Do Claw Clips Damage Hair?

Do Claw Clips Damage Hair

Claw hair clips are a staple for any woman and really, anyone with long hair but you may be wondering – do claw clips damage hair? It is common to find one in almost every hair accessory collection and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

However, one size doesn’t fit all in this instance. In fact, today we ask the question, are hair clips even good for the hair?

Are Claw Hair Clips Bad for Your Hair?

To claw clip or to not claw clip; has been a disputed issue. Everyone seemingly has their own problems with claw clips. However, there’s a consensus that claw clips are a great alternative to other hair accessories. Of course, you can damage your hair under certain conditions.

In reality, the majority of hair damage caused by claw clips lies in the hair type and model of the clip itself, which we will cover later. Claw clips in general, are actually a great alternative to many other stressful and painful hair accessories that are unfortunately used for everyday styles.

In order to avoid damaging the hair with a claw clip, anyone you choose should have smooth and seamless edges, with no sharp spots along the tongs, as well as a properly functioning spring hinge that doesn’t catch the hair.

In addition, one should never wrap the hair too tightly to fit a claw clip-on or have wet hair while styling, as this, completely devoids the benefit of the claw clip, which is to be gentle on the hair.

However, it’s bad to wear the same hairstyle from one day to the next. Claw clips shine in this regard, as they are one of the most flexible accessories and can be worn with different hairstyles while keeping the hair safe.

 Do Hair Claw Clips Damage Hair?

The term ‘hair clips’ has many different variations, from barrettes to those oh-so-popular butterfly clips, and even clip-on hair extensions. They have been used for decades, however, hair clips are also ironically some of the most damaging items to put in the hair.

For instance, poorly made barrettes tangle hair and have been known to jaggedly cut strands. Even more shocking is that clip-on hair extensions weigh down real hair and overtime leave gaps and bald spots after they’re removed.

Furthermore, hair clips are oftentimes small and therefore cannot hold more than a small section of hair, making them more prone to adjustment since they can’t grip onto a large enough section of hair and are even prone to breaking if too much hair is shoved into the clip.

Do Hair Pins Damage Hair?

Do claw clips damage hair

Hair pins are some of the most commonly used tools for an array of hairstyles. However, they can actually damage hair quite easily depending on the material with which they are made, as well as the method in which they are used.

Hair pins with a plastic end cap are typically the safest since the sharp metal ends are covered and therefore won’t end up lacerating the scalp. Furthermore, too many hair pins being used on the scalp tugs at the follicles and strands, tearing hair away in the process.

The safest option for this is typically a spiral hair pin, which weaves itself in and out of the hair, making for a virtually painless application. However, if used on an everyday basis, hair pins can cause extreme damage.

Therefore it’s always recommended to not use them as an alternative and while other hair accessories such as claw hair clips might not have as great a hold on the hair, they are still much safer.

Are Claw Clips Better than Hair Ties?

The straight answer to whether claw clips are better than hair ties is 100% yes. The right type of claw clip will cocoon the hair, while still gripping it into place, instead of suffocating and stretching out hair strands like a hair tie does.

Claw clips essentially gather the hair together while hair ties pull the hair taught, putting excess pressure on the hairline in front, further aggravating hair loss.

In addition, hair ties can be extremely painful to take out, and hours of activity cause the style to move about and tangle. In fact, certain hair ties are worse than others, such as elastic rubber hair ties or ties with small pieces of metal.

Instead, using hair ties made from soft fabrics is safer, but just like hair pins, hair ties are still not great for everyday use, which is why claw clips are ultimately better, as they’re perfect for everyday wear.

How to Wear Claw Clips on Your Hair

Just like the sheer variety of claw clips available, the number of different styles is no different.

Starting with the French twist: its popularity soared in the ’90s and has seen a resurgence in recent years. This style is also easy on the hair while still remaining casually classic. Simply gather the hair into a low ponytail and twist until half of the hair’s length is firmly twisted.

