Is Tommy Hilfiger a Good Brand?

Is Tommy Hilfiger a Good Brand

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most well known brands but many people keep asking – is Tommy Hilfiger a good brand? The apparel brand is famous for its classic American designs and iconography in pop culture.

The Tommy Hilfiger legacy is one of strategically placed primary colors and an on the go sporty aesthetic. However, despite its reputation, some potential shoppers may still be apprehensive. Is it all looks or is there a reason behind the popularity? So today we will answer the question, is Tommy Hilfiger A Good Brand?

Is Tommy Hilfiger a Designer Brand?

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Tommy Hilfiger is defined as a premium fashion brand, which qualifies as a designer brand. Officially founded in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger opened its doors to excited customers. With its classic red, white, and blue color scheme, the Hilfiger line remained classic in its image, while still expanding its variety of designs. When the company was first established, it had only been eighteen years since the founding of Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

As Hilfiger came onto the scene, a trifecta was completed as three major designers would solidify and represent heritage Americana fashion, which was at least representative of the upper and middle class who could afford the pieces being sold.

“Sporty with a twist” was a significant form of inspiration for Hilfiger, who took his version of classic American style, which had been predominantly led by East Coast fashion, and found ways to subtly mix it with increasingly popular west coast styles, which were more laid back and casual.

Tommy Hilfiger, like other American design houses, does not and has never really tried to define itself by following the same guidelines of European fashion houses. Regardless, the brand has remained a prominent fashion house, with mainstream lines selling throughout collaborating stores, as well as what is located in their own stores.

Is Tommy Hilfiger a Luxury Brand?

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One of the main reasons Hilfiger is not and truthfully has never been labeled as luxury is because it is so widely accessible, at least in the United States.

Although the company comes out with collections, has a regular spot at New York Fashion Week, and is generally well-reviewed for its style identity, the brand has based itself on the concept of accessibility.

We can attribute Hilfiger’s mid-level reputation and pricing as purposeful, strategic, and ultimately a very core part of their identity.

The brand had targeted a younger audience from the start, one that was seemingly growing in independence, but still focused on having access to quality pieces from a lower cost, making a premium brand, such as Hilfiger more appealing.

Then again, some brands fit the frame for the concept of luxury clothing in other countries, where the designs are still considered niche. China is a great example, as street stylists have styled various Hilfiger pieces on the streets of Chengdu and Hangzhou (both Chinese fashion capitals).

Is Tommy Hilfiger a Fast Fashion Brand?

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With every mid-level brand comes a shift towards mass production and conspicuous consumption. Some have argued that in the whirlwind of Tommy Hilfiger’s recent resurgence, their production line standard is teetering on rapid production.

However, when we mention fast fashion, it’s important to realize how it’s defined. On an aesthetic scale, fast fashion can be described as the overly competitive battle for ‘who has the most current trend’.

Fast fashion artificially accelerates the trend cycle to a point where in order to stay ‘on trend’ you have to throw out an entirely wearable wardrobe every week.

This problem of overconsumption creates an environmental impact issue of clothing waste, which not only takes a large amount of water to make, but with more clothing being made from synthetic fibers, it also will take hundreds of years to break down.

Fast fashion’s main characteristic tends to be that it must be cost-effective to produce, which consequently makes the retail price lower.

As far as Hilfiger goes, the brand tends to stick to regular collections with the occasional collaboration and the prices range into the hundreds, so we cannot count it as fast fashion in the mainstream sense.

However, various sustainable clothing analysis websites put the brand at 51 to 60% for environmental transparency. This score counts as fair, as the brand has made a public commitment to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, but statistics show the steps they have taken so far do not amount to much change.

Is Tommy Hilfiger a Good Brand for Watches?

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Tommy Hilfiger watches are manufactured by a Swiss company and as far as most fashion brand watches go, Hilfiger watches are considered some of the best. Hilfiger has made sure to collaborate with their manufacturer with care and intent.

The reason for Hilfiger’s involvement isn’t coincidental either. Tommy Hilfiger comes from a long line of watchmakers. Specifically, his father, Richard Hilfiger, was a German Swiss watchmaker.

In 2001, Tommy Hilfiger decided it was time for his iconic brand to join the ranks of other high fashion brands in their timekeeping journeys. They partnered with Movado, a famous international watchmaker, and together they formed an exclusive production and marketing deal.

Perhaps what’s even better is that Hilfiger watches tend to stay under three hundred. In stores, you can find a variety of stunning watches, made of leather, thick canvas, and quartz, and come in brilliantly bold colors, such as the classic Hilfiger red and blue.

Is Tommy Hilfiger a Good Brand for Shoes?

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As we dive into other accessories, we come to shoes. Arguably one of the most popular items at Tommy Hilfiger, their shoes are versatile, sleek, and by most accounts, very durable.

The brand’s limited color palette allows the shoe, whatever the design, to be worn with anything and to any occasion. Simply put, they remain classic long past their purchasing date.

Furthermore, their range of shoes includes sneakers, for a casual, yet stylish look, as well as flip flops, which are made with a thick sole and fabric thong, rather than plastic, making them supportive and sturdy.

They also produce boat shoes, for a slightly slimmer and more retro look and a variety of women’s shoes including casual heels for the daytime and sporty stilettos for when you want to spice it up. Popular among both men and women, Hilfiger shoes are worth the hype.

Is Tommy Hilfiger a Good Brand for Bags?

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Tommy Hilfiger is incredibly well known for their designs and quality and unfortunately, their bags run 50/50. Like their shoes, the bag designs are just as sleek, stylish, and durable, but where they differ is in the bag’s structuring.

While some reviewers have been able to live with their bags without damage, others have experienced quite the opposite, finding that straps have come loose or that the fabric was easily damaged.

Whether these bad reviews are a case of genuine poor craftsmanship or simply the words of a bad clothing caretaker may have to be your choice since the line of opinion is so thin.

Besides, it’s always worth trying a product out given the context, especially since Hilfiger bags do not typically exceed $400. There are quite an amount of designs to choose from, such as their hefty, yet chic luggage and carry-on bags.

Their small to medium-sized shoulder bags in a selection of you guessed it, blue-red, and white, as well as classic brown and black leather.

Are Tommy Hilfiger Suits Good?

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Since Tommy Hilfiger started out as a menswear brand, you’d still expect them to hold up their reputation, and that they do. Even with their fantastic line of women’s suits, their slim-fit suit remains one of the most popular and flattering everyday suits on the market.

The composition of their suits are mainly made from wool or wool blend and have an overall light to medium weight for all year round wear. Although their color range sticks to classic and versatile colors, there is clearly attention to detail with contemporary pinstripes, high necklines, and seamlessly placed single vents. These mid-range suits are worth the price too, as you can expect to pay between $300 to $700.

Is Tommy Hilfiger Wallet a Good Brand?

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Wallets from Hilfiger hold a reputation within the market that few other premium brands achieve. Both men’s and women’s wallets are typically made from soft leather and are listed anywhere from $30 to $100.

Their design is based around sleek edges and compact storage that prevents bulkiness. Finely crafted and fashionable, these wallets are liable to last a lifetime.


So, from everything we’ve learned, we can say with confidence that yes, Tommy Hilfiger is a good brand. Despite some issues that may need to be addressed when it comes to sustainability or poor construction choices.

The majority of what Tommy Hilfiger stands for has to do with quality, versatility, and style. Put together, these 3 words represent something more than just a piece of clothing, but also a philosophy of style, and when you’re looking out for brands, that’s exactly what you want to see.

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