Is AllSaints a Good Brand?

Is AllSaints a Good Brand?

Is AllSaints a Good Brand? AllSaints is a popular British brand that has expanded across the globe.

However, the question still remains, is AllSaints a good brand? The retailer caters to men and women alike, bringing unique designs from the sketchbooks into people’s closets.

At first glance, AllSaints seems to be all well and good, but let’s take a deeper look.

Is AllSaints Fast Fashion?

AllSaints Womens Lightweight Calla Hooded Parka Small Black
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The question as to whether AllSaints is a fast fashion brand is debatable. There are people on both sides of the aisle.

Compared to other brands, AllSaints is upscale and considered an accessible luxury.

However, AllSaints consistently releases pieces and a lot of the clothing is made from synthetic fabrics. These factors help contribute to the argument that the brand is fast fashion.

Additionally, their competitors include TopShop and ASOS, both of which are popular fast fashion stores. Plus, AllSaints is usually priced so high though, that the cost of getting something that appears high-end outweighs the benefit of getting it for an affordable price.

However, they have made pledges to be more sustainable by recycling materials. Whether they are staying true to their words has yet to be determined.

Furthermore, AllSaints has a rather unique image that comes with their clothes. Rather than having clothing that aligns with mainstream tastes and trends, AllSaints carries more “cult classics” than in-the-moment clothing.

That being said, whether AllSaints is a fast fashion brand or not depends on your personal definition of the term “fast fashion.”

Are AllSaints Bags Good Quality?

AllSaints Fetch Chain Wallet Storm Grey One Size
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AllSaints carries a lot of different accessories, but among their top selling products are bags.

Not only do they offer a wide variety of designs to choose from, but the quality is generally well-rated. From small crossbodies to large totes, many reviewers have stated that their bags are durable, spacious, soft, and versatile.

Most of their bags are made of leather and treated to be matte. The only complaints from reviewers about the bag’s quality have been that some of the bags are not lined and the material can easily be stained.

Otherwise, acquiring an AllSaints bag can be a good investment.

Is AllSaints a Designer Brand?

AllSaints, founded in 1994, started as a wholesale menswear brand. They sold designs almost entirely to luxury retailers.

Eventually, their own storefront was opened in the late 1990s and started offering both men’s and women’s wear. The brand still focuses to this day on designing unique pieces with an edgy and almost extraterrestrial look.

The articles are seasonally curated to fit the brand image and are generally priced above the standard, oftentimes ranging from $200-$500. Therefore, they are considered high-end or low luxury. However, AllSaints is not a designer.

Where is AllSaints Brand From?

AllSaints is a U.K based brand and the company’s headquarters are in London. Over the past 20 years, AllSaints has spread to 27 countries and regions and opened 281 stores.

They have storefronts in the UK, France, Ireland, Mexico, the U.S, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and China.

What is AllSaints Brand Known for?

AllSaints No Fun Short Sleeve Shirt Jet Black LG
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AllSaints has a full closet of fashionable clothing available to purchase. Some of their most well-known items include their coats and leather pieces, such as their moto jackets, combat boots, and bags.

Additionally, their printed dresses, like their dark florals are a must according to reviews.

Overall, AllSaints and its products revolve around a definitive look. The “AllSaints” look is unmistakable, with a gritty downtown overlay and more ethereal touches underneath.

Ultimately, what AllSaints is known for isn’t any one piece, but an image.

Is AllSaints a Popular Brand?

AllSaints is a popular brand when it comes to how well-known they are. However, it is quite a niche in terms of the customer’s taste.

What one person might find as unflattering, another may find as stylish.

AllSaints is definitely a love or hate brand for most consumers, but there are some pieces and styled outfits that will suit a larger group of consumers. The AllSaints look may not be for everyone, but a piece by itself might be more approachable.

The brand’s ability to mold a certain look without completely pushing out the opportunity for new clientele has contributed to its popularity.

Is AllSaints a Sustainable Brand?