Then raise the twisted half to the back of the head and secure with the claw clip, making sure to gently grab onto the surrounding hair and letting the excess loose hair fall over the clip. This style works well with a large claw clip.

Secondly, there is the ponytail twist, which is great for thicker hair. Carefully gather the hair into a ponytail and twist it into a bun and leave about two-thirds of the original ponytail hanging below the coiled bun. While a hair tie is useful in this instance, you don’t necessarily need to have one to achieve the style. Then, use a large claw clip to clamp down on the bun area.

Thirdly is the half-up twist. Simply separate the top half of the hair from the bottom, then twist the top half from top to bottom and coil to form a bun. It should look like a classic bun, except with a few inches leftover that points downward.

Once you’ve finished the top section, take the claw clip and secure it between the bottom of the bun twist (where the extra hair is facing down) and the loose hair begins. The claw clip should be worn at an angle, roughly six o’clock, to ensure that the style will hold while still maintaining volume. This particular style is great when using a medium-sized claw clip on curly, natural, and short hair.

Hair Clips that Don’t Damage Hair

After all this discussion about claw clips and their potential benefits, you’re bound to think about which clips you should choose. Below are several curated options for you to consider.

1. Matte Banana Claw Clip

12 Pack Large Hair Claw Clips for Woman,Non-slip Matte Banana Clips ,Strong Hold jaw clip ,Hair Clamps for Thin Thick Hair
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Starting off with one of the trendiest claw clips currently on the market, ‘Banana Clips’ are slender and equipped with more than enough prongs to tightly secure onto the scalp. Not only do they come in an assortment of chic colors, but their matte, non-slip texture, allows the hair to stay in place without breakage.

However, it should be noted that these clips are fantastic for thin and short hair, but not for thick, long, or textured locks as the density of the hair might be too much for the slim design to handle.

2. Tortoise Claw Assortment

RANYE 3PC Hair Claw Banana Clips Tortoise Claw Hair Clip Acrylic Hair Jaw Clips French Design Celluloid Hair Clamps Clips Non Slip Grip Jaw Clips for Women(Milk Cow pattern)
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This beautiful three-piece set packs a punch with its stylish tortoiseshell pattern, as well as its variety in shape. Each clip included differs in design: one that is more akin to a banana clip, another that will cover a larger portion of hair, and a medium-sized rectangular clip that meets functionality with the purpose given its cutout sides.

3. Lux ‘Belle’ Claw

France Luxe Belle Cutout Curve Jaw - Matte Graphite
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Say Goodbye to cheap and heavy plastic clips that weigh down the hair, rather than uplift and flatter the face. This medium ‘Jaw Clip’ with a bell cutout is lightweight, free of jagged edges, and has great reviews from thin and thick-haired people alike.

4. Camilia Paris Clip

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Ornately designed, this large claw’s intertwining motifs on the clip’s sides conjure the image of a fanciful garden. The interconnecting pieces also allow for the hair to be delicately caged without tugging to keep it secure.

5. Matte Octopus Claw Clip

Large Claw Clips Big Claw Hair Clips for Women Non Slip Grip Octopus Clip Banana Clips Claw Hair Clip Jaw Clips for Thick Thin Hair Strong Hold Catch Barrette Ponytail Holder Accessories
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Equally elegant to the banana clip, these large ‘Octopus’ style claw clips secure thick and/or textured hair without hesitation. Much like the banana clips, their matte finish means little to no hair breakage, and especially with the design of these clips, the wavy, juxtaposing prongs gently weave their way into the hair, allowing for a tangle-free and casual style.


So at the end of the day, are claw clips damaging to the hair? Not really. In fact, they tend to be better if not the best alternative to other hair accessories. As long as the claw in question is high quality and without jagged edges, you should feel confident and safe using it.

Besides, while it might be tremendously trendy right now, there’s no question that claw clips will really ever go out of use considering how effective they can be.

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