101 Beauty Tips and Secrets for Elegant Looks

Beauty tips

It can be daunting and sometimes just confusing when trying to figure out how to look beautiful, elegant, and confident. This includes figuring out the right makeup tips or skincare tips and hair care tips that you can use for your various beauty needs.

Sometimes you know what you should do but you may be confused about how to do it or you may not just know how to do it right for the best results. In some instances, you may just be doing the wrong things and wondering why you are not getting the kind of results you really want with your beauty ideas. 

The good news is that knowing the right beauty tips to use and how or when to use them saves you from a lot of stress and gives you so much confidence in your style. We have done all the research and put together these simple beauty tips and ideas that you can easily use for quick and results. 

You will find makeup, skincare and haircare tips, hacks and secrets that you can use in various situations achieve beautiful looks and with less stress. These beauty tips will also save you some money and help you get good value from your investment in makeup products, skincare products, and hair care products.   

Please see below the various beauty tips and ideas for a more beautiful and elegant person like you! 

Beauty Tips for Makeup  

makeup tips

This applies to beauty tips for the face and you can utilize these makeup beauty tips for a perfect makeup look with the kind of results that you have always desired.  

1. Cleanse Your Face

Always cleanse or wash your face with a facial cleanser before applying makeup. Facial cleansers help in removing dirt and impurities like dead skin cells from your skin to make it clean and ready for makeup.

2. Use Facial Cleansers

Facial cleansers are very important especially if you have oily skin. They can help with preventing acne breakouts from clogged pores. Dead skin cells and excess sebum from oily skin can get clogged in the skin pores causing acne.  

3. Moisturize After Cleansing

It’s always good to use facial moisturizers after cleaning your face with a cleanser. Moisturizers will make your face feel supple and fresh. Most moisturizers contain hyaluronic acid or aloe vera, but there are different facial moisturizers that customized for different skin types. Always find the one that is most suitable for your skin.

4. Prep with a Primer

One of the best beauty tips for busy ladies is to always apply a primer first before applying foundation. Primers prepare the skin and provide a smooth surface for foundation. Facial primers also make the foundation stay for a longer time before wearing out. A primer should be in your makeup kit if you have long days and want your makeup to last all through the day. 

5. Creamy Foundation for Dry Skin

Creamy makeup is usually best for dry skin. Always use a moisturizer or makeup products like foundations that contain moisturizing agents. Creamy foundation for dry skin provides sheer coverage without uneven textures. 

6. Check Product Labels 

Always check the labels of makeup products for the ingredients list if you have sensitive skin. Most beauty products may contain some ingredients that you may be allergic to. Checking the labels to see the ingredient composition will help prevent unnecessary sensitivity reactions. 

7. Prime Your Eyelids 

Try priming your eyelids before applying eye shadow. This beauty tip is often skipped or many ladies don’t just know it. Your eyeshadow will stay longer when you apply it after priming your eyelids with foundation or concealer

8. Always Wear Sunscreen

Ensure that you are wearing sunscreen every day. Don’t depend on the sunscreen contained in your makeup. Most of the makeup products you use (like foundation) have sunscreen in them. This will prevent your skin from getting damaged by sunburns. 

9. Cakey Face? Too Much Foundation

Chances are that you may be applying too much foundation if your foundation makeup appears “cakey”. You should apply a light to medium sheer coverage and build it up as necessary. Use a concealer to cover up dark spots, blemishes or scars instead of applying more foundation to cover up such areas.

10. Prolong it with Setting Powder

beauty tips- setting powder

If you are frustrated that your makeup does not last for a long time before wearing out, maybe it’s because you are not using a setting powder, or you may be using it wrongly. Always use a setting powder to ensure that your makeup stays in place and does not wear out all day long. 

You are likely going to pick the wrong shade of foundation if you are testing it under the store lights. Always test foundation under natural light or bright light to pick the shade that is the best match for your skin type. 

11. Don’t Use Your Fingers 

You may be doing yourself more harm than good if you are applying your foundation with bare fingers. Your fingers may not be as clean as you think and you may be introducing dirt or germs to your clean face. Also, you are more likely to waste or utilize more foundation than your face needs when applying it with your fingers. This can make everything messy. 

