Can You Use Expired Deodorant?

Can You Use Expired Deodorant

Can you use expired deodorant? This may be odd but some people consider doing this. I don’t think any of us want to take on our day without the one product that helps us feel and smell clean, deodorant.

Putting on deodorant is part of our daily routine. We all have our favorites and can’t live without them. Can you use expired deodorant? Sometimes, we run out or can’t find it and we reach into the cabinet and find a spare. But, how long has it been there?

No need to worry, you can use expired deodorant. When a deodorant is opened, it has a shelf life of about 12 months but if unopened, it can last for years. So, go ahead, you are safe to open it up and use it.

Deodorant is a very underrated product. We all need it every day and use it every day but it is hardly talked about or brought up. Without deodorant, we would definitely not be as happy all day long being out and about every day. So, buy your favorite, make sure it smells great and walk around with a smile on your face.

Is it Safe to Use Expired Deodorant?

Yes, it is safe to use expired deodorant. It will have zero effect on your health. Using expired deodorant may not have the same benefits as a deodorant that hasn’t expired.

Aluminum salts or compounds are the active ingredients in most deodorants. That is the active ingredient and it quits working after expiration. The aluminum salt loses its quality over time.

There is a difference between antiperspirant and deodorant. Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that stop you from sweating. Deodorants are made to mask the scent from sweating. You may prefer one over the other.

Deodorants have expiration dates to ensure that when you use them, you are getting the full benefit of the product and it is doing what it was purchased for. There are a few ways to tell if your deodorant is expired:

  • If it is a solid deodorant, you will notice a crumbling or falling apart.
  • Look for discoloration. If it is supposed to be white, is it looking yellow or even green?
  • If it is a gel deodorant, is the gel shrinking and cracking?
  • Smell it to be sure the scent hasn’t changed or smells altogether bad now.

Look for these things to identify if your deodorant is expired and if it has any of these qualities, you should throw it out. Even though expired deodorant will not harm you, you should just toss it to be safe.

What Can You Do with Expired Deodorant?

Once expired, you can choose to recycle it. Instead of doing a clean sweep of your expired items and throwing them out, you can reach out to TerraCycle to see if the item can be recycled.

More and more items are available for recycling today. Companies everywhere are trying to make things better for the environment.

Contact TerraCycle and send it to them, shipping is free. They will recycle it for you. TerraCycle’s mission is to recycle everything it can to help heal the globe. They are a social enterprise that has taken on eliminating all waste.

They realize that nearly everything around us can be recyclable. They can turn items that were never able to be recycled into recyclable items. Companies work with them to turn things like ocean plastic into new products.

If you want to be sure to keep your deodorant for as long as possible, simply store it in a cool place and it will extend its shelf life immensely. Typically, you should buy a new deodorant every 6 months once opened. You always want to be sure you have the most effective product at your disposal.

Keep up on the expiration date and store your extras in a cool, dry place and you won’t have to worry about examining your deodorant to see if it needs to be thrown out or hopefully, recycled.

What are the Best Types of Women’s Deodorants?

Can You Use Expired Deodorant

Consumers are always searching for the best products and deodorants are no exception. Nowadays, many people are searching for deodorants are with natural active ingredients and products that are safe for the environment.

The products listed below are some of the best deodorants for women and are ranked among the top favorites for shoppers on Amazon.

1. Native Natural Deodorant in Coconut & Vanilla

[amazon box=”B07GB3NVN1″ template=”horizontal”]

2. Tom’s of Maine Long-Lasting Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant

[amazon box=”B07Y38C6SN” template=”horizontal”]

3. Magsol Sweet Orange Magnesium Deodorant

[amazon box=”B092RF7KML” template=”horizontal”]

4. Secret Aluminum-Free for Women

[amazon box=”B08G5HYRNX” template=”horizontal”]

Consumers are moving more toward natural, fragrance-free, organic, vegan products in recent years. Everyone wants to be sure they are putting the best in and on their body. Read reviews and know what to look for in your favorite products.

Top Deodorants for Men

Men have been known to put themselves through a lot during their day. They have hard jobs, stressful jobs, and are very active. They want to stay fresh all day and be on top of their game.

Find below some of the best deodorant brands for men:

1. Degree Men Victory Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray

[amazon box=”B08372TVSH” template=”horizontal”]

2. Schmidt’s Hemp Seed Oil & Sage Natural Deodorant

[amazon box=”B087WHYFT6″ template=”horizontal”]

3. Old Spice Swagger Refillable Antiperspirant

[amazon box=”B00EZWT5BY” template=”horizontal”]

4. Art of Sport Victory Cool Eucalyptus Deodorant

[amazon box=”B08Y9CK4NX” template=”horizontal”]

Most men already have their favorites but you could always benefit from trying new things and see what you are missing. Maybe you will find a new favorite.

Any deodorant is a great product to have in your bathroom. Be sure to check your cabinet for expired products every once in a while.

You should always make sure everything you keep in your medicine cabinet or bathroom shelf is a safe product to use. Having good products just makes good sense.

You can use expired deodorant. If you are in doubt and it doesn’t seem to have gone bad, then give it a try. It will not harm you in any way. The active ingredient may not work anymore but it won’t hurt you.

Try new products and see what is newly available. You may find a deodorant that you like better and has better key ingredients.

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