Color Oops vs Color Fix

Color Oops vs Color Fix

Color Oops vs Color Fix which one is the best brand? In today’s world of hair dying and rocking fun colors, accidents are bound to happen. Sometimes a dye job turns out bad or it is not the same look that you anticipated.

Many brands have decided to combat issues like this by marketing products that are advertised to remove the dyed color from your hair. Color Oops and Color Fix are two products that are meant for this job, but how do you know which one is right for you?

Similarities Between Color Oops and Color Fix

Both Color Fix and Color Oops are intended to remove recent dye from botched dye jobs or looks that were not the anticipated final product. They both must be applied to recently dyed hair to work since the strands are not fully saturated with color yet.

Many of the similarities between the two products stop here though! While they are essentially marketing as the same thing, they work very differently. 

Differences Between Color Oops and Color Fix

Color Oops Hair Color Prep System (4oz.)
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The biggest difference between the two products lays in the details. Color Oops can remove the hair dye from your whole head in an even layer. Color Oops is also the cheaper of the two products. It works by shrinking the hair dye molecules and then removing them from your hair, which is why it works best on freshly dyed hair. It also only takes two steps to use.

Color Fix on the other hand can be used in specific areas depending on your needs. For example, if one section of your hair turned out drastically different from the rest, Color Fix would be the correct product for you. Although it is more expensive, it is worth the price tag if you need to only fix a certain section of hair

Difference Between Color Prep and Color Oops

Color Prep is another product in the hair-dying world. It is manufactured by the same company as Color Oops and is intended as a primer to use before self-dying your hair

Color Prep allows you to prepare your hair for transitioning colors by removing any residue or buildup on your strands from past dyes. Like Color Oops, it works by shrinking the dye molecules so you can wash them out before dying your hair. It is important to use Color Prep before dying your hair if your hair already has dye from a previous at-home dye job on it. It essentially provides as clean of a canvas as possible for the new dye.

Color Oops is different because you do not have to use it after every dye job. Color Oops is used when there is a mistake made in the dye job that needs to be removed. However, it works with the same type of science that Color Prep does. It is useful to have both of these products on hand while dying your hair. 

Does Color Oops Damage Hair?

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A big worry of at-home dying products is causing hair damage. After dying your hair and needing to use a dye-removing product like Color Oops, you may be concerned about possible damage. 

Color Oops is advertised to be very gentle on hair. If your hair is previously damaged from dye, it is best to wait a while before using the product to not stress your strands out anymore. However, Color Oops itself is not supposed to be damaging to the hair.

Color Oops is advertised to bring you back to your original color by stripping the dye from your hair. Since it is not re-dying your hair, it is non-damaging.

As long as you follow the instructions labeled on the product, Color Oops should not damage your hair!

How to Use Color Oops Hair Color Remover

Color Oops is very easy to use! It only takes a couple of steps to properly take the hair dye out of your hair. 

The first step of using Color Oops is to mix equal parts of Color Oops 1 and 2 together and apply it evenly throughout your hair. Both Color Oops 1 and 2 are included in the box. You then
want to wait about 20 minutes for it to work its way into your hair. If you prefer, you can put a shower cap on your hair while you wait.

After 20 minutes, you can rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. You will want to shampoo your hair 2-3 times and use conditioner afterward. Try to wash your hair for about 15 minutes to make sure all the product is out. 

After this, the product should have done its job and the results should be visible!

Does Color Oops Work on Old Hair Dye?

Color Oops Protein Kit | 2 Step Process to Protect & Repair Damaged Hair
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Color Oops is a great product that works to remove old hair dye or a bad dye job from your hair. While it works best on freshly dyed hair that is only a few days old, it can work on any hair dye no matter the length of time it was on your hair. 

Color Oops can work on old dye that is grown out or that you no longer like. It also works well on freshly dyed hair. Since it uses an agent to shrink and remove the dye molecules, it can work on any age hair dye as long as you follow the instructions properly. 

How Long Does Color Oops Last?

After opening, you may wonder if Color Oops is still good to use or if you have to buy a new bottle each time. Like most hair products, Color Oops does not technically have an expiration date. 

The FDA does not require hair dye manufacturers to put expiration dates on their products. This is likely due to the fact that it is assumed the products will be used up before the expiration date. As a general rule of thumb, hair dye and hair dye accessory products like Color Oops have a shelf life of about 3 years after opening.

Even if your product is less than 3 years old, you still want to check to make sure it is safe to use before applying it to your hair. You can tell if it is expired by checking for a change of smell or change of color. You can also look to see if the product has separated at all or has changed texture.

Additionally, you should make sure your product is closed tightly and stored in a cool, dry place between uses. So overall, Color Oops can last up to 3 years, but it is integral to check for signs of expiration before applying to your hair. Expired hair products could lead to hair damage or other consequences if used in your hair


Color Oops is a useful product if you need to remove hair dye safely and easily. It removes dye evenly from your whole head and works on both new and old dye jobs. It does work evenly throughout your hair, so if you are looking to fix just specific sections of your hair, Color Fix is likely the product for you. In addition, Color Oops is easy to use alongside priming products like Color Prep and is unlikely to cause any hair damage when used properly!

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