12. Use the Right Tools

Consider using the right makeup tools if you want to get the best results from your makeup. Try using tools like foundation brush or kabuki brush for setting or finishing powder or beauty blenders for your desired results. You can try different tools to find which one works best for you, and most of them may be better than bare fingers. 

14. Wash Your Makeup Tools 

Always remember to wash your makeup tools after each use. This will not only preserve them for effective use over a long time but also, reduce the chances of germs or bacteria growing on them. Remember how makeup tools can be creamy and messy after use? Chances are that you may introduce bacteria on your face if you don’t wash them after use.  

15. Airbrush May Be the Trick

The use of airbrush for applying foundation may be a good idea if you are always struggling to apply your makeup correctly. The airbrush system for foundation can help you to apply the right amount of foundation with the right sheer coverage and almost faster than if you are doing it manually. However, you can check to see if this will be a good fit for you. 

16. Watch Out for Contamination 

Don’t keep or use your foundation longer than necessary. Most foundations oxidize after they are open because of exposure to air. The exposure over time leads to oxidation of the powder or foundation, which can be evident in color changes. So discard your makeup foundation if you notice color changes after using it for a while.

Also, creamy or liquid foundations exposed to moisture may become a breeding medium for bacteria when exposed to air for some time. Discard and discontinue use if the smell of your foundation changes or is no longer pleasant. This may be a sign of bacterial growth or contamination. 

17. Blend it Well

Your foundation makeup may be obvious because you are not blending it well into your skin. The common areas where this mistake is usually made is on the nose and along the jawline. Always apply less foundation on these areas and take the time to blend the foundation on the nose and jawline very well to make it undetectable. 

18. Smooth Smile

Always set your lips in a good smile when applying your lipstick. This will give you the best looks with smooth lipstick and prevent lipstick creases that can develop when you twist or pout your lips when applying your lipstick. 

19. Highlight the Right Areas 

The best place to apply highlighter is on the prominent features of your face like nose and cheeks. A good rule of thumb should be areas above and below your eyebrows and avoid places like the jawline and chin. 

20. Properly Remove Makeup

Properly removing makeup is as important as applying it. You need to take the time to remove and clean your face properly at the end of the day. This allows your skincare products to get absorbed properly into your skin (on your face) and also to prevent unnecessary issues like clogging of facial pores and acne breakouts. 

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21. Blotting Paper for Oily Face

Don’t forget to oil blot your face if you have oily skin. Always use a blotting paper to clean extra shine or excess oil before applying foundation and after applying foundation where necessary. 

22. Protect Your Lips

Keep your lips protected from sun rays that cause skin damage by using products like lipsticks, lip gloss with some form of sunscreen (at least SPF 30). Sun rays can dry your lips easily, especially in the summer and flare-ups with lip blisters can occur in some people with sensitive skin. 

23. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you are drinking lots of water to stay hydrated during dry weather conditions or seasons (like summer). Hydration keeps your skin from shrinking or shriveling making it easier for you to maintain beautiful looks. 

24. Enhance Your Sunscreen

Did you know that products that contain vitamin C or green tea can enhance the action of sunscreen? Using sunscreen with skincare formulas or products that contain or are rich in Vitamin C or green tea can protect your skin from damaging sunlight more than just using sunscreen alone. This is particularly useful if you have significant exposure to sunlight.

25. Eye Creams for Eye Puffiness

You may not be getting the results you really want for clearing up puffiness around your eyes if you are using facial creams for it. Yes, you should get eye cream specifically for puffiness around your eyes and avoid getting eye creams with fragrance if you have skin sensitivity. Eye creams with fragrance may be irritable to your eyes and cause eye swelling from allergic reactions.   

26. Refrigerate Your Eye Cream

Eye creams can be kept in the refrigerator and can help with eye puffiness. The cooling effect of the skin can help to reduce or clear the puffiness around the eyes. The cold temperature causes the blood vessels around the eye to constrict and in the process drain fluid away from the eyes. However, you may need to consult your doctor if your eye puffiness does not clear with this. 

27. Apply Primer First  

Eye shadow and eyeliner stays for a longer period of time when a primer is applied on the eyelids first. Put on translucent powder after applying a primer then apply your eyeshadow and blend it in.  

28. Treating Eye Puffiness

Besides reducing coffee, tea, alcohol and salt, applying or using an eye cream with caffeine can help eliminate eye puffiness. A cold compress can also be very helpful. However, consider more lasting solutions like CO2 laser if every remedy fails or does not produce desired results. 

