5 Things to Know About Bra Wire Poking Underarm

Bra Wire Poking Underarm

Have you ever experienced bra wire poking underarm? Bra underwire can be a nightmare for many women because it continues to poke out, potentially injuring the breast or armpit. Once in a woman’s lifetime, she will have experienced bra underwire poking out, and this is why many women opt for wireless bras or even remove the underwire from the bras they bought to feel comfortable wearing them.

To ensure you do not continue to experience bra underwire poking out all the time, ensure that the bra is your perfect size, fit for your body shape, and also of high quality. Not wearing the right size of bra can cause harm to your breasts, and the underwire ends up hurting you. If the bra is continued to be worn without checking for the cause of the pain, it can irritate and leave pain marks on the chest, which is very dangerous to your health.

When you notice your bra underwire poking out, remove the bra and examine the cause of the discomfort. As it is later explained in this article, there are different reasons why the bra underwire may be poking out. Make sure the underwire is well cushioned for comfort and support for your breasts. You can take your time to find your perfect size of bra by trying out different ones in search of the correct size since the fitting is the best way to get rid of the problem of poking bra underwire.

Why Does Bra Have Wires in It?

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Wire-free Bra | Source: Amazon

Many have wondered why bras are made with underwires in them since many women find it unnecessary because it hurts when not properly fixed and often bends or breaks out over time. Bra underwires are left in place for comfort and to help in distributing the breasts evenly and also for support.

The breasts need to be evenly distributed when it comes to body weight, comfort, and shape. When the body weight is concentrated on one side of the breast by wearing ill-fitted bras, it can lead to excessive back pain and strain on the woman’s posture and shoulders as well.

Why is My Bra Underwire Poking into My Armpit?

Many women have experienced this at least once in their lives and many would prefer to go with wireless bras, but bras underwire have their benefits. There are a few reasons why your bra underwire may be poking and causing pain. These reasons can be:

  • Improper Fit: If the bra does not fit properly, the underwire will stick out and cause pain to the chest. Also concerning bra fitness, if the breast is too big for the bra, the underwire becomes too small, allowing it to dig into the breast tissue, which can be very painful. The same happens when the bra is too big for the breasts; the underwire will stick out far from the breast, causing separation.
  • Wrong Bra Style: The wrong bra style for your shape can also cause the underwire to stick out all the time. Ensure your bra style complements your body shape and make use of the perfect fit suitable for your cup or bra size. Underwire poking can be caused by wearing a smaller or larger bra size against your breath.
  • Worn Out Bra: Another reason why your bra underwire may be poking out is that the bra is worn out from long use or washing. This allows the underwire to poke through the material of the bra, hurting your armpit. Also, if the underwire is broken, your bra needs to be replaced.
  • Poor Quality: When your bra is of low quality and the material is not so good, it can cause the underwire to poke out of the material even if you haven’t worn it for a long time, since the material is not of good quality and can last a long time.
  • Spinning after Wash: Spinning your bra after hooking it in the front can cause the elastic band to wear out, causing the underwire to bend or poke out the material.

How to Fix a Poking Bra Underwire

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Hanes Wirefree Bra | Source: Amazon

Having your underwire poke out when you are in a public place can be hurting and embarrassing since you can do little to nothing to fix it right there. Here are ways to fix your poking bra underwire at home.

  • Remove the bra and push the underwire into place without bending or breaking it off. Ensure the whole underwire is back in place.
  • Use of moleskin or any other type of fabric and scissors to place around the edges of the underwire to hold the metal in place.
  • If you can sew, thread your needle properly and stitch up the hole where the underwire poked out and tie it into place.
  • You can decide to put a little glue or nail polish over the stitch to ensure it stays in place properly. This is not compulsory, but it allows the stitching to be firm and not come off easily.
  • Wear your bra with comfort and style after sewing with thread or fixing it with moleskin. The poking would stop except the bra is worn out and it’s time to get a change.

