Is Tresemmé Good for Your Hair?

Is Tresemmé Good for Your Hair?

Is Tresemmé good for your hair? Tresemmé is not good for your hair. From all the reviews on their products, gathered from different credible sources online, they all seem to agree on one thing, which is that Tresemmé is not good for your hair.

Although their products are pocket-friendly, they have a high content of harsh chemicals, which are not friendly to your hair at all. As is common with many drugstore shampoos and conditioner brands, there is a high presence of harsh chemicals in their products which can damage your hair instead of doing any good for it.

Though pocket-friendly, they are not friendly to the health of your hair. Their products contain such harsh ingredients as sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, and formaldehyde that can cause damage to your hair and health problems in the future.

In the immediate term, they can cause anything from an itchy scalp to even lesions and blisters from the irritation of these ingredients.

The bottom line is that, given the presence of these chemicals in their products, purchasing these products is likely not going to be a good buy, but instead a liability to your hair and health. Although they are inexpensive, the long-term effects on your hair and health may be prohibitively expensive.

Is Tresemmé Good for Your Curly Hair?

TRESemmé Flawless Curls Shampoo and Conditioner Set, Curly Hair Products with Coconut Oil Leaves Curls Defined, Sulfate Free, Frizz Free, 28 Fl Oz Ea
Source: Amazon

Tresemmé is not the best brand for curly hair, but it’s also not the worst. Tresemmé manufactures a ton of different hair care and styling products for a wide range of hair types.

Some are specifically made for people with straight hair, while some are designed for people with curly hair.

Some of the products they have created specifically for curls, kinks, waves, and coils are Flawless Curls Refresh Leave-In Conditioner Spray with Coconut Oil, Flawless Curls Defining Hair Cream with Coconut Oil, Flawless Curls Hydrating Anti-Frizz Hair Oil with Coconut Oil, etc.

These products specifically designed for curls are, unlike their conditioner and shampoo products, less likely to have harsh ingredients. They are formulated to impart moisture to even the thirstiest strands, making your curls soft and beautiful.

Their customers also have something positive to say about these products.

Why is Tresemmé Good for Your Hair?

TRESemmé Botanique Shampoo and Conditioner Four Pack, Nourish & Replenish, 88 oz
TRESemmé Botanique | Source: Amazon

This popular American haircare brand, famous for its affordable yet luxury packaged products, offers a wide range of hair products for your hair concerns and a number of hair types. Some of these products promise your hair smoothness, silky-smoothness, and health.

However, given the harsh chemicals present in some of their hair products, some of them may be extremely damaging to your hair in the long run. Not only are these ingredients harmful to your hair and skin, but they might also pose some health challenges for you.

For example, DMDM Hydantoin House, which is a harmful chemical present in some of their products, e.g., their shampoo products, is a very harmful chemical that causes severe skin, eye, and lung irritations as well as cancer.

While of course, it’s not all their products that contain some of these harmful chemicals, it may not be a wise move to gamble with your hair or health. If you must buy these products, do ensure you read their content lists well.

You might want to ask somebody who knows better than you do to clarify some confusing or unknown ingredients you spotted in the course of your examination.

Is Tresemmé Shampoo Good for Your Hair?

TRESemmé Shampoo Tames and Moisturizes Dry Hair With Moroccan Argan Oil Smooth and Silky For Professional Quality Salon-Healthy Look And Shine 28 oz 3 Count
TRESemmé Shampoo | Source: Amazon

No, it’s not good for your hair. They are full of chemicals, harsh ones, which are not good for your hair.

It should not be surprising what these products can do to your hair, given the presence of these chemicals in them. For instance, we observed that their shampoo products contain sulfates like sodium lauryl and Cocamidopropyl betaine.

These chemicals have been proven to strip the hair and scalp of their natural oils, which can lead to several problems for your hair. Some of such problems are dryness and breakage.

Also, Tresemmé shampoo can cause an allergic reaction. As noted before, these products have harsh and harmful ingredients in them, which can cause an allergic reaction from regular applications of them on your hair.

These are some signs to watch out for as you use these products: irritated and itchy scrapes after washing, redness or dryness or blisters on your scalp, dandruff, or hair loss. If you experience any of these, your Tresemmé shampoo might be causing an allergic reaction to your hair.

Is Tresemmé Good for Coloured Hair?

Tresemme Expert Haircare - Keratin Smooth Color - With Moroccan Oil - Shampoo & Conditioner Set - Net Wt. 25 FL OZ (739 mL) Per Bottle - One Set
Source: Amazon

Yes, Tresemmé is good for your colored hair. Their Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo, one of their shampoo products, is good for colored hair, unlike some of their other products.

