Is There a Difference Between Coach and Coach Outlet?

Difference Between Coach and Coach Outlet

Is there a difference between Coach and Coach Outlet products? This is the question most people looking for high-quality Coach products ask. Designer bags can really run up your bank account, which is not ideal for everyone’s lifestyle. But if you’re a fashionista on a budget, outlets may be your best bet for brand-name clothes, shoes, accessories, and handbags.

Many designer bag brands have outlet stores, with more and more popping up so they can keep their name competitive in the world of discount fashion. Coach is one of those brands, with outlet stores popping up in outlet malls everywhere. They even have an online outlet store to choose from for discount bags and accessories. 

The bags you get from a Coach outlet will be slightly different from some of the ones you see in stores. Outlet bags for most brands are usually either overstock bags that did not sell in the regular store, or more commonly a line of bags designed specifically for the outlet, sometimes with less detail or fewer quality materials.

Outlet bags are still 100% authentic Coach bags, but they are not typically the same bags you would get from a Coach store at the mall or their regular website.

Difference Between Coach and Coach Outlet Online

When you type “Coach Outlet” into a search engine, a few different options may pop up. You will probably receive a maps list of physical outlet locations near you, but you will also see a link to the Coach outlet online store. This is a legitimate website, so don’t be alarmed at the low prices!

The Coach outlet online is a website that features many outlet styles and discount retail style bags from previous seasons. Many of the bags are those that are designed specifically for the outlet location, meaning they not be up to par with the Coach bags you see on celebrity shoulders, but are still real and authentic, designed by Coach.

The Online outlet may feature special sales and discounts that are not the same as the discounts run in the physical outlet locations or retail stores. The selection of bags may also differ slightly from the selection in the physical outlet stores.

Nonetheless, the Coach outlet site is a great place to buy authentic Coach bags at a lower price point, but I would still recommend checking out a physical store so you can see the bags first hand!

Why Is Coach Outlet So Cheap

The Coach outlet offers such a heavy discount on authentic Coach products for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons is that some of the styles offered are outdated and are from past seasons in retail stores. They are essentially overstock items that are no longer selling, so the company sends the remainder to an outlet to be sold at a heavy discount. 

Another reason, which is the more common reason for designer outlets nowadays, is that the bags are designed specifically for the outlet stores. The lines of outlet bags are usually designed with less detail, fewer luxury materials, and may be of poorer quality than a regular full-price Coach bag.

This is not to say that the bags are of poor quality. They are still authentic bags that are of better quality and materials than fast fashion or low-line brands. The bags are usually still made with authentic leather, good hardware, and are made to last for many years. The low price also makes it easier to stock up on your favorite styles so you can switch out your bag as you please!

Are the Coach Outlet Bags Real

The Coach outlet bags are 100% real Coach. The bags are either overstock designs from previous seasons or bags made specifically for the outlet locations. They may be made with cheaper materials and less detailing, but they are still authentic Coach leather and hardware. 

How to Tell if a Coach Bag is Authentic

There are a few ways to ensure your Coach bag is authentic, whether you got it online, at a retail location, an outlet, or even a thrift store.

First of all, check the zippers. At least one zipper on the bag should be engraved with “YKK” on it to ensure the hardware is authentic. It may be on a zipper inside the bag. Along with the zipper, the hardware should feel heavy, since authentic Coach bags are made with silver or brass hardware.

Another way to check is the logo. The signature “C’s” throughout the design should always be straight up and align with one another. On a counterfeit bag, the C’s maybe in different directions or may not line up on the seams. 

One last way to check if your bag is authentic is to look for an authenticity logo. If you purchased your Coach bag after the 70s, there should be a logo inside. It is leather with a serial number unique to that bag. It should be stitched to that bag with the serial number stamped in the leather. 

How to Avoid Fake Sellers

In the world of designer fashion, it is easy to stumble upon fake sellers. These sellers showcase counterfeit bags that look like the real thing but lack the quality and authenticity of a real Coach bag. 

The best way to avoid fake sellers is to always purchase your bags from a Coach store or outlet, or from their direct websites. Be cautious of those selling bags on eBay or second-hand shops. Another way to avoid fake sellers is to check for any of the signs listed above about bag authenticity. Some bags may look like the real thing, but there are a few ways to tell them apart. 

Is Coach Outlet Low Quality

Is there a Difference Between Coach and Coach Outlet

As a whole, the Coach outlet is not low quality. However, it is a lower quality than the Coach you will find at the retail locations or the Coach website. The Coach outlet features mostly bags designed specifically for outlet locations. These bags may be made with lower quality leather, less detail, cheaper hardware, etc.

The stitching and assembly may also be of poorer quality than normal full-price coach bags since they mass produce them for outlet locations.

It is important to note that even the lower quality outlet bags are still better quality than most fast fashion or low-end fashion brands. They are still good bags that are made to last many years. You should still feel satisfied from purchasing a Coach outlet bag.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between Coach and Coach Outlet

Besides the quality is a bit different and there are a few ways to tell an outlet bag from a retail location bag. If a bag was originally from a retail location and sent as overstock to an outlet, you will see the stamped serial number on the leather patch we discussed earlier on the inside of the bag. The bag will also have a bullseye stamped on this patch. These bags will also come with a dust bag when purchased.

A bag designed specifically for the outlet will also have a serial number, but that serial number will start with an “F” standing for factory outlet. Unlike retail bags, outlet bags normally will not come with a dust bag 


In this article, we examined the differences between Coach stores and outlets, and the differences between the bags themselves. We also talked about determining the authenticity of the bags and where you can buy them at.

Ultimately, outlet bags are still authentic Coach bags and are worth investing in if you’re shopping on a budget. No matter what you choose, you will look very fashionable with your new Coach bag!

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