Hermes Constance 18 vs 24: What You Need to Know

Hermes Constance 18 vs 24

Hermes Constance 18 vs 24 – These are very high-end fashion handbags and you need to know more about them before splurging your money on them. From time to time, we fantasize over things,  things to buy and call our own. However, one thing is to desire to own stuff, another thing is to know exactly what you are buying – its pros and cons, features, and how they fit your taste – before making that purchase.

This post discusses everything you need to know about Hermes Constance 18 and 24 – its features; pros and cons; size, your personal valuables that can perfectly fit in; price; features that easily set apart the original and the fake; and so on. The end goal of this post is to guide you make the right choice as you go about satisfying your fashion needs.

What are Hermes Constance 18 and 24?

The Constance is the third most popular Hermès bag, after the Birkin and Kelly. Despite that, these elegant bags usually sell out the moment they are out in the boutiques. They are simply urban and casual bags for women with confident strides and lavishly sporty spirit.

They are classic bags that offer their users confidence. They come in a variety of colors; however, its H-shaped clasp is their major attribute which never fails to strike the attention of its admirers.  It comes inlaid with either gold, silver, diamond, or enamel bronze. With lambskin lining its rounded feature.

These handbags have a simple and elegant design, and as already noted above, feature an H-shaped clasp on the front flap, and a long leather strap which can also be doubled to carry them in the hand. Traditionally, they are crafted in materials like Epsom, Box, and Evercolor leathers, with lizard, ostrich, and crocodile equally serving as alternatives to the traditional leather version.

In a nutshell, these bags are timeless pieces which as captioned on the company’s website are simply elegant bags standing for perseverance, trustworthiness, and being true to yourself

How to Wear Hermes Constance 18 and 24

Hermes Constance 18 vs 24

They are simply elegant, compact, and easy-to-wear bags that can be worn over the shoulder or on the crook of the arm, but most important, they can be made more trendy and stylish by wearing it crossbody – across the back, on the hip, across the chest, and against the stomach. The flexibility of its strap that can be doubled or shortened opens to its wearers a variety of wearing styles to suit their purposes. However, only the Constance 24 can comfortably give you a cross-body look.

Sizes of Hermes Constance 18 vs 24

The Constance bags are relatively smaller than Birkin and Kelly. They are just the perfect evening bags to carry all your essentials, without you losing your sharp and elegant looks.  The Hermes Constance bags come in four (4) different sizes which are micro, 18 ( mini Constance), 24cm, and the Elan. The ‘Elan’  is slightly longer and wider than the rest, measuring 25 cm × 14cm × 8cm. Despite this, it still does not lose its luxe and chic looks. The rest of the regular Constance bags: micro, Constance mini, Constance 24 all measure 14cm x 11cm x 3cm, 18cm x 15cm x 4cm, 24cm x 15cm x 5 cm respectively.

Each of these bags comes with special qualities that make them desirable in their unique ways. For instance, the Constance 18 with its compact and cute feature which is perfect for casual wear is all you need if you prefer a slightly squarer evening bag for yourself. The Constance 24, on the other hand, with its larger size would be a most befitting and fantastic investment giving the soft green hue that makes it a perfect staple bag for every fashionista, especially when complemented with luxurious palladium hardware to give it a chic edge.

Nonetheless, both the Micro and Elan Constance bags seem to have been discontinued or are on the way to being discontinued. Concerns and observations have been made to the effect that it’s becoming more difficult to come by these sizes in boutiques. Whatever is the case, only time can tell.

What Can Conveniently Fit into Hermes Constance Bags?

Hermes Constance 18 vs 24

Apart from the luxe and classy looks these bags give you, they are equally valuable in helping you carry your valuables. However, what can fit into them necessarily depends on which of the two you go for. The Constance 18 is noted to be a perfect fit for someone who basically carries just the essentials such as a smartphone, wallet, keys, and lipstick, while the Constance 24 is for those who value more room.

Prices of Hermes Constance 18 and 24

The prices of Constance 18 and 24 vary. What, however, is constant and certain is that the prices are based on many factors ranging from your location, material used, their sizes, etc. Those crafted with traditional materials like Epsom, Box, and Evercolor generally cost higher than their counterparts made of ostrich and lizard materials. Generally, Constance 18 in regular leather, which is a traditional material, is currently priced at around €5,900 in Hermès boutiques Europe and $ 8, 200 in the USA, while a Constance 24 is €7,300 in Europe and $10, 300 in the USA.

Equally, the Constance bags are Hermes bags with the highest resale value. They have an average value of 105%. Nonetheless, quality is the key. Thus, a Constance 18 in ostrich or lizard leather may set you back €13,000–15,000 on the secondhand market, and expect to pay upwards of €20,000 for a crocodile.

Spotting Fake Hermes Constance 18 and 24 from the Original

Hermes Constance 18 vs 24

Difficulties may arise sometimes in telling apart fake Hermes Constance 18 and 24 from the original ones. These difficulties are informed by the proliferation of these bags in the markets given their classic status. Few tips at this point will suffice to guide our readers to detect even the most convincing counterfeit Constance bags.

First of all, Constance bags are made from the finest quality leather and are lined in lambskin for an added touch of luxury. Therefore, in the original ones the lining does not have a fabric or faux-leather interior, those are a pointer to the fakes. Also, the looped strap must be capable of adjustment to create a crossbody or double up for a short shoulder strap.

Also, the type of hardware used is another obvious tell for a fake Constance. The clasps originally came in gold-plated brass. Recently, new additions of palladium-plated hardware, as well as enamel and lizard inlay have been introduced. These clasps must equally feature a thin Plexi plate on the back, affixed with flathead screws, and just underneath them, the horizontal bar should have “Hermès” marked on the underside discreetly in the corner.

Again, beneath Constance’s front flap lies the bag’s only identifiable brand marker. A Constance is noted to be marked “Hermès Paris / Made In France” in heat-stamped foil, which should match the hardware of the bag. If the text is too big, is not foiled, or does not match the hardware, it’s a red flag! Finally, another difference between the original and the fakes lies in their constructions. There should be no uneven or doubled stitches. The wax casing should cover the bag’s edges but there should be no excess wax visible. Note: this list is by no means exhaustive.

Are Hermes Constance Bags Straps Adjustable?

Yes, is the bold answer to this question. One feature that endears Constance bags to people is the flexibility of its straps. Its shoulder strap has a one-in-a-million style and functionality to support a number of styles. You can just fold it if you want to make it shorter, tweak and adjust it to your fashion taste or convenience needs.

Why are Hermes Constance 18 and 24 Expensive?

Finally, all Hermes are luxe and classy bags meant to pass a variety of values down to their users. Its high cost is attributable to the classic materials used in crafting the bags; lambskin lining leather is one of the most expensive and classy leathers out there. Again, each bag is made by a single Hermès artisan (one of the best in the luxury field, no less) and takes 14 to 18 hours to create.

Therefore, these factors, among others, would necessarily make the prices of the bags to be quite on the high side. The good side to this, however, is that the consensus among their customers is that these elegant, luxe bags are worth every penny spent in purchasing them!

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