29. Refrigerate Organic Beauty Products 

It is a bad idea to store makeup products on the bathroom shelf especially if you have invested in organic beauty products. These products may not contain preservatives like other inorganic products and may get contaminated easily.

You need to get good value from your investment in your beauty products right? Consider storing them in the refrigerator. The products will be preserved and last longer delivering more value to you when you keep them in the refrigerator.  

30. Right Tools for Lashes and Brows

Use the right tools to take care of your eyebrows and lashes. They can make your makeup stand out and beautiful especially when the makeup looks natural. Never forget to make use of brow gel to keep your eyebrows beautiful and attractive.

As you grow older, your lashes tend to grow and become straighter too. However, this shouldn’t ruin your desire to have sexy, curly eyelashes. You can use tools like eyelash curler to curl your lashes and make them look more attractive.  

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31. Shield Exposed Body

Always remember to apply sunscreen on the most exposed parts of your body. These include the neck, legs, and face. 

32. Maximize Your Mascara

Don’t toss out your mascara if it has become too clumsy or thick for you to use easily, especially if you have not used it up to four months. You can easily get it back to how you want it to be by adding saline solution to it and stirring it with your mascara wand till you achieve the viscosity you want. However, it is recommended that you discard your mascara if you have been using it for more than four months. 

33. What is Mineral Makeup?

Ever wondered what mineral makeup is? These are makeup products like foundation that contain tiny particles which reflect light giving you a bright healthy glow. Some makeup powders that are considered mineral makeup contain sun-blocking agents like zinc oxide and titanium oxide. These sun blockers shield the skin from potential skin damage from sun rays. However, you still need to apply your sunscreen before applying mineral makeup.

34. Don’t Skip Foundation

You may be making a big makeup mistake if you are skipping your foundation. The right foundation will smoothen your makeup and give you the kind of beautiful results that you want. Whereas a makeup without foundation may not be able to smoothen or nicely cover up your blemishes

35. Avoid Bottom Heavy Eyeliner

You may be making a mistake if you are applying your eyeliner to the lower eyelid only. Applying a thick eyeliner to the lower eyelid only makes your eyes look bottom-heavy which can give you a worn out or tired look. You will look way better if you apply your eyeliner to both eyelids. Try it and see!

36. Ditch Color Shouting Eyeshadows

Avoid wearing bright coloured eyeshadow makeup. Eyeshadow in bright colors (like orange, green, blue etc.) can look “screaming” or too loud on your face and it can disrupt the other makeup you have taken time to do. A better option will be to apply eyeshadow in deeper, neutral shades like brown, maroon, etc. 

37. Fill Your Eyebrows

Neglecting your eyebrows especially as you age may be making your eyes to visually recede and it may make you look older than you really are. Consider filling your eyebrows with an eye pencil to give you a more natural and younger look.

38. Baby Wipes Not for Makeup

This may sound ridiculous but people do it. Avoid using baby wipes for removing makeup. Baby wipes may feel comfortable to the skin but they are not formulated to remove makeup.

They may not be able to remove stubborn residual makeup especially those that may be lodged in skin pores. Consider using real makeup removers or other proven removers and cleansers to remove your makeup. 

39. When to Use Facial Cleansers

Never forget to wash your face with facial cleansers after removing your makeup. This helps with clearing up your skin pores and preventing any residual makeup from blocking your facial pores. You can also apply moisturizers (cream, lotion etc) to your face after cleansing to keep your face (skin) supple and fresh. 

40. Avoid Makeup and Clothes Competition

Make sure your makeup is not competing for attention with the color of your dress. If you are wearing a bright colored dress, your makeup should be neutral. For instance, if you are wearing dresses in bright colors like red, yellow, green, orange etc. consider neutral or dull colored makeup and avoid glossy or shiny makeup too.

Beauty Tips for Skincare 

beauty tips for skin care

41. Vitamin C is Good for Your Skin

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is an important ingredient in skincare products because it contains antioxidants that prevent free radicals (molecules) from destroying skin cells. Vitamin C also plays an important role in the production of collagen in the skin and prevention or reduction of sun damage caused by sun rays. 

42. Hydrate and Exercise

Another basic skincare advice is to stay hydrated and exercise regularly. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. This will keep your skin from getting dehydrated and looking shrivelled.

