Does Abercrombie Run Small?

Does Abercrombie Run Small

Does Abercrombie run small? Abercrombie and Fitch was a staple of millennial fashion in the early 2000s. As their demographic began to grow up, their popularity declined significantly. Now after a great rebrand both in clothing and morality, the brand is back on the top of the millennial fashion game. 

Traditionally, the brand was known for its popular logo styles that were somewhat of a class symbol in the early 2000s. Those who could afford the moose logo wore it with pride. The clothes were also infamously tight and showcased models on their bags and in stores to create the illusion that you needed to be fit and skinny to wear the clothes.

After their rebrand which came to popularity over the past couple of years, this has all changed. Abercrombie is now one of the most inclusive brands on the market, offering almost all of their styles and jeans in plus sizes. 

Overall, the brand runs true to size, and even big compared to other brands on the market. For example, if you usually border between a medium and large in other stores, you will most likely be a medium in Abercrombie clothing

Do Abercrombie Jeans Run Small?

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Size Totally Shaping Pull-On Skinny Jeans (Standard and Plus), Deep Lichen Green, 16
Women’s Jeans (Not Abercrombie) | Source: Amazon

One of the most popular items of Abercrombie’s rebrand has been their jeans. The jeans come in hundreds of styles and are very inclusive in sizing. They have been worn and raved about by tiktokers, influencers, and celebrities. 

Abercrombie’s jeans run true to size. Like all jeans though, this depends on the style of pants they are. If you’re looking for traditional skinny jeans, get your regular size. If you are in-between sizes, choose the smaller size.

For stiffer denim that is used for styles like mom jeans and straight-leg jeans, you may want to size up if you are in-between sizes, as the denim naturally has less of a stretch. However, this is normal etiquette for stiff denim and does not reflect Abercrombie’s sizing. 

Overall, Abercrombie’s jeans run true to size for the most part. Shopping for jeans is a personal experience since everyone is sized and shaped differently, so at the end of the day, you should get the size that feels the most comfortable for you regardless of the number on the tag.

What Size Abercrombie Jeans Should I Get?

Shopping for jeans can be frustrating if you don’t know what size you are or are between sizes from different brands. Depending on the type of jeans, Abercrombie runs very true to size. For skinny jeans, it is safe to get your regular size as the denim has more of a stretch. If you are in-between sizes, size down.

For looks with stiffer denim-like mom jeans or straight-leg jeans, you may want to size up for comfort since there is less stretch in the pants. If you are in-between sizes, size up. If you are uncertain of your size, you can try on pants in a store or refer to the size guide on their website.

Do Abercrombie Shorts Run Small?

Lee Women's Regular Fit Chino Walkshort, Expedition, 10
Women’s Regular Fit Chino Walkshort (Not Abercrombie) | Source: Amazon

Along with jeans, Abercrombie also has an array of shorts for the warmer seasons. Denim shorts, linen shorts, and sweat shorts are all in their product line in countless colors and styles.

For their denim shorts, like their stiffer jeans, it is safe to size up if you are in-between sizes. If you are normally one size, you should get that size. 

For linen and sweat shorts, the size will depend on how you want them to fit. If you want a looser fit, size up. If you want a tighter fit, size down or get your normal size. Their shorts don’t necessarily run small, but if you want a looser fit you should get a larger size.

What Size Does Abercrombie Go Up to?

Abercrombie has rebranded in the past couple of years. In this rebrand, new leadership and more inclusive sizing were prioritized. Many of Abercrombie’s women’s jeans go up to a 37W. Many of their tops and sweaters go up to 3X. 

For men, jean sizes go up to a 40W while many of their tops also go to a 3XL. This inclusive branding and sizing for both men and women have been the most integral part of the company’s rebrand journey and has definitely not gone unnoticed by fashion influencers. 

Do Abercrombie Bodysuits Run Small?

Verdusa Women's Double Layered V Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit Black L
Bodysuit (Not Abercrombie) | Source: Amazon

Abercrombie has also received a lot of positive feedback on their line of bodysuits. The bodysuits are made out of a thick, stretchy fabric similar to shapewear. They run true to size because of the high-quality fabric they use. 

If you are between sizes, you can choose the lower size for Abercrombie bodysuits. However, it is always important to read the size guide and customer reviews so you can get the best pick for you. 

Do Abercrombie Shirts Run Small? 

Abercrombie’s shirts do tend to run true to size or even oversized depending on the style and material. Many of their shirts are made of high-quality stretchy material that is flattering to the body. For this style, you can get your normal size or even size down if you are between sizes. 

Other Abercrombie shirt styles are intentionally oversized, so you can also get your normal size on those. If you want something that is more fitted in these styles, size down!

Do Abercrombie Jackets Run Small?

Abercrombie & Fitch Women's Soft Collection Fleece Logo Graphic Hoodie AF-W-1 (0118-023, Small)
Source: Amazon

As the colder months continue, Abercrombie has continually released new styles of jackets and coats that are both trendy and warm. According to customer reviews, the jackets typically run large, but not large enough to size down. With jackets, you want extra room in case you are wearing thick clothes underneath such as a sweater. 

Their website also distinguishes the warmth level of the jackets so you can plan accordingly depending on the weather in your area. All the jackets are made of high-quality fabrics as well.

However, unlike their other clothing, their jackets are quite pricy and the reviews are not consistent. Many wearers are not thrilled with their purchases of Abercrombie’s jackets and coats. If you’re looking for a new jacket, it may be best to try it on in-store so you know you like it!

Does Abercrombie Run Sales?

Abercrombie’s prices can be intimidating at first glance. Luckily, the brand often runs sales on its products. For the holiday season, Abercrombie has been running generous sales every couple of weeks such as 25% off select styles or 15% off jeans. Overall, these sales are very good and include a lot of style options.

Abercrombie’s reward system is also very generous. It is free to sign up and the brand often gives out rewards such as 30% for birthdays, $10 off a purchase, and free shipping. Since the reward system is free to sign up for, it is worth taking the time to do so! It helps make the clothing more affordable in the long run. 


Abercrombie is back and better than ever after their rebrand and leadership change. The brand is stylish, size-inclusive, and runs true to size for the most part. If you are thinking about shopping there, this article is your sign!

A standard rule for shopping at Abercrombie is to get your normal size or size down if you’re between sizes unless reviews say otherwise. You are almost always guaranteed to get a good fit from your regular size, which is an improvement from their small sizes in the early 2000s.

Lastly, Abercrombie is an inclusive brand and even donate many of their profits to charities like The Trevor Project. It is a stylish and good-quality brand that you can be proud to invest in!

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