Why are Birkin Bags so Expensive?

why are birkin bags so expensive

Why are Birkin bags so expensive? The Hermes Birkin bag is the most expensive in the world and it is sold for about $40,000 to $500,000, a whopping sum that allows only the rich and influential to have the privilege of owning the bag. The Birkin bag is named after the singer and actress Jane Birkin and was made as a special gift by the Hermes bag CEO.

The Birkin bag is a limited edition product, which means that the bags are made on-demand, followed closely by strict options, making them very scarce in circulation. Birkin bags cannot be randomly bought in a bag store due to their price and status.

The value of the Birkin bag continues to increase every year due to its popularity and demand by top people in society. Made with some of the finest raw materials, which include animal skin, and handcrafted by the best artisans who are trained for over 10 years before they touch the Birkin bag, it is no wonder why the bag ranks very high in quality and style among other bags from different fashion brands.

Why Are Birkin Bags so Expensive?

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Birkin bags are arguably the world’s most expensive bags, and this is for so many reasons, one of which is the design of the bags. Its stitches are carefully done and the Birkin bags are made with some of the best animal skin materials, which include calfskin, ostrich, and alligator skins, which are all known to be very expensive since they are obtained from living animals.

The Birkin bags have a large compartment that you can make use of to keep your items together, and the fast seal on the bags makes those items stay in place without worrying about spilling out every Birkin bag sold out is hand-made, carefully crafted by the best artisans. The bags are very limited, and this is because they are made based on demand.

The scarcity of the Birkin bags is to ensure that they are well crafted since every stitch is done by hand, which adds up to the reason why Birkin bags are so expensive. The use of precious gems like diamonds and sapphires adds to the pricey nature of the Birkin bags.

Those who want these precious gems in their Birkin bags need to pay more than the normal ones. The gems are expensive, to begin with, and so is the cost of production. The bags are handled by top artisans who do the job of a jeweler by stitching the gems into the bags.

For this reason alone, the few people who own the Birkin bag would rather keep them as a form of art or collection used to gather more popularity and status instead of carrying them around like a normal bag. The number of Birkin bags in circulation since its inception is said not to be over 200,000 due to the care and limited production each year.

Another reason why Birkin bags are super expensive is that they follow a long waiting list, which means that for you to own a Birkin bag, you have to be invited by the company even after you have reached out to them. This waiting list arises from the fact that the bags are very popular among celebrities and influential people, and, of course, since the bags are handcrafted, it takes a lot of time to have them finished. You may have to wait for many months or even years before you own your dream Birkin bag.

Do Birkin Bags Increase in Value?

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Birkin bags increase in value each year right from the year of their inception, the popularity and demand for the bags make the price even more expensive, and the resale price is estimated to sometimes be higher than the purchase price. The Birkin bag has been noted to have an increased value of 14% per year. The resale price may sometimes double or retain the initial price, depending on the material used, the style, and, of course, the demand.

Why are Birkin Bags so Popular?

Initially, Birkin bags were not popular until the 1990s, when celebrities began to use them before their gradual fame and popularity emerged. The Birkin bags are now arguably the most sought-after bags of all time, thanks to their use by many celebrities, including Victoria Beckham, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Moss, and the Kardashian-Jenner family. Victoria Beckham alone is known to own about 100 Birkin bags.

Before now, the Birkin bags were obtained by following a waiting list, but in recent times, the waiting lists are no longer functional, making the process of getting a Birkin bag even more difficult. It’s more like a mystery to get the company to notice you and believe you can afford their bag before reaching out to you. All of this is because the Birkin’s popularity has skyrocketed over time, making everyone wish to own just one.

Are Birkin Bags Made From Real Crocodiles?

Birkin bags are made with real animal skins like crocodiles, ostriches, and alligators and there are two notable crocodile skins used in making the Birkin bags, and they are the Niloticus crocodile and the Porosus crocodile. The Porosus crocodile is the most expensive and rarest of the duo.

The animal skins are carefully obtained and that adds up to the reason why the Birkin bags are very expensive because of the materials used in their production.

What Colors do Birkin Bags Come In?

The Birkin bags are available in different color shades depending on the dye and material used. The colors may include red, beige, black, green, pink, and navy. These colors are available in a variety of variations, including Noir, Gold, Etoupe, Rouge H, which is a combination of dark red and brown, Himalaya, which was created to mimic the Himalaya mountains and is one of the most sought after Birkin bags colors, and Vert Emeraude, a glossy emerald green.

Is the Gold on Birkin Bags Real?


The hardware on the Birkin bags is palladium and gold, and they are both real items. The real gold on the Birkin bag also adds to the increase in price. The hardware on the Birkin bag should have the inscription “Hermes Paris” on it to authenticate the bag.

Why do Birkin Bags Have Locks?

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Birkin bags are characterized by locks and keys to distinguish the real bags from the fake ones. Due to its high demand, some fake Birkin bags mimic the original product, but the lock on the bags makes it easy to spot fake Birkin bags.

The word “Hermes” is inscribed at the bottom of the lock, and the key is enclosed in a clochette, which is found at the handle of the bag. The style and pattern of the lock and key change all the time, so it is important to check the engravings on them to ensure you have the authentic bag.

Should you find that the clochette, which contains the key, is sewn to the handle of the bag on a single piece of leather, then the bag may not be a genuine Birkin bag.

What are the Sizes of Birkin Bags? 

The Birkin bags are available in four main sizes: 25, 30, 35, and 40. Birkin 25 is the smallest of the lots and it may be important to choose the right size when requesting your Birkin bag.

Although making specific requirements for the production of the bag may allow you to take a very long time before your bag is available to you. Birkin bags always stay true to size, so whichever size you get, it measures the same size without a doubt.

Are Birkin Bags Worth It?

Yes, Birkin bags are worth every price they are sold at. The complexity of the materials used and how they are sourced is the reason for the huge price tag, but since the bags are carefully handcrafted with rare animal skin, it is definitely worth it. Most Birkin bag owners would rather keep them in a safe as an art collection, participate in auctions with them, or simply keep them as a measure of social standards.


Birkin bags are among the most sought-after handbags in the world, and they are well-priced. Handcrafted by the best artisans, the Birkin gives only the best to those who can afford the luxury. If you need to invest in luxury handbags, choosing Birkin bags is a very huge investment as the resale price increases in value over time.

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