Cat Eye vs Winged Eyeliner

Cat Eye vs Winged Eyeliner

Cat eye vs winged eyeliner what’s the difference and which one should you use? Cat-eye makeup always looks ravishing on everyone and it is one of the reasons why it has remained timelessly in style. Winged eyeliner is another popular type that has dominated the eyelids and made them look beautiful. Both of these styles lend a dramatic depth to the eyes.

Now, what is the difference between cat eye makeup and winged eyeliner? It is right for you to be a little confused about this because they both look very similar. The only difference is that with cat-eye, the eyeliner is applied to both the top and bottom lash line.

Whereas with winged eyeliner, the liner is applied only to the top lid. Both of them have an extended straight line with a swooshing flick at the end. Let us go into a little more depth about cat eyes and winged eye makeup to get a clear understanding between the two.

What is Cat Eye Makeup?

Cat-eye makeup is applied on the upper and lower lash line. The upper eyeliner is continued towards the outer corner of the eyes in the form of a flick that goes upwards. Then you fill up the triangle-shaped flick to get that sharp cat-eye look.

How to Perfect the Cat Eye Makeup

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Though it looks gorgeous on the eyes, it takes a little patience and practice to master the technique of nailing the cat eye makeup. It can be frustrating initially but don’t worry no one gets it right on the first try.

With more practice, it can become surprisingly easy. Here, we will go through a step-by-step process and also figure out the right products that you can use to achieve that feline flick.

How to Do Cat Eye Makeup

Some people find it difficult to do cat eye makeup but it can be a lot easier to do when you follow a step by step guide like the one below especially if you are trying it out for the first time.

Step 1: Use a concealer or eyeshadow primer on the eye area to allow a smooth crease-free look. This way your eye makeup will stay in place for longer without smudges.

Step 2: Use black eyeliner and trace along the upper and lower lash line. Follow the natural curve of your eyelid and lower lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye.

Step 3: Now from the upper corner of your eyelid draw a thick line upwards towards the eyebrows to flick it up and out.

Step 4: Create a smooth curve and connect the wing from the lower to the upper lash line. Use the eyeliner to fill in any gaps in the wing.

Step 5: Use a slim eyeliner brush to trace along with the liner and blend in the eyeliner and correct any mistakes. This also helps in creating a shadow effect.

What is Winged Eyeliner?

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The winged eye makeup is creating a winged tip on the edges of the eyes using eyeliner. This is similar to the cat eye look but the only difference is that the eyeliner extends from the upper lash line towards the eyebrow. There is no liner that is used on the lower lash line.

How to Do Winged Eye Makeup

Winged eye makeup can seem difficult for many people to do but it can be a lot easier when you have a step by step guide to follow. You can follow the steps below to do your winged eye makeup.

Step 1: Similar to the cat eye, always prep your eyes with a concealer or an eyeshadow primer for a smooth base so your eye makeup remains intact.

Step 2: With the help of a pencil eyeliner create a baseline along your upper eyelid. Draw a thin line diagonally that reaches up towards the eyebrows to create a winged tip. Make sure it doesn’t go too close to the eyebrows.

Step 3: If this is your first time, then you can also use a tape or a card and position it diagonally starting from your lower lash line to create the wing.

Step 4: From the middle of the upper eyelid create another thin line that extends diagonally to meet the winged tip.

Step 5: Using a liquid eyeliner trace the outline of the pencil liner in fluid strokes to give it that smooth look of perfection.

Step 6: Fill in the gaps in the winged tip, if there are any, using the eyeliner. Use a Q-tip or an angled eye brush to clean up any strokes or mistakes. Close your eyes and let them dry for a few seconds before you blink to prevent smudges.

Tips and Tricks for Winged Eye Makeup

Cat Eye vs Winged Eyeliner

If you are not very conversant with doing winged eye makeup, some of the tips and tricks below may be helpful for you especially if you are trying it for the first time. Some of these tips and tricks include:

  1. It might sound silly but a steady hand is the first and most important thing to focus on when you are aiming for that lid-elongating look. Sometimes even a slight tremble can make the brush go in the wrong direction, so it’s all about practice.
  2. Use a primer or concealer before applying eye makeup. The face creams, lotions, or moisturizers that we use tend to create an oily surface around the eyes and this can make your eyeliner smudge. So always prep your eyes with a light eye cream or primer to make the liner last throughout the day. You can take it a step further by using a setting powder to keep the eye area dry.
  3. If you are going for that smoky look, then apply the eyeshadow before you apply the cat eye or winged eyeliner to prevent any smudges.
  4. You will need a liquid liner. The secret to having your eyeliner stay smoothly in shape all day long is to invest in a good liquid liner. Try to avoid pencils, kohl, or gels as they can smudge and get dry over a while. A liquid liner with a thin sharp brush and a stiff tip will be easier to use. This will allow easy gliding to create thin straight lines with better control.
  5. You can use pencil eyeliner as a base to create the shape before using the liquid liner. This will give you room for errors and you will not have to worry about perfection, as the eyeliner will go above this line.
  6. Use a cotton swab or earbud to remove any residue. This helps in correcting any errors and to give your cat eye or winged liner look a precise detail of perfection.

Does Winged Eyeliner Look Good on Hooded Eyes?

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Yes. If you have hooded eyes where the creases of your skin fold down to the lash line then you need to apply the liner from where the hood starts.

First, draw a lower line that goes up towards your temple, and from that tip draw a mini line that connects to your lid’s hood. Fill in the gap with gentle strokes. Slowly go inwards from the bottom of that triangle to your upper lid. With hooded eyes, you will need to create the winged tip first and then work your way inwards with the liner in thin strokes.

Is Winged Eyeliner Unprofessional?

Not really. You can wear a winged eyeliner to work as it can help in enhancing your overall look. However, it also depends on the job, that is if the work environment is too professional or has a strict dress code. But you can always keep it subtle and classy with a mini winged tip.

Does Winged Eyeliner Make Eyes Bigger?

Yes, winged eyeliners can create an impression of making the eyes look bigger and beautiful. Which is the reason why winged eye makeup is often referred to as the lid-elongating look. People with smaller eyes can make a dramatic style statement by wearing beautiful winged eye makeup. Just remember to avoid running the eyeliner over the creases of the lid.

Is Fox Eye the Same as Cat Eye?

They’re similar but not quite. Fox eye makeup has become a new favorite trend of many style icons. The difference is that the outer wing in the fox eye is a little lower and extends a bit further than the standard cat-eye.

This wing extends from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eyes all the way to the tear duct to create a glamorous foxy or feline look. A darker shade of eyeshadow is used along with a liquid liner to give the eyes a smoky touch. It is often enhanced further with the help of lash extensions.

Cat Eye vs Winged Eye

Now by keeping all this information, tips and tricks in mind you can go ahead and try both the cat eye and the winged eye makeup look. Remember that in cat eye makeup the liner is applied on the lower and upper lash line. Whereas in winged eye makeup the liner is only applied on the upper eyelid.

Also, remember that you might not get them right the very first time so don’t lose patience. Our overall ensemble can sometimes look incomplete when we don’t embrace eye makeup. After all, eyes are the most attractive features on our face. So practice both the styles till you become a pro and decide which one suits your eyes the best. Now, time to glam up and flaunt those stunning eyes.

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