Micellar Water Vs Toner


Whether you are a skincare junkie or not, chances are that you have heard about or even used micellar water or toner for one of your skincare routines. However, there are several people who are often confused about the difference between micellar water vs toner. Many people are not so sure about how to use micellar water or toner when to use them and the benefits of using these products for your skincare needs.

Using the right skincare products and spoiling yourself with the essential skincare staples can help you to have a picture-perfect skin that every girl dreams of having.  But it’s not so surprising that many get confused about how to use these products, especially toners and micellar water. They may look like a replica of each other, but the reality is far different than what people assume.

This post will help you understand the details about Micellar water vs Toner so that you get to know what exactly you have in your cabinets and how to use them.

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water is a skincare product that contains hydrating agents such as glycerin, mild surfactants, and purifying water used for a skincare regime. It is basically a cleansing agent that cleanses the skin and gets it rid of dirt and dust particles.

It is best suited for oily and acne-prone skin and it is also very effective in removing makeup, dirt, and oil clearing the skin pores and hydrating it at the same time. For all those times, when you hit the gym or are traveling, micellar water can be a blessing to help you cleanse your skin on the go.

What is a Toner?

Toners look like water, but it is more than water and not a simple combo of hydrogen and oxygen. It can be taken as a magical liquid that can remove the dead cells on the skin surface and hydrate it for good. It has the pore cleaning powers and can even out your skin to let you exhibit clear skin.

Toners are your friends when you opt for some extra cleansing session. Just like exercising helps you in toning your muscles, toners can help you in tightening and toning your skin. There are several other things that toners can be used for, ranging from exfoliating, oil control, skin brightening, restoring PH balance, and a lot more.

Micellar Water vs. Toner: What’s the Difference?


Toners and micellar water are look-alikes, but they are different based on the purpose they serve. Micellar water is a cleansing product, whereas a toner stands as a skin tightening and toning product.

Micellar water is a one-stop solution for removing mild makeup, and oil as it contains micelles. Micelles have the might of cleansing the oil by attaching themselves to the dirt and extracting it out from your skin. On the other hand, toners start their game once the micellar water action comes to a stop.

Benefits of Micellar Water

If you are wondering whether you should make use of micellar water, then you need to have a look at the various benefits it offers:

1. Hydrates Your Skin

Using micellar water on a daily basis moisturizes your skin and keeps it hydrated. The glycerin content in the micellar water is the ingredient that helps in retaining the moisture and also promotes any kind of wound healing.

2. Cleansing

Micellar water is best suited as a facial cleansing agent that can cleanse your skin from deep within. They remove all the dirt and oil from your face giving you clear skin and a deep cleansing effect.

3. Tones Your Skin

Micellar water can also be used as an all-purpose toner.

4. Makeup Tool Cleansing

Despite all the other benefits that micellar water offers, you can also use it to clean your make up brushes, and other makeup tools. Experts suggest that using micellar water for cleaning purposes can remove all kind of dirt and oil that stays stuck to your makeup brushes and prevents any bacterial build-up.

Apart from the various benefits it offers, it is easy to use, portable, and convenient.

Benefits of Toner

Toners are a savior for oily skin, and there are several uses of toner. It can work wonders for your skin and also prevent breakouts, here are a few benefits of using toners:

1. PH Balance Restoration 

Human skin is acidic in nature with pH ranging between 5 and 6, and there occurs a misbalance in the regular PH scale when one cleanses her face using soaps or face washes.

Thus it may take a considerable amount of time to gain its original value, but using toners can help attain the regular levels of PH balance in no time.

2. Protection Cover

Toner acts as a shield to your skin when applied; it closes down all the open pores and causes cell gap tightening. This ensures that any environmental pollutants and impurities do not gain an entry into your skin.

3. Refreshes Your Skin

Not only does the toners act as moisturizers to nourish your skin to retain the moisture levels but can also be used for washing your skin. It helps in the revitalization and keeps your skin healthy when you cannot afford to invest much time on beauty treatment every now and then because of your hectic schedule.

4. Grooming

Toners can help in preventing ingrown hair due to the alpha-hydroxy and glycolic acid contents. It also shrinks the pores and gives a treat to your oily skin keeping it dirt free.

How to Use Micellar Water and Toner

Micellar water is simple and easy to use. You just need to soak a cotton pad with it and rub it across your face and around your neck. You will notice that the cotton pad will turn brownish in color as a result of the dirt that is being removed from your skin. Change cotton pads as they become dirty until your face is wiped clean.

Should I Moisturize After Using Micellar Water?

Yes, cleansing and moisturizing go hand in hand as a duo. Once you cleanse your face with micellar water, make sure that you moisture your skin. If you have oily skin, then an excess of cleansing can hamper the moisture barrier, further resulting in moisture loss. This moisture redundancy can be catered to by applying a moisturizer.

A water-based moisturizer is a smart pick to return the moisture to your skin but make sure that you choose a product that suits your skin and does not cause any irritation or side effects. You can also prefer using an aloe-based moisturizer that has the capability of removing sebum, leaving your skin matte and smooth.

How Often Should You Use Micellar Water?

Micellar water can be taken as an essential element for makeup removal. Though you may feel really frustrated to take out all the makeup, it is a must for effective skin treatment.

It can remove makeup without creating a mess, and it is advised that you should use it twice a day. You can start your makeup schedule by first cleansing your face with micellar water and use it once again in the night when you sit down to remove the same.

FAQs: Micellar Water Vs Toner


Which Micellar Water or Toner Product Should I Buy?

When you walk to the market or hit the online stores to get the best micellar water for acne-prone skin, there are various alternatives that you may come across. With the increase in competition, there are multiple brands that have come up with exceptional quality micellar water.

Should I Use a Toner After Micellar Water?

Yes, toners can be applied after using micellar water to give that extra quotient of skincare. Once you cleanse your face using micellar water, you can use a toner which further hydrates, removes dead skin, and makes your skin appear smooth and subtle.

Can Micellar Water be Used as a Cleanser?

Many people have a question in mind whether they can replace cleansers with toners? The answer is ‘yes’; you can opt for micellar water in place of cleansers for a reasonable cleansing routine.

If you do not put in much of makeup and have to sit down spending a considerable amount of time in bed beauty regime taking it off, then micellar water is good to go. So for minor dirt can be cleansed with micellar water but for major cleansing, you need to use other cleaning products as it cannot cleanse your skin deeply.

Also, remember that this water remains on your skin once it is applied. Thus it is necessary to wash your face if you want to opt for moisturizing or any other skincare routine.

Is Micellar Water a Toner?

Many people think micellar water and toner are the same. But there are a few difference which builds up a thin barrier between the two.

Micellar water is the first thing that you should pick up in your hand to start with your skin-do. It should be applied over your face, which cleanses it thoroughly. Once you are done with it, you can further apply a toner that closes down the pores of your skin and seals the moisture within

Taking about the differences between the two, micellar water can help in removing dirt and makeup, whereas a toner assists in skin tightening and maintaining the pH levels.


Toners and cleansing agents are not the same, and all those who took both these products to be the same must have surely missed out on the big secret that these products offer.

We hope that this quick guide must have proved helpful to unlock your quest and doubts regarding Micellar Water vs Toner. So now since you know the differences, we wish you a happy cleansing and toning time!

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