AllSaints Raven Oth Hoodie Sacremento Green LG
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Unfortunately, AllSaints rates are relatively low in sustainability.

In fact, most sustainability barometers online rate them low on pretty much every facet of their criteria. “Good On You,” a sustainability rating website, has rated AllSaints a 2 out of 5 for environmental impact, treatment of labor, and animal welfare.

While AllSaints does use a few recycled and other eco-friendly materials, such as recycled polyester, there isn’t evidence to say that the amount they recycle and use decreases the textile waste created.

In fact, there is nothing to say it hasn’t increased, since the factories will need to consume more energy and resources such as water to break down old pieces while maintaining the manufacturing of new pieces.

AllSaints is not very transparent and if anything has been vague about the intricacy and legitimacy of its sustainability efforts.

In fact, there is no evidence showing that they have made efforts to minimize their carbon footprint. Rather, the brand has been called out in the past for greenwashing, a form of marketing that aims to build or maintain profit while taking advantage of new consumer awareness.

Greenwashing will often include the use of vague words associated with environmental change, such as “Green” and “All Natural,” without committing to the intended efforts for the climate.

It has also been found guilty of disregard for its labor. Much of AllSaints production is done in countries where child labor and abuse of workers are common.

Ultimately, AllSaints is not a sustainable brand and based on repeated offenses, is not likely to become one in the foreseeable future.

Are AllSaints Shoes Good?

AllSaints Manny Tie-Dye Grey 7 M
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For shoes, AllSaints’ quality is 50/50. According to reviews, the craftsmanship and longevity of each design vary, sometimes to the point of inconsistency.

For instance, most of their boots and especially their Donita model, have been known to last and fit the foot comfortably. However, some reviewers have noted that the pair they received wasn’t what they’d expected.

Some shoes were much wider in the ankle and arch than the others. Others already had stitches missing or uneven seams.

Faults such as these could be attributed to the cheap labor that is outsourced to the company.

Some have also noted that the leather being used is subpar and not treated sufficiently. The soles within the shoes have also had problems with curling up over time, although some of these instances could be from natural wear.

On the other hand, AllSaints shoes generally fit true to size and several models are water-resistant. Some customers have had really great experiences with their AllSaints shoes, wearing them for years on end and with only a few naturally occurring issues.

However, we understand that for the hefty price of most AllSaints shoes, a mixed conclusion may not be good enough. We recommend trying a pair in person if a store is available.

If that’s not an option, then think about what you’d be wearing the shoes for. How often would you wear them and what material would suit you best?

Is AllSaints Clothing Good Quality?

AllSaints Vinia Ombre Dress Red 8
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Just like their shoes, AllSaints clothing can be a hit or miss. It’s safe to say that a true designer brand wouldn’t have this much inconsistency.

Although AllSaints has a defined and memorable look, that hasn’t necessarily pushed them to make every piece consistent in quality.

Certain pieces, such as coats, jackets, boots, or bags, can become staples while other pieces will malfunction and fall apart quite quickly.

Again, this is probably because of their cheap labor outsourcing and not to mention an undoubted focus on productivity within the factories, which creates an irregularity in the products.

Additionally, AllSaints clothing can run small and their size range is really limited. For the high price tag, it’s hard to justifiably buy anything without already knowing the beloved status of a particular piece or being able to try things on yourself.

So to answer the question, AllSaints clothing can be of good quality if you either analyze something in the store or do your research on a particular item beforehand.


So, is AllSaints a good brand? It’s honestly hard to say. An iconic image with an inconsistent track record in quality control and ethical treatment sends this brand into a grey area.

We should all be making an effort to make more ethical choices as shoppers, and if AllSaints continues to utilize bad practices, you’re probably better off buying from them second-hand.

In addition, AllSaints prices have regularly stayed way above market price, so it’s safe to say that anything you’re going to buy from them needs to either be researched or tried on.

Ultimately, you can still get the edgy, yet soft look without contributing to unsafe practices or paying upwards of $300 for something that might not live up to the hype.

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