Exercise also releases hormones like endorphins which is good for skin health because it makes you feel good and relaxed keeping stress hormones that affect your skin at bay.   

43. Healthy Diet, Healthy Skin

One of the most important things to do for a good healthy skin is to eat right. Having a good diet will provide most of the ingredients (Vitamin C, Vitamin A, etc.) the skin needs to look healthy and beautiful in their natural organic form. 

44. Your Skin Needs Hyaluronic Acid

Always make sure that most of the skincare products you are using contain hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is very important in keeping your skin hydrated and fresh which keeps wrinkles and dry skin creases at bay. People with dry skin may have lower amounts of hyaluronic acid in their skin and it may be nice to use skincare products with significant amounts of this ingredient.

45. Look Out for Retinol

Skincare products that contain retinol are important in restoring your skin because it stimulates the skin to produce new skin cells. This helps to quickly replace any damaged skin or areas of hyperpigmentation. 

46. Watch Your Habits

Some of the basic and most important skincare tips and advice include: eating healthy, reducing sun exposure, keeping your skin clean, watching your habits (alcohol, nicotine) and having good quality sleep or rest. 

47. Watch out for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Watch out for this ingredient in your bath soap – sodium lauryl sulfate. It is used as a foaming and cleansing agent in skincare products. It is generally considered safe but there are indications from laboratory studies that continuous use of sodium lauryl sulfate in higher concentrations than 1% can dry your skin or cause irritations. As an alternative, you can use soaps with moisturizing agents like glycerin and other plant-based oils. 

48. Sun Damage Skin Repair

If you are looking for products that can heal or repair sun damage to your skin, consider using products with any of these ingredients niacinamide, coenzyme Q10, coffee berry extract or soy extract. 

49. Shower After Pool Time

Taking a dive in a swimming pool can be relaxing but never forget to have a real shower after spending time in the pool. Pool water contains chlorine which can cause skin dryness (often evident as dry white itchy skin) if you don’t shower to cleanse it from your skin. Always remember to apply a moisturizing cream or petroleum jelly after your shower.

50. Stop Cellulite with  Exercise

If you are struggling with cellulite, know that regular exercise can reduce it significantly but it may not eliminate it completely. Regular exercise will help firm up your skin and reduce fat deposits which will prevent more fat tissue from getting deposited underneath your skin. 

51. Eat More Protein

Proteins are important in the synthesis of elastin and collagen which play important roles in making your skin look beautiful. Support your body to make your skin healthy by taking in good amounts of protein in your meals. Meat, beans, soy etc. are rich sources of protein. 

52. End Dry Skin with Moisturizing Creams

The best way to fight and prevent dry skin is to use moisturizing creams or lotions daily. and the best time to apply them is right after your shower. This ensures that the moisture in your skin is locked in and does not dry off, giving your skin a good fresh look.  

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53. Exfoliate to Look Younger

You may be denying yourself the opportunity of always looking young by not exfoliating often. Exfoliation removes old skin cells and reveals new skin cells which makes your skin to look younger and fresher. However, most people don’t exfoliate regularly. Don’t be one of them.

54. Exfoliate Exposed Areas

Don’t make this exfoliation mistake. Most people exfoliate other parts of the body but often leave out the neck, chest and hands. These areas are usually exposed more than most of the other areas of your body. Am sure you will love them to have the afterglow effect of exfoliation too. If you decide to exfoliate, it will be worthwhile to do it right. 

55. Guacamole is Good for Your Skin 

Guacamole is good for not just your taste buds and stomach but for your skin also. It is made from avocado which is rich in Vitamin C and E, all vitamins that play very important roles in skin health.   

56. Don’t Pop It

It can be very tempting to pop pimples on your face, but always remember that there is always a risk of introducing bacteria on your face which can lead to more breakouts. 

57. Drink Tea and Eat Fish

If you love drinking tea and eating fish-based meals then you are doing your skin a lot of good. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants like Coenzyme Q10 that help reduce inflammation and ageing while fish-based meals are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which plays important roles in the production of skin cells, prevention or reducing ageing etc.  

58. Test Before Use

It’s always a good idea to test new skin products you have never used before at least 24 hours before actually using it especially if you have sensitive skin. This will help you know if the new product is compatible with your skin or if it’s going to be irritable to your skin. Testing ahead of time will help you make alternative arrangements if it turns out your skin is sensitive to it. 

