu does have a reputable and lenient return policy. Even past the 30-day mark, most storefronts will accept returns.

Lululemon has introduced a “Like New” line, which is essentially the company’s thrift store extension. Shoppers can find secondhand pieces in select sizes for a fraction of the price (although some may still consider them pricey). Lululemon also has a membership, at $100 per year, which gives customers 25% off on all purchases (not to mention a special “instructors discount”), birthday offers, and early access to collections.

Fabletics, founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler in 2013, came from a desire to create the most fashionable, inclusive, and innovative activewear on the market. Their activewear is filled with brightly colored designs that reflect popular street styles and carries up to a 4XL for men and women alike. Some best-sellers include their matching sets, high-waisted leggings, and extensive top selection.

From high compression to loungewear, shoppers can bring a little playfulness into their activewear. However, some customers have noted that a very small amount of Fabletics pieces favor style over support.

Unlike Lululemon, which has over 400 locations, Fabletics is heavily focused on e-commerce, with only a few physical locations. Additionally, Fabletics functions on a membership platform. Of course, customers aren’t required to sign up for the $49.95 a month membership. However, the membership does come with many benefits.

When you first sign up, members receive a deal for 2 pairs of leggings for $24 and 50% off on all other items. Members can skip between the 1st and 5th of every month, so their card isn’t charged. Otherwise, the charge is turned into a member credit that can be used on any piece up to $60, including sale items.

VIP members also receive large discounts on all pieces, as well as curated styles each month. Throughout the year, Fabletics usually does a collection in collaboration with a celebrity/influencer, that includes limited-time styles for prices ranging from $30 to $100.

One could definitely say that if you’re looking for a company with an emphasis on street styles first and then the gym, Fabletics is for you. Lululemon on the other hand has occasionally served as a catalyst for bringing gym styles to the streets. However you look at it, it all depends on whether you want something classic or playful.

Lululemon vs Fabletics Leggings

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Lululemon is known for its patented fabrics, such as Luon, Nulu, and Luxtreme, which are various combinations of nylon and lycra and are differentiated by their thickness and compression. Luon, for example, although not as commonly used in Lulu pieces nowadays, is lightweight and has a cotton-like texture. Nulu is another popular fabric, most famously used in their Align leggings, and not only is it some of the softest fabric in activewear, but it has medium-level compression and is best for activities such as yoga.

Luxtreme is their thinnest and highest compression legging. This legging provides 4-way stretch and sweat-wicking technology with a smooth finish and is meant for high-intensity workouts. Lulu leggings have a general reputation of being non-sheer, buttery soft, great at wicking away moisture, and full of compression.

They also reportedly last several years without pilling if taken care of. The price point ranges from $90-$110 and comes in a variety of earthy and muted jewel tones.

Fabletics, just like Lululemon, has several different models of leggings, such as their Motion365 and Powerhold fabrics. Their Powerhold leggings are a poly-spandex fabric that provides high-level compression and, similar to Luxtreme, are meant for the most intense workouts and wick away moisture with ease. Motion365 leggings are more so meant for anything from athleisure to medium-intensity workouts.

Both models offer medium to heavy compression, although when comparing Lulu to Fabletics, some may say the compression in Fabletic leggings isn’t as high.

Fabletics also carries a seamless legging, which is a mix of elastane and nylon. These leggings are low on compression, but perfect for lounging around, and they come in a variety of colors, from bright purple to pink leopard, to black. Although the texture of Fabletics leggings isn’t as buttery as Lulu’s, they are still very comfortable, with a slick outer texture.

Even the seamless legging, though, can handle activities such as yoga, running, or casual biking. Fabletics leggings do tend to pill after a year of use but stand up well to friction and moisture. The average price point for Fabletics leggings is generally $40-$70 and comes in an array of bright jewel tones, soft neutrals, and fun patterns.

Lululemon vs Fabletics Sizing

Lululemon Define Jacket (4, Black)
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Lululemon has a limited size range. They only carry sizes 0-12 and some select pieces up to 14. Fabletics, however, is one of the most size-inclusive brands on the market, carrying sizes XS to 4XL.

Fabletics vs Lululemon: Men’s Shorts

All of the men’s shorts from either brand contain an underlying compression boxer lining, but as far as Lulu goes, the lining has been reportedly thin and shorter than other high profile men’s activewear options, although they do feature a 4-way stretch. Unfortunately, the quality doesn’t seem to match the hefty price of $50-$90.

As for Fabletics, their shorts for men seem to check all the boxes, with a nice length for both the lining and outer shorts. It also features a 4-way stretch. Based on reviews, they’re lightweight, great at wicking away moisture, have ample compression and don’t roll up on the leg. For a $40-$50 price range, getting a pair of these is definitely worth it.

Does Fabletics Run Big or Small?

Whereas Lululemon tends to run on the smaller side, most Fabletics pieces run true to size. However, it’s always best to check the reviews first, since a select few items from Fabletics can run a bit big.

Is Fabletics Better than Lululemon?

Fabletics clearly have their eyes on current fashion and are great at bringing unique looks to your workout and athleisure outfits. They come out with new pieces every month, which is perfect for people who practically live in their activewear. However, if you’re not looking to expand your activewear collection and only exercise a maximum of 2-3 times per week, then maintaining the membership is understandably a bit unnecessary and you may end up with a cluttered closet.

However, if you want to invest in pieces that will last for a while and remain classic in style, then going with Lulu is recommended. Plus, you can find a Lululemon store in almost every city, which means trying on something before purchasing is an accessible option. Ultimately, choosing one or the other is about your personal style and price parameters.

Are Fabletics Leggings Similar to Lululemon Align?

There are numerous lists out there with supposed “dupes” for Lulu’s famous Align leggings, and not one has included a Fabletics legging as an option. Aligns have a buttery texture, whereas all Fabletics leggings are slick. Even activewear gurus haven’t really said there’s a specific Fabletics pair that genuinely feels like Aligns.

Truthfully though, it doesn’t really matter what you pick: if you want the feeling of an Align, it’s best to get the actual thing from Lulu.


Both Lululemon and Fabletics have great missions with quality pieces. It’s difficult to answer the question of which or if one is better. No matter which brand you choose, you’re sure to find something you like, but doing the research beforehand to see what fits your taste and needs and what doesn’t is key to a satisfactory experience.

After all, in these situations, it’s best to mix and match; that way, you can have the best of both worlds.

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