Are Lash Lifts Worth it?

Are Lash Lifts Worth it?

Eyelashes are very important to keep our eyes safe from foreign objects such as dirt, dust, and other unwanted debris. Everyone’s eyelashes are different. Some are born with long and full lashes, while others have sparse or short lashes. Whatever type of lashes you have, they all work the same way, whether closed or open.

As a prominent facial feature, you may want to get your lashes lifted, but the question is, are lash lifts worth it?

Newbies doing the lash lift procedure for the first time may find it strange, but the bed results are usually very appealing. Who doesn’t want a luscious lash that is easy to maintain? With lash lifts, you don’t have to worry about wearing eye makeup, and the cost of maintenance is also very low.

Most people still wear mascara with their lash lifts, and this is okay as long as you wear a water-based mascara. We all know that waterproof mascara is very difficult to remove, and in the process, you may damage your lash lifts.

With lash lifts, there is no need to add lash extensions because the lash lifts already make your lashes fuller and more stretched out. The lash lift procedure takes very few minutes to complete, and its results can last for up to 8 weeks.

Are Lash Lifts Worth It?

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The simple answer is “YES.” Lash lifts are worth it. When performed correctly and by a professional, lash lifts create a luscious appearance for your facial lash hairs. With lash lifts in place, you don’t have to worry about putting on any extra eye makeup, but you can choose to apply any if you want. Oftentimes, mascara is the main eye makeup used with the lash lifts.

Lash lifts can last up to 4–8 weeks as the results fade off with time. These lash lifts give your face a distinct look and stretch out the lashes in their natural form, unlike when lash extensions are used. The procedure is worth it because you cut back on your makeup time and it also lasts a long time, so you don’t have to bother about straightening them out, at least for 8 weeks.

Other benefits of the lash lift procedure include:

  • They are perfect for any type of lash, whether short, sparse, curled, dark, etc.
  • Lash lifts are very low maintenance since they are natural. You can apply your eye makeup and mascara if you want after the lash lifts are done. However, you might need to wait up to 24 hours before doing so.
  • They are affordable and are also regarded as one of the best lash treatments instead of applying for lash extensions.
  • Lash lifts help to darken or tint the lashes. That is why once the procedure is completed, you have darker and fuller lashes, which in turn make your eyes appear bigger.

Are Lash Lifts Bad For Your Eyelashes?

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No, lash lifts are not harmful to your eyelashes as long as they are performed by a professional. For safety reasons, it is best to get a referral for your lash lift procedure and also not to try it out yourself at home. Lash lifts are semi-permanent procedures, hence they are not painful, but you may feel a little discomfort if it is your first time getting it done.

Lash lifts naturally fade off as the days go by, and they can last up to 8 weeks maximum. Lash lifts also help your eyelashes grow during the period they are applied. Only in the worst scenario can lash lifts damage your lashes.

An amateur performing the procedure, for example, or the use of waterproof mascara would go a long way toward wreaking havoc on your lashes. After the lash lifts are done, you would need to keep them dry and not come into contact with water for at least 24 hours. Another point to note is that you are not expected to touch or rub your lashes after the procedure.

Doing this would cause your lash lifts to wear off and also damage your lashes by ruining their shape. They may then start to fall out.

Are Lash Lifts Safe?

Yes, lash lift is a completely safe procedure that is usually performed by a certified or licensed technician. Getting a professional to handle your lash lift procedure would allow the person to know the possible risks involved, the type of process that can be used for your lashes, and so on. As safe as lash lifts can be, there are some groups of people who must not undergo this procedure, and they are:

Pregnant and breastfeeding women: if you are among this category of women, it is very important to stay clear of lash lifts, or get the permission of your doctor before booking an appointment.

Those with certain health conditions such as eczema, conjunctivitis, psoriasis, cataracts, blepharitis, and other eye-related conditions must stay clear of the lash lift procedure.

Anyone with eye infections or allergies, sensitive eyes, or dry eyes must also stay clear of the lash lift procedure.

How Are Lash Lifts Done?

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Lash lifts are done by a certified technician or artist who knows exactly what they are doing. The procedure roughly takes an hour to get done perfectly. The steps involved in getting your lash lifts can be discussed with the technician so that you can know what to expect. However, the steps are outlined below.

  • Before getting it done, your face and lashes must be washed and thoroughly dried. After that, the technician makes use of an adhesive to attach silicone shields to your eyelids.
  • Next, your lashes are combed and glued to a pad to hold them together and bring out their shape.
  • The perming solution is then added to make the lashes very soft and hold them in place.
  • The solution is allowed to stay on for a few minutes, at least 12 minutes, for it to curl as desired.
  • After this, a solution that is used to set the lashes in their perfect shape is applied. This helps the lashes stay in shape for a long time.
  • A tinting procedure may also be applied to make the color of your lashes darker and also fuller.

Other types of aftercare procedures may be applied, but you can speak with your technician on what’s best to apply for a long-lasting effect.

Are Lash Lifts Permanent?

No, they are not. Lash lifts are a semi-permanent procedure that is used to keep the lashes in shape in their natural form. Lash lifts help to straighten out the lashes while making them curled, fuller, and stronger. With the lash lift procedure, you don’t have to bother about applying eye makeup or mascara every day.

The results would last up to 4–8 weeks after completion before another could be done. To get the lash lifts done perfectly and achieve the expected results, you need to engage the services of an expert who knows about lash lifts very well.

Is Keratin Lash Lift Worth It?

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Yes, keratin lash lifts are worth it, but first of all, what is a keratin lash? Keratin is a protein used for protection and it is found in our nails, hair, and skin. Keratin is responsible for the strength and shine of these parts of our body, hence it is a good protein.

A keratin lash lift is a good procedure that gives strength and shines to your lashes. The process is similar to a normal lash lift, but the addition of the keratin makes the difference. The keratin lash is harmless as it does not contain any form of chemical.

With a keratin lash lift, you have a more distinct lash and your natural lash appears fuller even without makeup. Keratin lash lifts last longer than normal lash lifts and lash extensions.

Why Are Lash Lifts So Expensive?

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For getting a lash lift procedure, the average cost can be between $50 and $250, depending on where you get it done. Other factors can cause the lash lift procedure to be expensive, some of which are:

  • The location: lash lifts can be more expensive in large or urban areas as compared to smaller towns.
  • To get lash lifts done, there are different types of products that can be used, and these would go a long way toward determining if the procedure is going to be expensive or not.
  • The popularity of the technician or the salon can also influence the price of the lash lift procedure.

Are Lash Lifts Haram?

Lash lifts are processes involved in making your natural lashes curl in a straight line. According to the shariah, lash lifts that are applied with a water solution are allowed and are not haram. Since it is a semi-permanent treatment to increase the volume of natural lashes, it is said to be halal and wuduk-friendly.

Now, you know very well that lash lifts are worth the cost and time invested in getting them done, and they are also permissible by Islam.


As a semi-permanent procedure, lash lifts help to curl and straighten out your natural lashes for a fuller, darker look. With lash lifts, you don’t have to worry about applying makeup all the time. When it is carried out by a professional, you are expected to get the desired results.

Lash lifts are also not painful or harmful to your lashes, as they make your lashes stronger than they were before. Try it out and let’s read your comments as well.

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