Does Hairspray Cause Hair Loss

Does Hairspray Cause Hair Loss

Does hairspray cause hair loss? There are many common myths and fears surrounding hair products, one being “does hairspray make your hair fall out?” The short answer is no, hairspray is not responsible for hair loss. However, misuse of hairspray or any other hair product can damage your hair and cause issues such as dryness or hair loss.

Is Hairspray Good For Your Hair

Hairspray is a very useful product, especially if you rely on your hair staying in place for events or like to wear exquisite hairstyles. However, like any products involving chemicals, you can overuse hairspray, and it is not necessarily good for your hair if used incorrectly.

Like other hair products, hairspray contains chemicals that can be harsh on your strands. These include concentrates, plasticizers, fragrances, alcohol, and more. If you use canned spray for that extra hold, that can include aerosols and propellants as well, which are both potentially harmful to your hair and the environment when overused.

Alcohol can cause damage to your hair over time if used too much. It can dry your hair out, making it brittle and cause breakage. This means you should use hairspray sparingly. However, if you use hairspray properly and sparingly, it is not necessarily dangerous to your hair.

Hairspray can make your hair hard or plastic-feeling. This is great to hold down your ‘do, but you shouldn’t mess with it too much afterward. Make sure you wash your hair completely and rid it of hairspray residue before trying to brush or comb through it. Combing or brushing through hair that has hairspray in it can break the hair causing split ends. 

Be careful using heat tools with hairspray as well. Some hairsprays are meant to be used alongside heat tools, and most hairsprays are safe to apply after your look is complete. However, you should not go back and do touch-ups with heat tools after applying hairspray, as it can dry your hair and cause burning or breakage.  

Does Hairspray Cause Baldness

Hairspray does not cause baldness. Baldness can be caused by damage to the hair follicle, leading to hair loss. Hairspray does not directly damage the hair follicle. Damage from hairspray more so affects the strand of hair, especially the ends. 

The chemicals in hairspray could potentially cause damage to the follicle if you are spraying on your scalp and letting the product build-up instead of washing it. As long as you are washing your hair thoroughly after hair spray use, there is no need to worry about baldness caused by hairspray. 

Does Hairspray Cause Hair Breakage

Hairspray can cause hair breakage if you are overusing or misusing it. However, breakage is usually caused by a mix of what you are doing with the hairspray rather than just the hairspray itself.

If you are aggressively brushing or combing your hair after using hairspray, it can cause breakage. If you are using heat tools after applying a non-heat-safe hairspray, it can also cause breakage.

Hairspray can eventually cause breakage if you are not washing it properly afterward. The chemicals and the overall weight of the hairspray on your strands can weaken the shaft and eventually cause breakage. This is why it is important to take care of your hair and wash it thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner once you are done with your hair sprayed look. 

Can Overuse of Hairspray Cause Hair Loss

Does Hairspray Cause Hair Loss

Overuse of hairspray cannot directly cause hair loss. Hairspray itself is not the main culprit linked to hair loss but can contribute if it is leading to damage to your follicles.  If you are overusing hairspray, it can eventually weaken the hair follicle, which can lead to hair loss. This would happen if the hairspray is continuously weighing your hair down or drying it out close to the root.

 However, if you wash your hair properly after using hairspray and use the appropriate amount needed to hold your hair in place, you will likely not see any hair loss related to the hairspray usage. 

Does Tresemme Hairspray Cause Hair Loss

You may have heard some negative press surrounding Tresemme products lately. There is currently a lawsuit filed against one of their manufacturers claiming their products can cause hair loss. 

This lawsuit has been mostly aimed towards their shampoo and conditioner products. Their hairspray has not had claims against it. Check if your product contains DMDM Hydantoin, as that is the chemical claimed to lead to hair loss. 

Best Hairspray for Hair

The ideal hairspray for your hair will depend on a few factors including your hair texture and your desired hold. A maximum hold hairspray will hold your hair back best in the heat, wind, and is often used for elegant or time-consuming hairstyles.

A light spray will supply the minimum hold but will protect your hair against light interruptions like wind or heat. It will also help avoid that hard plastic feeling of a heavy-hold hairspray. Many brands make different sprays in a variety of hold levels so you can find one that best suits you. Here are some of the best hairsprays for you:

1. L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray 

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray - Color Treated Hair 11 Ounce (1 Count) (Packaging May Vary)
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Elnett Satin is perfect for color-treated hair and it provides a long-lasting extra stronghold. It also controls flyaways, holds curls, and creates a soft finish. It is humidity-resistant and it can is suitable for curly, wavy, or straight hair. 

2. CHI Helmet Head Extra Firm Hairspray 

CHI Helmet Head Extra Firm Hairspray, 10 oz
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CHI Helmet Head Extra Firm Hairspray is a great choice for extravagant looks such as prom or wedding hairdos. It is fast drying and voluminous hair looks. It is paraben and gluten-free. 

3. Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast 

Living proof Full Dry Volume Blast, 7.5 oz
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Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast delivers instant volume and lasting texture that transforms hair into voluminous styles while holding your hair in place.

4. Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light Hairspray

Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light Hairpray, 9.5 oz
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If you’re looking for a light hold, Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light Hairspray is a great choice. It is ideal for fine to medium hair types. 


In this article, we discussed how the statement that hairspray causes hair loss is mostly a myth. In a quick summary, overuse or misuse of hairspray can potentially cause damage to hair that eventually affects the hair follicle, leading to hair loss, but hair loss itself is not directly correlated to hairspray use.

We also talked about how to correctly care for your hair during and after hairspray use, and what sprays are best for you. Hopefully, you can now take the world by storm with your locks secured and frizz-free!

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