59. Hydrate Before Shaving

Always hydrate your skin before shaving with a razor to avoid those razor nicks and cuts. You’re more likely to have a cut if your skin is dry or if you have dry skin. Consider using depilating or hair removal creams if you’ve cut yourself too many times. 

60. Glow with Supplements

Vitamin or nutritional supplements are often important sources of the ingredients our body needs to keep our skin glowing. As you age, the body’s ability to produce these ingredients may diminish over time or you may not just be eating the right foods that provide these ingredients.

You may also not like some of these foods that are rich sources of these ingredients, so rather than deprive your skin of the nutrients it needs, why not consider taking nutritional supplements to give your skin the boost and glow it needs. 

61. Go for Sulphate Free Products

Dial back on body washes and facial cleansers that contain sulfates. Sulfates tend to remove most of the skin’s sebum leaving it dry. This can be worse if you have sensitive skin or dry skin. Consider using facial cleansers and body washes that are sulfates free. 

62. Cleanse with Sauna

Sauna baths have cleansing benefits to your skin. The steam opens up your skin pores and allows dirt and bacteria to removed naturally. Facial steamers can be a very good tool especially for people with oily skin. You can use facial steamers for deep cleansing of your face especially if you are always having a running battle with blackheads. 

63. Be Careful with Hot Showers

Hot showers can be very beneficial to the skin and body but you need to be very cautious about the water temperatures. Hot showers can exacerbate conditions like eczema, and dry skin easily. Only use water temperatures that your skin is comfortable with. 

64. Excess Salt Affects Skin

Having excess amount of salt (sodium) in your diet may not be good for your skin. Excess dietary sodium may cause fluids to be absorbed from your skin which will leave the skin parched. Besides, excess sodium is not good for your heart either. So watch what you eat!

65. Have a Skincare Routine

Always adopt a skincare routine that is appropriate for each season. Watch your skin as the seasons change and change your skincare routines accordingly. Your skin is exposed to environmental conditions that change as the year move from one season to another.

Hence, having the same skincare routine may not be helpful for your skin. Summers and winters are usually quite harsh on the skin because of the extreme temperatures and dryness. 

66. Know Your skin Sensitivities

If you have sensitive skin, know the different things or skincare ingredients your skin is sensitive to and avoid them. Your skin may not like fragrance filled or infused skincare products, so avoid them even if you love the fragrance so much. 

67. Keep Using Moisturizers

Don’t stop using moisturizer just because you have oily skin. Your skin can still get dry from cleansing agent or soaps you use. This may cause your skin to respond to the dryness by secreting more sebum or oil. However, you can prevent or minimize this by using some light moisturizers that will prevent the skin from getting dry.

68. Maybe It’s in Your DNA 

Genetics can be a culprit in some skincare issues. Some chronic forms of acne and other skin conditions can be passed down along the genetic line from parent to children. 

69. Natural Oils are Good for Your Skin

Not all oils are bad for your skin. Naturally occurring oils like coconut oil are actually good for your skin. They have small molecular sizes and can be absorbed easily into the skin. They are also non-greasy and cannot clog your skin pores. These oils are useful to the skin because it helps in fortifying the lipid skin barrier which prevents moisture loss from the skin. 

70. Watch Your Skin

The fact that you didn’t get sunburns in spite of spending time outdoors does not mean your skin isn’t damaged. Prolonged exposure can eventually result in serious sun damage to the skin.

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71. How About Chemical Exfoliation?

As much as it’s important to exfoliate regularly, you need to be careful about how you do it if you have sensitive skin. Physical exfoliation (scrubbing) may cause irritation of your skin. Instead, consider using a chemical exfoliating agent with ingredients that may not be irritable to your skin. 

72. It’s Not Always About Money

Finding the right skincare products that give you the results you need is not necessarily about spending more money. It is more about understanding what your skin care needs are and finding the right products to address those needs.

Some of the products or solutions can be very affordable while others may be on the high end. It’s all about understanding the issue and finding the right solutions or alternatives. 

73. It’s Not About Skin Color

You are wrong if you think you don’t have to put on or apply sunscreen just because you have colored skin. Sun damage happens to all skin types when exposed to UV sun rays. You still need to put on sunscreen on your body irrespective of your skin color.

