Does Aquaphor Make Your Eyelashes Grow?

Does Aquaphor Make Your Eyelashes Grow

Does Aquaphor make your eyelashes grow? For years, long eyelashes have been all the rage. Mascara can only lengthen our lashes so much, and some people would prefer to have the length naturally already there. Lately, eyelash serums have been hitting the market promising long, natural eyelashes. However, is something simple like a well-known chapstick the actual solution?

Aquaphor itself may not help your eyelashes grow, but it could be the key to prepping your eyelashes to grow against other conditions such as dryness. Like other hair, eyelashes grow best when the follicles and skin are healthy and well-moisturized. Aquaphor essentially conditions the skin around the eyelashes, which could help promote hair growth.

Aquaphor is used as an all-around healing agent for dry and damaged skin. It is most popularly used as a chapstick for chapped or dry lips, but many users find it helps promote smooth and hydrated facial skin as well. This means it is totally safe to use on your face, and while results may differ for all, it could potentially help your eyelashes grow if your stunted growth is caused by dry or damaged skin. 

Does Aquaphor Make Your Eyelashes Grow?

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Aquaphor can be used all over the face to treat problems like dry or damaged skin. Many people swear by it for clearing up their acne or helping their lashes or eyebrows grow. While it could potentially help promote hair growth at your lashes, Aquaphor itself does not make your eyelashes grow. 

For eyelash growth, many serums use Vitamin H or Biotin in their formulas to help promote hair growth. These serums are then placed on the lash line daily and promise results of longer or fuller lashes. These serums do not work for everyone, but the active agents of Vitamin H and Biotin are what actually trigger the growth of the hair.

Aquaphor does not have Vitamin H or Biotin in it. Aquaphor does not have much of anything but vaseline in it actually besides mineral oils and Vitamin B5. It also has chamomile extracts which is why it soothes upset skin.

However, this means there’s nothing in Aquaphor actually promoting eyelash growth when you use it on your lash line. It will help heal dry or damaged eyelids which in turn could promote lash growth if that was what stunted growth in the first place.

Is It Safe to Put Aquaphor on Your Eyelashes?

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While Aquaphor is generally safe for use all over the face, you want to be hesitant to put anything near your eye that is not directly advertised and approved for eye use. 

If you want to use Aquaphor to try and promote eyelash growth, it would be best to put it directly on your eyelid at the lash line where the lashes connect to the lid. This will help you avoid getting Aquaphor in your eye as well as help repair the dry or damaged skin.

Putting Aquaphor directly on your eyelashes would not be beneficial since it will not affect the actual lash one way or another. 

How Do I Apply Aquaphor to My Eyelashes?

When applying anything near your eyes, you want to be very careful. Since Aquaphor does not directly promote hair growth, you won’t be applying it directly to your eyelashes anyway. The best way to apply Aquaphor for potential lash growth is to apply it to your lash line.

Your lash line is the very bottom of your eyelid where your lashes meet the skin. This is where your hair follicles connect to as well. Applying Aquaphor to your lash line could help heal any dry or damaged skin, which may, in turn, promote lash growth within the hair follicles.

To apply Aquaphor to your lash line it is easiest to use something small and soft like a q-tip. Coat the q-tip in a thin layer of Aquaphor and apply it to your lash line as if you were applying eyeliner. Be careful not to poke your eye or get Aquaphor directly in your eye. You can do this before bed so it can soak into the skin overnight. 

What Makes Eyelashes Grow Faster?

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Our hair genetically grows at different speeds. Our eyelashes and eyebrows even stop growing at a genetically-predetermined length. Many people like to use products like lash serums to bypass this and promote longer and faster hair growth. 

One of the products used to promote fast eyelash growth is castor oil. Many people apply castor oil to their lash line daily and see longer eyelash results because of it. This is because castor oil contains ricinoleic acid that increases blood flow to the scalp or hair follicles. Castor oil can be greasy so use a small layer and be careful not to get it in your eyes. 

Serums and products that contain Vitamin H and Biotin also may make your eyelashes grow faster. These vitamins help promote hair growth because they promote keratin production which stimulates the hair follicles. Many people have seen positive results from using lash serums with these ingredients. 

How Can I Thicken My Eyelashes Naturally?

Many lash serums and products advertise both thickening and lengthening results. Therefore, if you want to thicken your eyelashes, many of the same products should work effectively.

Products with Biotin and Vitamin H help stimulate the hair follicles through keratin production, which could help thicken your hair and lashes. Additionally, castor oil brings blood flow to your hair follicles which can also help thicken lashes naturally.

However, these things are not a quick solution and may take weeks or months to start seeing results. Even with natural remedies, hair growth can be a slow process. 


Eyelash growth happens at different speeds for everyone. Some may see great results and longer lashes from certain products while others may not have as much luck.

As for Aquaphor, the product itself does not work to promote hair growth, but if the lash growth is stunted from dry or damaged skin around the eyelid and lashes, it could definitely help. Aquaphor can also work alongside products containing castor oil, Biotin, and Vitamin H to try and achieve longer, thicker lashes!

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