Can You Buy The Conditioner That Comes With Hair Dye?

Can you buy the conditioner that comes with hair dye? Yes, As a matter of fact, the CC+ Colorseal conditioner can now be purchased separately and you can find it at most beauty product retail stores. There are so many buyers of hair dye that would love to be able to purchase the conditioner separately.

You may be wondering, but why do people want to do that? Boxed hair dye has a secret weapon inside the box. The conditioner inside makes your hair feel the smoothest, the shiniest, and the healthiest it has ever been.

When you dye your hair, you sometimes end up being more impressed with this small tube of conditioner inside the box and how it makes your hair feel than how your color turned out! This leaves many consumers asking if you can buy the conditioner that comes with hair dye.

I know many of us that dye our hair sometimes save the conditioner and break it out once in a while to use for that great healthy, sleek feeling. We do this pretty much after every time and we end up having a small collection of the conditioner. The conditioner feels so good and we want to stretch those little tubes out as long as we can.

Why Does the Conditioner in the Hair Dye Box Make Your Hair Feel So Good?

After dying your hair, when you run your fingers through it, the hair has the best feeling! It makes you wonder how in the world this could be the same hair you had before it was dyed.

The ingredients in the boxed hair dye are made to work great with the color ingredients and provide that healthy body and shine you look forward to. The conditioner that comes with your hair color is not made to use long-term.

If you look at the label and the ingredients, you will see it has a very high amount of silicone. Silicone, when used in small doses, is an effective ingredient. The higher levels of silicone used in the hair dye kits are the reason your hair’s so very easy to comb.

There are conditioning agents used in conditioners that give it that healthy feeling but unfortunately, these agents are the only relative ones used in the hair dye kits.

Although your hair does feel so soft, manageable, and healthy after you use it, over time using this conditioner will leave your hair looking dull. This may be one of the reasons why companies are not pushing this conditioner to be sold separately because they fear the long-term reviews.

What Should I Look For in a Conditioner?

I think we all want to use the best possible products on our hair. We want to keep our hair looking like we just came from the salon. We pay a lot of money to get a certain look or style and we want to keep it looking great for as long as possible.

When you are looking for a hair conditioner, you want to make sure you look for a few main ingredients. You want to look for a mix of silicones in small percentages, amino acids, which are used to strengthen your hair and different provitamins and proteins are all good ingredients.

To keep your hair looking healthy over time, you want to also check for aloe. Aloe is proven to help repair dead skin cells and will leave your hair looking and feeling healthy for a long time.

Aloe is a very beneficial ingredient to have in a conditioner. Aloe helps with an itchy scalp, it helps with greasy hair, it even aids in hair growth, and can also protect your hair from sun damage.

Why Should I Use a Conditioner?

Can You Buy The Conditioner That Comes With Hair Dye

Conditioner adds body to your hair and helps seal the cuticle. If you don’t use conditioner, you may have more breakage, damage and your hair may start to look thin.

Some people feel that conditioner will weigh their hair down or they may not use it because they feel their hair is too oily. Those are all myths and have been proven wrong over the years. You want to use conditioner. It helps your hair in so many ways.

The truth is if you do not use a conditioner, your hair will look unhealthy and feel dry and your favorite hairstyle won’t look how you want it. This is one part of your daily hair care routine you do not want to skip. It amazes me how your shampoo and conditioner can have such an effect on your hair health is.

You always want to be in the habit of using conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. Your hair will thank you for it!

Your Hair Conditioner is Very Important

Hair conditioner is one of the best tools you can have in your daily routine. A good conditioner can keep your hair looking healthy, shiny, and at its best every day. You want to look good and have your confidence shine. Your hairstyle says a lot about you and shows you go the distance to top off your appearance.

Having a great conditioner will make this happen, especially if you find yourself styling and drying and using heat products on your hair every morning. A good conditioner will protect your hair from all of this daily wear and tear.

Having healthy feeling hair is one of the best feelings! Everyone loves that “just came from the salon” shine as well. The conditioner that comes with the hair dye is great to achieve that look and feel. When you dye your own hair, that last step in the process of putting in the conditioner is always the best. You are done with your new look and it feels amazing!

If you want to buy the conditioner that comes in the hair dye to give you a great healthy look once in a while, I suggest you go for it but as I pointed out earlier, try not to use it after every shampoo because over time your hair will not look as bright and shiny!

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