74. Wash Your Face Correctly

One of the most common skincare tips you will always hear is “wash your face regularly and every evening before going to bed”. However, most people may be doing this all wrong and this may be the reason why you’re not getting the kind of results you want. 

75. Use a Face Wash

There are right and wrong ways to wash your face. Never wash your face with regular soaps. Most soaps are made from alkaline-based formulas that may dry up the oil on your face (skin), making it dry. Use a face wash instead to wash your face.

76. Be Gentle with Your Face

Do not scrub your face. Be gentle when washing your face. Scrubs can cause irritation of the skin, you can use smooth facial cloths or foam if you don’t want to use your bare hands.

77. Cover Up with Body Makeup

If you are always concerned about your skin flaws like scars, tattoos, varicose veins etc. on parts of your body that are always exposed, know that there is a solution for that. You don’t have to keep wearing dresses you don’t really like just because you want to cover up such flaws.

You can use body and leg makeup to cover up such flaws so that you can have the nice unblemished skin you want and wear dresses that will allow you to show off your legs and beautiful body. 

78. Wax to Smoothen Your Skin

Consider waxing your legs regularly if you always wear dresses that expose your legs. This will also give your legs that smooth eggshell feel that beautiful legs have. There are other options of hair removal that you can consider if waxing is not your thing. You can use depilatory creams, shaving razors or laser for hair removal.    

79. Cover Up Your Feet

Your feet (especially the heels) are more likely to crack during winter and summer. You can prevent this by always covering your feet either by wearing socks or footwear even at home.

This will shield the feet from the dry conditions that cause cracking. Also, exfoliate the thick skin around the soles of your feet to remove the dead cells and apply moisturizer to keep them supple. Consider using silicone heel cups when wearing shoes if you are treating cracked heels.    

80. Make Lifestyle Changes

You must understand that there are changes that occur with your skin as you get older. So many factors contribute to these changes including changing or declining hormonal levels, previous exposures to environmental factors, quality of living, etc.

You will need to make appropriate changes to enhance and improve your skin condition as these changes occur. There are different products for different conditions or lifestyle changes you can adopt to help you have a good healthy and beautiful skin as you age.  

Beauty Tips for Hair Care 

beauty tips for hair care

81. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Hair beauty tips are just as important as your skin and makeup. It is something people will see every day! Washing your hair every day may sound like the best way to take care of your hair but it will destroy your hair. Washing hair every day will cause it to become very dry because natural oils in the hair shaft will be removed from it causing it to become dry and prone to damage.  

82. Stop Hair Breakage

The concentration of shampoo can be too strong for some hair types which can lead to dryness and hair damage. This is because shampoo in concentrated form can strip the hair of its natural oil causing it to become brittle which results in hair breakage. Consider using very limited amounts of shampoo or diluting it with water before using it on your hair

83. Don’t Wash Hair with Hot Water

Do not wash your hair with hot water. Instead, use cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair. Hot water can cause hair damage the same way exposure to sun or excessive heat from hair styling tools can result in hair breakage.  

84. Use Hair Conditioner Correctly

Using hair conditioner incorrectly can result in scalp buildup. Do not apply hair conditioner directly to your hair roots or scalp. It may cause contact dermatitis or create a good environment for the scalp to become irritated and flake off causing buildup on your scalp. It is always best to apply it from the tip of the hair to mid-length but not the root of the hair. 

85. Oil First Before Washing Your Hair

Pre-condition your hair for washing by oiling it for at least one hour before you wash it. This allows the oil to get absorbed into the hair (shafts) and reduce the loss of natural oil from the hair that occurs when washing your hair and ultimately prevent or reduce hair damage or breakage.

86. Towel Dry Before Blow Drying

Avoid blow-drying your hair or dry it with blow dryers only when your hair is more than 50% dry after washing and drying with a towel or air dry. Blow dryers produce hot hair that can cause hair damage just like styling tools and sun when used for prolonged periods (especially when trying to dry hair completely with a blow dryer after washing the hair).

The best way to use blow dryers is to allow at least 50 percent of the hair to be air dried (or towel dried) before using a blow dryer. This reduces significantly the duration of time that the hair will be exposed to the hot air from the blow dryer. 

