Is Hairspray Bad for Your Hair?

Is Hairspray Bad for Your Hair?

Is hairspray bad for your hair? Hairspray to some people is simply a lifestyle.

They love hairspray’s fixing effect because of the certain confidence it gives their looks. Some see it as a style that adds beautiful colors to their fashion life.

Some love it simply for its simplicity. The motivations for hair spraying are diverse and as many as there are people into hair spraying.

However, one thing unites them all, fear. Fears centered on the implications of this lifestyle.

Is Hairspray Bad for Your Hair?

The fears again find expression in a nagging question: is hairspray bad for your hair? The answer to this question will depend on so many things, but generally, hairspray is not bad for your hair.

Whether hairspray is bad for your hair or not will have to depend on your adopted lifestyle, and not largely on the product itself which is harmless to you and your hair when properly used. Then one might ask what are those habits which make your hairspray bad for your hair?

One is applying it recklessly every day. The keyword is moderation. Apply it moderately and wash your hair regularly.

Two, using bad hairspray on your hair. Using bad hair spray on your hair is bad.

Hairspray is either good or bad for your hair depending on its content or mixture. A good hairspray should not leave any residue on your hair or leave it looking greasy and must support your hair falling back to its natural position just by brushing it.

Third, apply hairspray majorly to one specific area of your hair.

Four, not knowing your hairstyle and the right hairspray it needs. Every hairspray is different and so are the hairstyles.

Again, is hairspray bad for your hair?

No, is the general answer. But it can be bad for our hair when we use it wrongly.

Why is Hairspray Bad for Your Hair?

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Hairspray is bad for your hair largely not because of the product, but your usage of it. The point is not that hairspray in itself is harmless, but rather that what brings out or gives life to the seemingly sleeping harm inherent in it is largely how we use it.

Hairspray is a chemical, and as common with every chemical, it has potential side effects which are enhanced by wrong uses or poor lifestyle. One of the potential side effects of the chemical on your hair is that it can dry out your hair and leave split ends.

Adopting such a poor habit of making this chemical in your daily hair care regime may activate a group of active ingredients like polymers and solvents which has health consequences for you. Such a bad habit of not washing away the hairspray may make your hair dry and brittle.

Also, such a wrong use of the chemical as spraying it directly on your scalp can make your scalp dry through alcohol which is present in the product. Using the product near open flames may lead to your hair catching fire due to its inflammation property.

Does Hairspray Damage Hair?

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No, hairspray generally does not damage hair. The narrative ascribing hair loss or hair gain to it is false.

Several things can lead to loss of hair or damage to your hair, but none of the hairspray products has any of these. And for hair to be damaged or lost, there must be a cause in line with the natural law of cause and effect.

The only cause of hair loss is something damaging the hair follicle root and fortunately, these products do not have such ability. To whether hairspray damages hair or not, the final answer is no.

At most what you can get from excessively using hairspray containing a lot of alcohol is your hair breaking once in a while.

Is it Bad to Leave Hairspray in Your Hair Overnight?

Well, going to bed with hairspray in your hair is not a good practice you should be found indulging in.

After using these hairspray products to hold your hairstyle, do see to it that you wash it before you go to bed at night to avoid a build-up of chemicals, including alcohol, that can ruin the texture of your hair.

Products such as hairspray can stick to your pillowcase and build up over time each time you go to bed wearing them. Therefore, you can develop spots and acne from this build-up of accumulated chemicals on your pillow.

It is not just your face that is at risk. You could also get a spotty neck, shoulders, or back.

Is Hairspray Bad for Your Scalp?

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Yes, hairspray can be bad for your scalp. However, not all hairspray products can be bad for your scalp.

Hairspray with a different kind of alcohol or containing a whole lot of alcohol can make your scalp dry. Not only can these hairspray products containing ethanol make your scalp dry, but they can also irritate it.

A build-up of hairspray may become a problem for you, particularly your scalp. The reason is that repeated use of hairspray between washing your hair may cause certain brands to create layers of dandruff-like particles that flake off.

Although this is not dandruff, these small white flakes can fall on your scalp and shoulders, giving you the appearance of having dandruff. Also, you can develop an allergy to certain hairspray products in the form of an itchy scalp.

You are, however, advised to discontinue your use of these products if you start developing this kind of allergy.

Finally, is hairspray bad for your scalp? Yes, it can be bad for your scalp. Many people use these products every day and long-term use of them may end up deteriorating the health of their scalp.

Is Colored Hairspray Bad for Your Hair?

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No, it’s not bad for your hair. The colored spray has the same normal effect on hair as non-colored ones when used rightly.

Colored hairspray simply coats the outside of the hair, meaning that it generally does not cause any damage to the hair or hair structure. Also, since it does not penetrate the cortex of the hair, it can not permanently change your natural hair or melanin.

It only coats the outside of the hair and can be washed out with just one shampoo. They are safe for adults and children alike so far you use a known and trusted brand.

However, some colored spray can stain your hair, so you might want to do your homework before deciding on which to go for.

How Long Should You Use Hairspray in Your Hair?

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Hairspray can stay in your hair all day long. A rigid hairstyle that requires a strong-hold hairspray will keep hair in place all day long without hair feeling stiff.

And when you want to let it go off, it can just be brushed without the need for washing your hair. However, while these products can be left in the hair for an extended period, say days, it’s not a good practice to go to bed with them.

Spots and acne can develop from these chemicals accumulated on your pillow and bed over time.

Can Using Too Much Hairspray Cause Hair Loss?

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No, it can’t lead to a loss of hair. While it may cause the hair follicle to become weak and brittle, it can’t lead to a loss of hair.

That hairspray can cause hair loss whether used sparingly or too much is a myth, one of the falsehoods flying about which have no truth in them.

The cause of hair loss lies below the scalp surface and this happens when the hair follicle root is damaged, not as a result of too much use of hairspray.

Again, no. Using hairspray too much can’t cause a loss of hair.


Hairsprays are great for adding hold and shine to your hair, they are simply a style, a way of life. And yet the nagging question fueled by fictitious stories, is hairspray bad for your hair?

As earlier noted, it’s normal for every chemical to have side effects. However, hairspray when used rightly is not bad for your hair. It does not damage hair or lead to hair loss.

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