Is Olaplex Good for Your Hair?

Is Olaplex Good for Your Hair?

Is Olaplex good for your hair? I am sure you would have heard of Olaplex products either at the salon or as an online review.

Olaplex deals with improving the texture of any kind of hair, whether dry, frizzy, curly, wavy, etc. Very few people understand the pros of these hair products, and those who are new to the use of these hair care products often ask if Olaplex is good for their hair.

Olaplex helps to restore the hair texture and limits breakage.

Olaplex products are made to repair the disulfide bonds in hair, which are so often damaged due to the use of chemicals and dyes on the hair. Too much heat on the hair also destroys the hair texture, and Olaplex comes in handy to revive such types of hair.

Its products also help to restore broken bonds in the hair, and this in turn makes the hair appear stronger and smoother.

Olaplex has about eight products in its hair care line and they can be equally used by professionals in the salon and also at home. The Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector product is the most popular and is commonly used by many people and hairstylists.

The product is usually applied on wet hair and it helps to repair hair damage done by heat and chemicals.

Is Olaplex Good for Your Hair?

Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother, 3.3 Fl Oz
Olaplex No 6 | Source: Amazon

Yes, Olaplex is good for your hair. Olaplex is already a household name among many people and salon professionals.

There are also celebrities like Kim Kardashian who have given out good reviews about the excellent results of these hair care products. The Olaplex products are generally used to repair hair damage caused either by too much exposure to heat, chemicals, or dyes.

The presence of the main ingredient known as Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate makes the Olaplex hair care products very effective in their use.

Olaplex basically uses its series of products to restore the weight and texture of your hair, and it can also be used as many times as you want with no worry of overuse.

Olaplex can be used twice a week or weekly depending on what you want and how damaged your hair currently is. These hair care and treatment products are often used by many salon professionals to achieve soft, shiny, strong, and healthy-looking hair for their customers.

The Olaplex products can also be used at home by yourself without necessarily going to the salon.

 Why is Olaplex Good for Your Hair?

Ultimate Bond Treatment System
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Olaplex has proven to be a good hair treatment and care product over the years. Its effect on the different types of hair has further proven the effectiveness of these hair care products.

Many people and hair care specialists have all attested to the fact that the hair care products not only help to restore damaged hair to a better and stronger hair texture, but they are also useful in retaining the disulfide bonds locked in the hair.

The good news is that Olaplex products can now be used at home and not just in the salon as they were originally designed for use when they were first discovered.

Olaplex is good for your hair because it helps to repair any hair damage and it also works perfectly with any hair type, whether coarse, fine, curly, or many other types. Too much hair perm or relaxing and coloring could have adverse effects on the hair growth and texture.

Olaplex comes in handy to take care of these types of hair problems by ensuring that the hair texture is returned to an even better state than it was previously.

Is Olaplex Good for Hair Growth?

No, Olaplex is not intended to promote hair growth; rather, it is intended to strengthen and repair damaged hair. The damages could be caused by poor hair management, exposure to heat, and also bleaching or hair coloring.

As amazing as Olaplex hair products can be, they are not effective for hair growth in any way. Olaplex restores the hair from the inside shaft and locks the treatment in to repair the hair.

In this way, the hair is made stronger and free from breakage, hence, giving you very healthy hair. Hair breakage may occur from some different things, like bleaching, hair relaxation, and coloring.

This would affect the hair’s growth and texture as it continues to break and lose its luster. Once your hair has been well treated with the Olaplex hair products, it locks in the bonds, which makes your hair stay healthy and strong all the time.

What Type of Hair is Olaplex Good for?

Olaplex No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment, White, 5.2 Fl Oz
Source: Amazon

All hair types. Olaplex is good for all hair types, be it virgin hair, coarse, fine, curly, frizzy, or blonde hair types.

The Olaplex products work perfectly with the different hair types and also benefit them greatly. Everyone has different types of hair and they are all made up of disulfide bonds that need to stay in place to ensure the hair does not break or lose its strength.

Olaplex has seven different types of hair care products in its line, each with its use and benefit in terms of how it benefits the user’s hair care.

The Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector is widely used by many people with different hair types, and they have given positive reviews of this hair product.

As it was designed, Olaplex makes its products easy to use and they can also be applied to artificial hair and other types of hair extensions while getting the same good hair results.

Continuous usage of the Olaplex hair care products is, however, encouraged so that you can keep your hair looking healthy and strong.

How Often to Wash Hair with Olaplex?

Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask, 3.3 fl.
Olaplex No. 8 | Source: Amazon

The Olaplex hair care products can be used as often as you want. Although you may be advised to use them a few times a week, maybe twice, there is no damage or harm caused by making use of the hair products all the time.

Hairstylists and experts frequently recommend using Olaplex No.3 at least once a week and Olaplex No.4 up to Olaplex No.7 for daily hair maintenance. With this method of usage, you are sure to notice the big differences made in your hair texture and look.

Your hair would retain its natural feel, bounce more, and also have its disulfide bonds become stronger, hence limiting hair breakage.

Does Olaplex Go On Wet or Dry Hair?

The Olaplex products can either be applied to wet or dry hair. For example, the Olaplex No. 3 product needs to be applied to dry or damp hair so that the hair can easily absorb all that has been applied to it.

Some of the other Olaplex products, like Olaplex No.7, need to be applied to wet hair. After the application of the Olaplex products on damp hair, it should be left in the hair for as long as 48 hours for its results to be more effective.

The longer time the application is left in the hair, the better the results. For dry hair, the Olaplex products can be left for a few hours of the day to allow them to absorb the nutrients into the hair.

After which it can be washed out and styled as preferred. For seriously damaged hair types, the Olaplex products can be left in the hair for a longer time. This will allow it to be properly treated and a good result achieved.

Can You Wash Your Hair with Olaplex Everyday?

Olaplex No. 4P Blonde Enhancer™ Toning Shampoo, 8.5 fl. oz.
Olaplex No. 4P & No. 5 | Source: Amazon

Yes, there are no known risks or damage done to your hair when you use Olaplex to wash it every day. When used often, it keeps your hair intact and informative as it becomes better with time.

Olaplex is useful to strengthen the hair and make it appear more radiant and beautiful. The hair care and treatment products are used in many salons globally for their good results.

You can also make use of Olaplex at home by yourself. The products do not need so much expertise for them to be efficiently used.

Another benefit of wondering if Olaplex is good for your hair is that the Olaplex products are very compatible with all hair types. With this, you don’t have to worry about it working with your hair type or not.

When properly applied, you are sure to get the best hair treatment results in a limited time.


Olaplex is already a popular household name often used in many salons and celebrities also make use of it to care for their hair. Olaplex is useful for maintaining healthy hair and the repair of damaged hair types.

With Olaplex, you are assured of getting back shiny, soft, and healthy-looking hair. The hair care products can also be used for wigs, extensions and other types of artificial hair and the same good results would also be obtained.

Now you know all that Olaplex can do for your hair care. Why not try to make use of the products if you haven’t and also share a review of what you think about Olaplex.

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