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87. Detangle in the Shower

The best way to detangle your hair without any stress is by doing it when you are still in the shower with conditioner it. The hair is still soft and easy to separate at this time without any pain or discomfort. You can easily use a wide-tooth comb or bristle brush to easily comb or brush through the hair to untangle it. 

88. Reduce Use of Hot Styling Tools

Limit the use of heat hair styling tools to once a week. Frequent use of heat styling tools can cause split ends and damage to your hair. However, if you must use these styling tools frequently, consider applying heat protectant to your hair before using these tools. The heat protectant will shield your hair from the damaging effects of heat. 

89. Cover Your Hair

Going outdoors right after you have washed or oiled your hair can be a bad idea especially on a windy or dusty day. Dirt adheres to oily surfaces and can settle on your newly washed, oiled and clean hair. Consider wearing a hat or cover your hair if you really need to go outside after oiling your hair. 

90. Use Sunscreen for Hair

Spending time on the beach or outdoors during the summer can be a nice way of relaxing, but make sure you are not doing this at the expense of your hair. Protect your hair from heat from the sun by wearing a beach hat or any hat that fits nicely with your dress if you are spending time outdoors but not on the beach.

You can also put on hair sunscreen to protect your hair in addition to wearing a hat or at least wear sunscreen if you don’t want to put on a hat.  

91. Prevent Hair Dryness

Leaving your hair loose or uncovered when you’re outdoors or outside can cause your hair to dry up easily because of exposure to harsh environmental conditions. You can tie up your hair or cover it a hair scarf or nice hats. 

92. Not too Tight

Don’t tie your hair or braid it too tightly. It can cause some headaches and discomfort. The tension on the hair roots may be too much for your hair and cause some hair damage. 

93. Trim Your Hair

This may sound counter-intuitive but consider trimming your hair if you are trying to grow it and make it very long and healthy. Hair tips usually get dry and split off which tends to affect the growth and length of the hair. Trimming your hair every 6 – 8 weeks will take care of the dry tips that split easily making it difficult to style and grow your hair the way you want. 

94. Waterproof Your Colored Hair

Don’t let water come in contact with your hair if you style your hair with color.  Water may contain other agents that are harsh on hair color and can cause the color to wash out especially if the water temperature is warm.

Other potential agents that may be harsh on your colored hair include chlorine (from tap water or swimming pools), and sulfates. Always treat your hair with a Prewash mist that can prevent water from getting absorbed into your hair. 

95. Change Your Hair Style

Consider changing your hairstyle once in a while to give your hair some relief from styling tension and stress that is exerted on your hair shaft. Hairstyles like braiding and tying a ponytail tend to exert tension on the hair which can cause hair breakage and in some cases scalp irritation. Changes hairstyles often can provide some relief for the hair which will make it grow well. 

96. Using the Right Hair Brush?

You may be using the wrong hairbrush. This may be the reason why you are not satisfied with your hairstyles. There are different types of hairbrushes and combs and each of these tools has a specific use. You may not get the best results when you use the wrong brush or comb for a particular styling need. 

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97. Apply While Damp

The best way to use hair mousse for best results is to apply it to clean damp hair. This makes the hair to absorb the mousse making it easy to style as it gets dry. Always apply the mousse from the roots to the end or tip of the hair and comb thoroughly to evenly distribute it before styling hair. 

98. Don’t Panic

Do not panic if the color of your hair root has a different shade than the rest of the hair when you color style your hair. You can get a root cover-up spray with a matching color shade and spray your hair roots. Ideally, you may want to visit a colorist to fix this; but you can also do it yourself at home if you want to save some extra bucks!

99. Do Hair Massage

It’s not just your body alone that needs massage. Your hair loves massages too. The hair tend to flourish and grow better when you have regular scalp massages. This improves blood circulation in your scalp and the hair receives its nutrition from blood vessels in the scalp. Hence, the hair gets better nutrition to make it grow and flourish with improved circulation from scalp massages.

100. Feed Your Hair

You need to eat right and healthy so that your hair can have the right nutritional ingredients it needs to grow and thrive. 

101. Give it a Break

Give your hair a break from chemical treatments. There is a higher risk of your hair cuticle breaking whenever your treat your her with chemicals (coloring, shampoo, etc.). This makes the tip of your hair to split causing hair damage. Taking long breaks from chemical treatments and styling can help your hair recover from previous breakage and grow very well. 


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