Is Great Wolf Lodge Worth it?

Is Great Wolf Lodge Worth it?

Is Great Wolf Lodge worth it? Water parks are bliss when it comes to a fun time with friends and family.

Great Wolf Lodge is a very popular water park, and people who know so little about water parks ask, is a great wolf lodge worth it? The simple answer is yes. Although, Great Wolf Lodge is not for the faint-hearted.

Great Wolf Lodge is most well-known for its inner water park. Still, it also has a sizable inner adventure park on the premises with activities like mini-golf, mini-bowling, a ropes course, a climbing wall, an arcade, character meet-and-greets, and exquisite dining.

Additionally, there is MagiQuest, a real-life Dungeons & Dragons-style adventure game where children use dynamic magic wands to find artifacts and runes necessary to slay a fearsome dragon. Great Wolf Lodge currently operates 17 branches across the nation, and in the upcoming two years, they hope to open two more.

Is Great Wolf Lodge Worth it for Adults?

Is Great Wolf Lodge Worth it for Adults?

Water parks are usually tagged as a place meant for little kids. But this speculation doesn’t apply to every water park.

For example, Great Wolf Lodge is still worthwhile for adults to visit and have a fun time despite its reputation as a haven for young children.

Where is Great Wolf Lodge Located?

Great Wolf Lodge is located in different places across North America. With more than 19 separate lodges and administrative offices in Madison and Chicago, Great Wolf Lodge is North America’s biggest family of indoor water park resorts.

Why is Great Wolf Lodge So Expensive?

The cost of a night at the Great Wolf Lodge turned out to be the highest overall across every water park in North America. It costs $200 to spend a night at one of the rooms of Great Wolf Lodge.

Although this might seem expensive, it is not as much as you think, considering the quality service you may encounter during your stay in the lodge.

Is Great Wolf Lodge Pet Friendly?

The Great Wolf Lodge does not allow pets. Animals that don’t meet the legal requirements for service animals would be forced to evacuate, and the renter will lose their security deposit.

There will also be cleaning activities at the cost of $250 if your pet had made some dung activities during your stay at the lodge.

Does Great Wolf Lodge Have a Gym?

Does Great Wolf Lodge Have a Gym?

Yes. Great Wolf Lodge offers Gym services. Try cardio, weightlifting, and more at their high-class gym center.

In the fitness room, put your dedication and well-being to the test. To stay competitive or start fresh, Great Wolf Lodge provides the ideal range of fitness and weightlifting equipment, direct TVs, and a great workout environment.

Does Great Wolf Lodge Provide Towels?

Great Wolf Lodge offers towels within the vicinity of their water park. Towels for workouts and after swimming are available for their customers to use at their convenience.

However, even if you aren’t swimming or hitting the gym, you should consider bringing suitable attires to withstand the 84° water park.

Does Great Wolf Lodge Have a Hot Tub?

Yes. Most Great Wolf branches possess hot tubs with whirlpools within their vicinity. These hot tubes are available to their customers at no additional cost.

Does Great Wolf Lodge Have a Bar?

Yes. Most Great Wolf branches possess bars, and the most popular bar in Great Wolf would be Grizzy Rob’s bar, located at the grand mound Washington state branch of Great Wolf.

You may satisfy your thirst at Grizzly Rob’s through soft drinks, island-inspired cocktails, and a wide selection of beers. Then, visit the bar for a revitalizing break around noon, after spending the day playing in the 84-degree water park, or whenever the mood strikes!

Does Great Wolf Lodge Have Room Service?

Does Great Wolf Lodge Have Room Service?

Great Wolf Lodge does not offer room service or permit food delivery to rooms in the water park. However, you could grab quick meals in their fine dining options available within the vicinity of the water park.

Does Great Wolf Lodge Offer Military Discount?

You’re serving in the military (or just retired) and wondering if Great Wolf offers military discounts on their services. You’re lucky because the Howlin Heroes initiative at The Great Wolf Resort provides military families with a discount.

Great Wolf offers a military discount and discounts for fire, emergency, and medical personnel, 911 dispatchers, doctors, nurses, and correctional officers.

