Is Guess a Luxury Brand?

Is Guess a Luxury Brand

Is Guess a luxury brand? Guess has been around since 1981. Guess is a luxury brand founded by the Marciano brothers. The 2 brothers decided to leave the south of France and move to America. They pursued their passion for fashion and designed a pair of stone-washed slim-fitting jeans.

They use the materials and fabrics that set them off from their lower-end competitors. Their brand always keeps up with the most popular fashions. Their first product, the slim-fitting jeans,  launched them into the fashion world as being one of the most widely known trendsetters.

Guess markets an entire line of clothing for men and women as well as an outstanding line of accessories. They sell watches, handbags, wallets, jewelry, shoes, and perfume. You can find their brand at practically every high-end store and they have online stores as well.

Guess is a brand everyone tends to recognize and we all love when someone knows the designer we are wearing. The Guess logo is bold and unique and people know it when they see it! If you are wearing Guess, people will know you enjoy the look and feel of the finer things in life.

Is Guess an Expensive Brand?

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Guess is definitely a high-end quality fashion brand made of the best materials. Although they are a designer brand, they are not at the level of some of the top luxury brands. Guess does not have the prices of designers such as Prada or Louis Vuitton.

Guess sells their fashion line at a more affordable price tag. They can reach more consumers at a lower price but yet because of the outstanding quality of their line, they are still able to be considered a luxury brand.

All of us benefit from this brand being priced for the average consumer. You can go into a high-end department store and buy this quality brand that you know will last for years at a fraction of what you would pay for brands like Gucci or Prada!

Are Guess Watches Good?

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If you are looking for a great-looking watch that is also dependable and made with excellent craftsmanship then look no further. Guess is a luxury brand with amazing, trendy styles in its watch line. A Guess watch will really make your outfit pop because they have such unique patterns to offer.

Guess watches are made with Quartz movement to provide a reliable product. Most of their watches are made in China and are made to last a long time. Buying a Guess watch is like investing. Your watch will last a very long time and you will not regret the purchase.

You can always look around for sales on watches, there is a very real chance you can find a Guess watch on sale, and often the sale is at least 50% off.

Is Guess a Good Brand for Bags?

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Guess handbags are marketed towards the working woman and teenage population. They are not made with real leather and are sold at a price that these two types of consumers can afford. You are basically paying for the Guess name and logo when you buy one of their handbags.

Guess is a luxury brand and owning a Guess bag will always add to your look. They are trendy, affordable, and eye-popping. One of the best reasons to buy a Guess handbag is because you can usually find them on sale at Macy’s or similar high-end department stores for up to 75% off.

Is Guess a Good Brand for Shoes?

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Guess is a luxury brand that sells quality shoes in addition to their fashion clothing line and accessories. Their shoes are made out of the best materials and have many other reasons you want to run out and get a pair.

  • G by Guess specializes in luxury brand shoes such as sandals and high heels. These shoes are trendy and colorful and meet the standards Guess sets for its brand.
  • Guess tennis shoes are very comfortable and can easily be compared to the top tennis shoe brands.
  • Their shoes are made of high quality which makes them long-lasting.
  • Guess shoes are affordable and can be found on sale at many department stores.

The brand’s shoes are worth any amount of money you spend on them. They will keep your feet comfortable for years to come while also keeping them stylish.

Is Guess a Good Brand for Perfume?

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Like most fashion luxury brands, Guess decided to break into the world of fragrance. They offer a remarkable line of beautiful perfumes and scent products. Their perfumes are reasonably affordable when compared to their competitors and the scents all have their unique touches.

Guess offers a wide variety of perfumes and they all deserve to be mentioned. Listed below are the top 3 most popular Guess perfumes.

  1. Guess Mariano is a fun, flirty, feminine scent. It is made of exotic fruits, honeysuckle, and jasmine and ends in a warm vanilla mixture. Mariano is great to wear on everyday errands and all-day activities.
  2. Guess Gin Belle has a bold, sexy and mysterious vibe. It has the scent of berries and champagne. It is the perfect scent for everyday wear.
  3. Guess Seductive Noir is a great out-on-the-town evening wear perfume. It has a floral scent that turns into subtle vanilla.

Guess is a luxury brand that markets their perfume the same as they do their entire fashion line. They offer quality products at affordable prices and their perfume fits that profile.

Should You Buy Guess Products?

Guess products are never boring and offer high-end clothing and accessories for anyone. They market their line to be trendy and affordable to most. The fashion line is going to be around for a long time and adding their items to your closet is a task you should enjoy.

As with anything you buy, ask yourself if you like it, that is what it all comes down to. Guess is a luxury brand that has been around for about 40 years. They have unremarkable craftsmanship and aim to please all of their consumers.

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