It’s free from most of the harmful products present in some of its other products. It’s sulfate-free and works best on dry and frizzy-colored hair types.

Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo helps your colored hair retain its color the best. This color-safe drugstore shampoo is not only affordable but has the feel of being creamy and rich, like expensive salon-quality products.

To know color-safe shampoos, for instance, tend to have a creamy look, are free from sulfates, and are more gentle on the hair cuticle.

Yes, from reviews and tests done on Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo, Tresemmé is good and safe for colored hair, because it leaves your colored hair hydrated, safe, moisturized, and able to prolong its color.

Is Tresemmé Conditioner Good for Your Hair?

TRESemmé Conditioner for Dry Hair Moisture Rich Professional Quality Salon-Healthy Look and Shine Formulated with Vitamin E and Biotin, 28 Oz, 3 Count
TRESemmé Conditioner | Source: Amazon

The answer again is no. The reason again lies in the chemical makeup of the Tresemmé conditioner.

They contain a lot of harmful ingredients in their products. One of the harmful chemical components of this conditioner is DMDM Hydantoin.

This ingredient has a reputation for causing scalp irritation, hair loss, and lesions. Its long-term usage over a long period can cause significant negative effects on your skin, scalp, and hair.

This ingredient has this ability because it’s a preservative and antimicrobial agent, releasing a small amount of formaldehyde overtime to help keep products fresh and free from mold and bacteria. Also, this conditioner can equally cause an allergic reaction.

We would not advise you to buy Tresemmé conditioner because of some harmful ingredients present in it. What they can cause has already been discussed above.

However, you may be interested to know that the company that manufactures Tresemmé products is currently mired in muddied water from a lawsuit, and the lawsuit is interfering with their shampoo and conditioner. You might want to read more here

Is Tresemmé Good for Hair Growth?

TRESemmé Expert Selection Conditioner, Botanique Nourish and Replenish 25 oz
Source: Amazon

The answer is both yes and no. It all depends on you using the right products for your hair type.

However, this haircare brand has developed a wide range of products, mostly shampoo products, to help you combat many hair problems. Using the right shampoo products leaves your hair healthy and paves the way for its growth.

Using the right Tresemmé shampoo products leaves your hair smoother, shinier, and stronger. However, some of the Tresemmé Shampoo products are not good for your hair as they contain some harmful ingredients that can have serious consequences for your hair.

So, before you go out and buy any of their shampoos, make sure you do your research.

We recommend, though, that you use the new Tresemmé hair fall defense shampoo because it energizes and stimulates the scalp to help control hair loss that is caused due to breakage and the keratin because it restores hair to its healthy-looking state.

Is Tresemmé Mousse Good for Your Hair?

TRESemmé Hair Mousse Extra Hold, White, 2 Oz
TRESemmé Hair Mousse | Source: Amazon

Yes, Tresemmé Mouse products are good and safe for your hair. For instance, Tresemmé’s Flawless Curls Mousse makes your hair manageable, leaving it feeling smooth, never sticky or stiff.

Not only is it cheap and affordable, but it also has a maximum hold on your hair, controls, and tames frizz, and leaves a long-lasting boost to your curls and waves.

It’s equally made from alcohol, so it won’t leave your hair sticky or flat after applying it to your hair, but rather it will leave your hair dehydrated, conditioned, and smooth.

In conclusion, Tresemmé Mousse is good and safe for your hair.

Is Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Good for Your Hair?

TRESemmé Botanique Shampoo and Conditioner Four Pack, Nourish & Replenish, 88 oz

Yes, it’s good and safe for your hair. If two Tresemmé products enjoy good performance scorecards among their customers, they are Keratin Smooth Conditioner and Keratin Smooth Shampoo.

Unlike some of their shampoo and conditioner products, these two products have a natural feel. They are free from harsh ingredients.

They leave your hair smooth and soft, remove tangles, control frizz and help restore your hair to its healthy-looking state.

In conclusion, Tresemmé smooth is good for your hair. It does not contain harmful ingredients or dangerous preservatives.

Thus, it’s good and safe for your hair, leaving your hair smooth, refreshed, and has a natural feel.


Whether Tresemmé is good for your hair or not can be answered both in the affirmative and in the negative. While some of their products are good for your hair, some might be harmful due to the presence of harmful chemicals in them.

Before you make that purchase, always make sure you read its content list thoroughly to know exactly what you are buying.

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