How to Care for Bras with Underwire

Unless otherwise specified by the bra brand, you can wash it in the washing machine; however, most underwire bras are advised to be washed by hand so that the wire does not bend or break while washing.

Follow the below steps to care for your bras with an underwire.

  1. Add your laundry detergent to a bucket of warm water and thoroughly mix it before putting on your bra. Ensure that you do not put too much detergent into the water.
  2. Soak your bra for a few minutes, remembering to separate colors from each other. Soaking up the bra allows tough stains and sweat to be removed and makes the washing soft and easy for you.
  3. Now carefully use your hands to massage the bra material all over, making sure the swear spots are given more attention while washing. The parts of the underwire and the armpit part should be carefully washed by rubbing the material together to remove stains.
  4. After washing, rinse the bra with lukewarm water and spread it in an open area to air dry it. Tumble drying can affect the shape and elasticity of the bra.

Examples of Bras Without Underwire

Not all bras these days are made with underwire because not every woman likes that poking feeling that hurts the chest and the armpits. You can purchase bras that do not have underwires in them and still get the comfort and support that the underwires give the bra. Some of the types of wireless bras available include:

1. Wireless Bra with Soft Padding

Great wireless bra with silky smooth straps and soft padding. It has adjustable straps that you can adjust to your size and eliminate the discomfort of slipping straps. It is made with soft smooth fabric that provides the comfort and confidence you need. It is available in various colors sizes.

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Silky Soft Smoothing Wireless Bra US4803, Private Jet, 36C
Wireless Bra with soft padding | Source: Amazon

2. Wireless Contour Bra with Foam Padding

These are nice contoured wireless bras with foam padding designed to provide full coverage with contoured cups and have adjustable front straps. Uses hook and eye back closure and has lace accents that do not itch.

Warner's Women's Cloud 9 Wirefree Contour Lift Bra, Toasted Almond/Vanilla, 36C
Wireless Contour Bra | Source: Amazon

3. Wireless Push-up Bras

Made with the ultra-soft fabric without wires and it is designed to create a push-up effect for large and small chests. Large elastic bands smooth out the sides and back without any folds appearing under your dress. It is also available in various colors and sizes.

DOBREVA Women's Push Up Bra Wireless Padded Bralette Lace Longline Support Bras Beige 36C
Wireless Push-up Bra | Source: Amazon

4. Maternity and Nursing Bras

Most maternity and nursing bras do not have underwires and they are designed to be smooth and comfortable for pregnant women or nursing moms. A great important feature for this type of bra is easy to access with one-handed clips that give you quick and easy access for breastfeeding whenever you need to do so.

Kindred Bravely Ultra Comfort Smooth Nursing Bra for Breastfeeding | Wireless Maternity Bra (Soft Pink, Large)
Maternity and Nursing Bras | Source: Amazon

5. Wirefree Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are meant for dinner gowns and dating gowns and the last thing you need when you are out on a date or formal event is the discomfort of bra underwire poking your underarms. That is why most strapless bras do not have any underwire in them and there are many types of strapless bras that are made from materials like silicone.

Wacoal Women's Staying Power Strapless Bra, Black, 36DDD
Wirefree Strapless Bra | Source: Amazon

6. Wirefree Sport Bras

Wirefree sports bras are also important for any athlete or anyone doing any physical activity. You want to avoid any kind of discomfort that will affect your performance negatively. Most sports bras are made from fabric that is smooth and fitted with elastic features to provide a firm and comfortable grip that you need.

CYDREAM Women High Impact Support Sports Bra Wirefree Bounce Control Workout Fitness Adjustable Straps Hook Closure (Large, Black)
Wirefree Workout Bra | Source: Amazon


Wearing bras gives comfort and support to the breast, but they should not cause discomfort when worn. There are different types of bra brands available on the market, but above all, fit, style, material, comfort, and support should be the key points to look out for when purchasing any type of bra. Above all, comfort should be the main purpose of wearing any type of bra, whether wireless or wired.

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