Canada Goose vs Moncler

Canada Goose vs Moncler

Canada Goose vs Moncler. Canada Goose and Moncler are both luxury and designer winter gear brands. Their products, specifically coats, and jackets, are world-renowned for their warmth and of course for their logos. As luxury brands, many people are left wondering if the jackets are worth the money or even which brand is better. 

In this article, we will review the differences between each brand along with the pros and cons of each one. Both Canada Goose and Moncler are great brands for winter gear, and this article will help you decide what the better choice for you is!

 Canada Goose vs Moncler – What’s Better?

Moncler Men's Acorus Zip-Up Down Jacket
Moncler Acorus Zip-Up Down Jacket | Source: Amazon

With jackets that near and even pass the $1,000 point, you definitely get what you pay for in terms of quality for both brands. Both brands will keep you warm and last many years. The biggest difference comes from the style of the pieces.

The better brand depends mostly on what you are looking for. If you are searching for something primarily for the cold that you can wear on all occasions, then you’ll likely opt for a Canada Goose coat. The coats are heavy, warm, keep the cold out, and are casual in design

If you want something more stylish for the slopes or for everyday life, you will likely opt for a Moncler jacket. The jackets are surprisingly thin considering the amount of warmth they bring and are also slimmer in style.

They are more fashionable than a Canada Goose jacket while still offering that same level of warmth. 

Differences Between Moncler and Canada Goose

While both brands are very warm–and very expensive, there are many differences between the brands and products. Moncler is an Italian fashion brand best known for its winter jackets and skiwear. The brand was founded in 1952 and named after an Alpine ski town near Grenoble, France.

As a European brand, the coats and products have gained popularity in the United States and the rest of the world where it gets cold. The brand is worn in fashion as well as sporting.

For Moncler jackets, the material is surprisingly thin. This makes sense since they are intended for skiing, which requires a lot of movement.

However, they have a 90/10 down-to-feather ratio, which keeps you warm even in the coldest blizzards. The jackets have more of a fitted look and can be dressed up more than your typical puffer jacket.  They are ultimately a little more fashionable than Canada Goose.

Canada Goose originated in a Toronto warehouse in 1957 when founder Sam Tick began Metro Sportwear Ltd. which later became Canada Goose. The name officially changed in the 1970s when Tick’s son-in-law joined the company.

The brand has become world-famous now for its impossibly warm coats and winter accessories than can withstand even the coldest Canadian winter. 

Canada Goose jackets are more casual, like a black puffer jacket. It can be worn with a suit or with sweats–either way, it’ll keep you nice and warm!

Canada Goose is also about half the price as Moncler, with their most popular style being just under $1,000. 

Canada Goose vs Moncler – Warmth

Canada gooses Men's The Chateau Jacket
Canada Gooses Chateau Jacket | Source: Amazon

Both Canada Goose and Moncler jackets are impossibly warm. That is why the high price tags are almost justified! Moncler is mostly associated as a luxury sportswear brand for skiing, and the coats will keep you warm on the European slopes even during a blizzard.

Canada Goose, originating in Canada as the name implied, will also keep you nice and snug in the cold, especially cold Canadian winter. There’s no argument that both brands keep you warm. 

Moncler jackets are surprisingly thin, but still feel snug and fitted with your body. Their extreme 90/10 feather-to-down ratio ensures you will be cozy outside. The special Japanese nylon they use helps block out win almost entirely.

Canada Goose jackets are a bit heavier, and you can feel their warmth when you put them on. The inside of the hood is lined with coyote fur, which is ethically sourced and keeps you as warm as a winter hunter.

The jackets also tend to be a bit longer and zip down to your thigh, depending on the style you get, which keeps you extra warm. 

Moncler vs Canada Goose – Sizing

Moncler Blue Polyamide Down Jacket
Moncler Polyamide Down Jacket | Source: Amazon

When you are spending a grand or more on a coat, you want to make sure it fits perfectly. Canada Goose coats tend to run big in the body but perfectly in the arms.

This extra room in the body is not a downside though, as it will provide more comfort and warmth, and allow room for extra layers. They recommend getting your normal size and not sizing up or down. 

For Moncler, it is recommended you size up one size. Moncler jackets are intended to be more fitted, but this often does not leave room for layers in the winter.

Also, the sleeves tend to run a bit short. It is a good idea to size up from your normal size for a good, long-lasting fit. 

Does Canada Goose Run Small?

Canada Goose Woolford Jacket Fusion Fit - Men's
Canada Goose Woolford Jacket | Source: Amazon

Canada Goose tends to run true to size, more so than Moncler actually, which does tend to run a bit small. In fact, some customers say Canada Goose runs slightly big but they would not size up because the extra room is comfortable.

For Canada Goose, you should get your normal size. 

Does Canada Goose Run True to Size?

Yes, Canada Goose jackets run true to size. If anything, their jackets run slightly big in the bodice but perfectly in the arms.

It is not recommended to size up since the slight extra room is great for layering in the winter. 

Moncler vs Canada Goose – Quality

Moncler Men's Nazaire Down Jacket
Moncler Nazaire Down Jacket | Source: Amazon

For jackets and accessories as expensive as they are, both Canada Goose and Moncler live up to their anticipated quality. Moncler jackets have the best feather-to-down ratio on the market and the Japanese nylon they are made with is revolutionary. It is truly of great quality and lasts many years. 

Canada Goose quality is also up to standards. Canada Goose sources their down padding from Canadian Hutterite farmers.

The stitching and water repellent fabric are also very durable and beloved by buyers. The jackets also come with a lifetime warranty. 

Is Moncler Good Quality?

Yes, Moncler is of good quality. In fact, it has some of the best quality on the market for winter and sportswear jackets. Their stitching, durability, and warmth are some of the best you can find. 

Is Canada Goose a Luxury Brand?

Canada gooses Men's Expedition Parka Coat
Canada Gooses Expedition Parka | Source: Amazon

Canada Goose, and Moncler, are both luxury brands. Originating as a sportswear brand out of a Toronto warehouse, Canada Goose has come a long way. Their jackets are recognizable across the world and are renowned for their warmth.

The price is not the only thing that makes Canada Goose a luxury brand. Their marketing appeal, sources of materials, durability,  and recognizability also contribute to them being a luxury brand.  

Is Canada Goose the Warmest Jacket?

Compared to other winter gear brands like Columbia or The North Face, Canada Goose is definitely the warmer option. The jackets are windproof, water repellent, and the long zippers really help block out any wind or cold. 

It is difficult to say if Canada Goose is warmer than Moncler since both jackets are constructed so differently. However, they both do so well on the market that it can be assumed their warmth levels are extremely comparable. 


Both Canada Goose and Moncler are great brands to get your winter jackets from. If you don’t mind splurging for a little extra style, Moncler definitely has more of a fashion element to it.

If you are just looking for a jacket that is extremely warm and will go with anything, Canada Goose is the way to go! Either choice will keep you warm and cozy throughout the cold winter months. 

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