For more information concerning this discount and to locate a Great Wolf Lodge near you, visit their website.

What Time is Ideal for Visiting a Great Wolf Lodge Venue?

Although it may seem apparent, the best time to visit Great Wolf Resort is when you can book a stay at a discount. Who wouldn’t be jolly to pay for almost half the full price?

Seeing as the waterpark is indoors, you may visit Great Wolf Lodge during any season, especially during the winter when everyone is starting to go a little stir-crazy from just staying behind closed doors frequently.

What Essentials Should You Pack and Bring With You to Great Wolf Lodge?

What Essentials Should You Pack and Bring With You to Great Wolf Lodge?

Regardless of where you’re heading, there are some essentials you should always keep in place for your wellbeing.

If you’re planning to lodge in one of their rooms, you should pack some basic clothing with you according to your spending days. If it’s a one-time outing to have some fun time in Great Wolf, don’t forget to grab your inhaler if you’re asthmatic. And consider the following essentials:

  • Goggles
  • 2-3 swimsuits
  • Clothing-related plastic bags
  • Leftovers in gallon-sized Ziploc bags
  • Juice boxes and water are essential to keep your children busy(if you’ve children)

You don’t need to take a life jacket with you to Great Wolf water park since they all have them, and they are conveniently located on racks as soon as you enter the water park area.

A fridge and microwave are located in every room at Great Wolf Lodge hotels, making it incredibly simple to pack snacks and store leftovers. Although the hotel’s eatery and grab-and-go food are excellent, bringing your snacks could allow you to save money.

Can You Buy Individual Tickets for the Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark?

Customers cannot purchase tickets for the Great Wolf Lodge waterpark separately. In light of this, the water park won’t be full if the hotel isn’t. And that is just lovely.

So although it may seem a little bothersome, it’s very convenient that you can’t use the waterpark if you aren’t a hotel guest. Unallowing strangers will prevent it from being crowded and ensure that the resort has a healthy pulse.

What Restrictions Apply to Visiting the Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark?

If you are not staying the night at one of the Great Wolf Lodge hotels, you are not allowed to swim at the waterparks.

This action enables Great Wolf Lodge to maintain appropriate queues and avoid pool overcrowding. However, there are some seasons of the year when they are busier than others.

Is There WIFI at Great Wolf Lodge?

Yes, there is WIFI. If you’re staying overnight, you can easily get some job done at no additional cost to your WIFI usage.

What Does it Cost To Enter Great Wolf Lodge?

What Does it Cost To Enter Great Wolf Lodge?

Since admission to the Great Wolf Lodge water park is free, this is a tricky topic. However, to receive your waterpark permits, you must book a one-night stay at the hotel. As a result, the waterpark passes are the room’s price less the cost of the overnight amenities.

Your extended stay at Great Wolf Lodge would cost you based on the season, the size and type of your room, and the number of waterpark guests you have.

If you want to stay in a Great Wolf hotel suite, you should prepare to pay at least $200 a night on average. You might have to pay between $199 and $329 each night without a bargain.

Is a Calender of Great Wolf Lodge Prices Available?

You may check the Great Wolf Lodge rate calendar through this link.

The easiest way to see the hotel’s rates is to use the Groupon offers on the Great Wolf Lodge calendar. However, this is only accessible while a discount is being offered.

Do Companies Ever Receive Discounts at Great Wolf Lodge?

If you work for a large enough organization and reside close to a Great Wolf Lodge site, you may discover that you are eligible for extra employee discounts.

It is preferable to ask your company’s human resources department whether they have a specific arrangement with Great Wolf Lodge that would allow you to receive additional discounts.


To sum it up, Great Wolf Lodge is a nice place to feel free and enjoy some fun time with those you love. In addition, spending time at the Great Wolf Lodge could relieve some stress caused by those busy days of the hustle and bustle environment.

With that being said, we hope we’ve answered all the most crucial questions you might have about this brand. So next time someone asks, “Is Great Wolf Lodge worth it” give them a breakdown of what we discussed in this article.

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