10 Reasons Why Your Eyeshadow Looks Muddy

why does my eyeshadow look muddy

If you find yourself wondering – why does my eyeshadow look muddy, then know that you’re not alone. Makeup is supposed to make you feel and look beautiful. This builds inner confidence that you may not know you have.

However, things don’t always go as planned or expected and makeup is not an exception. The most common mistake comes from the eyes and it can be a bit challenging when blending eyeshadow.

No matter how many youtube videos you watch on how to and what not to do, sometimes we still end up with our eyeshadow appearing muddy if it is not applied correctly. Other than the foundation and blush part of makeup, having eyeshadow skills can be a ‘lifesaver’.

It is sometimes a key element in your everyday makeup routine. If you’re someone like me who normally does not wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, you spend more time on that one area because you want to make it look very nice.

I’ve described what may be causing your eyeshadow muddy look and also included some tips below that could help you to avoid having this makeup disaster most of the time.

1. Not Using An Eye Primer

The beauty of using an eye primer is very important when applying eyeshadow. Eye primer creates a base for a very dynamic finish. This step is very important for most as this allows an easy application with a smooth finish.

Even though we all have different undertones, applying a primer before putting on eyeshadow brightens the pigments for visibility no matter what color you use. Not using a primer or concealer can cause your eyeshadow to smudge and fade throughout the day. Not pretty!

Tip: Under-eye primer is necessary as well.

2. Using The Wrong Brush

Brush selection is very important. This could be one of the reasons why your eyeshadow is not coming out the way you want. A dense and more compact brush is best. Something that usually has a flat surface but also allows you to pack on a generous amount.

Keep in mind that a larger fluffy blush is best for blending and an angle-like brush is ideal for a precise line and winged effect.

3. Small Eyelid Space

why does my eyeshadow look muddy

This is when the skin of the crease falls over the lid. Some ladies think applying a deep dark shade will help minimize the hood, but that’s not the case. Go for a more neutral look.

From experience, I’ve done someone’s makeup and she had more of a hooded/narrow eye frame. This was pretty difficult for me because she aimed for a certain look. Using more than one color can result in an ugly mash-up. I ended up using one tan color and blush for a soft glam effect and LOTS OF MASCARA. She was extremely ecstatic!

As a result, I added a highlight on the frontal bone to open up her eyes a little bit more.

4. Using Eyeshadow That Doesn’t Compliment Your Eye Color/Skin Tone

Because our eyes are one of the most dominant features on our face, it’s important to pay attention to eye color when doing makeup.

While you can do whatever you want and be creative when doing your makeup, you should opt for shades that accentuate your skin tone or eye color. Obtain from using lighter shades for brown skin and darker shades for pale skin. Go for your version of neutral and always remember opposites attract.

5. Using Too Much Eyeliner

why does my eyeshadow look muddy

This could be one of the reasons why your eyeshadow may appear muddy. Too much eyeliner can override your eyeshadow and cause it to smear throughout the day. Many eyeliners with a cream formula aren’t really waterproof.

If you have an oil-based lid, it can loosen up and start to run. You’re better off using a pencil, especially if you have shaky hands. I find this to blend out better without smudging.

Tip: Do not pull back the skin on the end of your eye to create a wing, because when released it looks tacky and a dreaded texture shape.

6. Highlight The Inner Corners

Shimmer or glitter in the inner corner of your eyes makes your shadow pop way more. In this latest trend, this idea can make your eye appear bigger or even give you that sexy cat look. It balances everything out and makes a difference in your overall look.

My favorite of all time is Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Killawatt in shade Trophy Wife. This weightless long wear formula sets your every mood. It contains an illuminizing glow fit for all skin tones and I am here for it. By the way, who said it has to be your typical white and pink. I suggest doing this step last.

7. Not Blending Well

why does my eyeshadow look muddy

Yes, It’s true. It’s important to use a blending brush, with a flared surface, and gently stroke back and forth. You could either blend way too much and it looks muddy or not enough.

I usually pat on the lightest color first over my entire lid, then go in with the medium shade, and then the darkest in my creases. This will help you out so much when you finally blend everything together.

Always remember not all eyeshadow palettes are made equally, some will be more pigmented than others.

Tip: Applying a base, besides the primer, such as a translucent powder will always help blend the next color better.

8. Using Too Much Eyeshadow

When it comes to makeup the amount of product you use is not always proportional. Always start with a little and you can add more later. For the best results, gradually apply each shade of eyeshadow before moving on to the next color. This helps with overly pigmented hues.

If you plan on using, let’s say, 3-4 eyeshadow shades apply less than you usually would. It would assure you will have a flawless finish and a full completed eye look.

9. Ignoring Color Combinations

why does my eyeshadow look muddy

There are many ways to pick eyeshadows to pair together. When creating a glamorous look, you should try colors that are adjacent to each other. If you are a newbie, a color wheel might be your best bet and could elevate your skills.

This means if you’re going for a summer look, consider colors like red, orange, and yellow.

Tip: Try different shades of the same color.

10. Wearing The Wrong False Lash Based On Eye Shape

It could look really bad or really good. Not everyone is a fan of falsies, they can be hard to put on and take off. As a professional, I recommend wearing lashes that fit your eye shape.

This determines your final look. It’s true that all lashes will not suit you. The upside of lashes is that they can be a game-changer to your overall look.

To avoid your eyeshadow from looking terrible, trim your lashes to fit, allow the glue to get tacky, and place your lashes as close to your lash line as possible.

Yes, we all make mistakes sometimes and without the proper tools, products, and the right blending, your eyeshadow could end up looking muddy. Doing makeup is enjoyable and there is no right or wrong way.

Regardless of anything, you want people to notice your beautiful eyes. A few think it’s too much, but I call it enhancing your true beauty. The cool thing about it is that it has no limits.

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