Coconut Oil Ruined My Hair – What You Should Know

Coconut Oil Ruined My Hair

Coconut oil ruined my hair! I guess you must have seen or heard accounts or statements like this from people who had a not-so-pleasant experience with coconut oil. The real question is can coconut oil ruin your hair?

In the world of superfoods, coconut oil takes one of the top spots. Coconut oil contains a range of fatty acids that help the body, skin, and brain, as well as healthy fats and antibacterial components as well.

In addition to the various health benefits of eating coconut oil, it also has benefits for skin and hair. It is known for being a great way to protect against hair damage and help moisturize hair follicles.

However, it’s important to know which types of hair coconut oil work best and how to properly use it. While damage isn’t common after using coconut oil on your hair, it is possible.

Here’s what you should know about using coconut oil on your hair, how to avoid damage, and how to get the best results out of your coconut oil hair mask. Read on to learn more.

Can Coconut Oil Permanently Damage Hair?

Coconut Oil Ruined My Hair

Can coconut oil permanently damage hair? The answer is yes! While coconut oil is known for being a superfood that promotes overall health and supports hair health as well, it doesn’t always react the same to different hair types and methods. If you’re wondering whether coconut oil can permanently damage hair, here’s what you need to know.

If you use coconut oil often, it can lead to a buildup of proteins on your hair. Even with regular washing and conditioning, this accumulation of protein can remain on your hair follicles.

This is dangerous for hair and can lead to damage as it prevents moisture from penetrating the hair follicles. Dry hair can become stiff, less elastic, less resilient, and break much more easily.

This can lead to potential damage if you use coconut oil too often or incorrectly. Let’s talk about the best types of hair for coconut oil use, how to prevent this damage, and how to get your hair back to the healthy, glowing hair you love.

What Hair Type is Best for Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is often marketed as one of the best products for hair, but the reality is that it’s only good for some hair types. Everyone’s hair is different, so it’s vital to make sure your hair type is right for coconut oil before using it.

So, what hair type is best for coconut oil? Let’s take a closer look and break it down.

Typically, if you have fine to medium thickness hair that’s shiny and stays moisturized, coconut oil can have benefits for your hair. It can add more volume, moisture, and help promote hair growth when used in moderation.

However, if you tend to have dry hair, brittle hair, or coarse hair, coconut oil may lead to further damage. This is because coconut oil can block the hair follicles from getting the moisture they need to thrive. When your hair can’t get the moisture it needs, it will become drier and can break more easily.

Can I Use Coconut Oil on my Hair Every day?

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When it comes to using coconut oil on your hair, it’s important to know the correct frequency to keep your hair healthy. So, if you have the hair type for coconut oil, how often should you use it?

Can you use coconut oil on your hair every day? The answer is no, you should not use coconut oil on your hair every day. This will most likely lead to build-up and difficulty absorbing moisture.

Instead, aim to use coconut oil on your hair around two to three times a week. Everyone’s hair is different, so be sure to pay attention to how your hair reacts to how frequently you use coconut oil. Start at two times a week to be safe and work your way up from there if you see good results without any damage to your hair.

Can you Put Coconut Oil in Hair Overnight?

Another important question to ask concerning how to properly use coconut oil on your hair is whether you can leave it on overnight. The answer is yes, as long as you have the right hair type for coconut oil.

You can massage a little bit of coconut oil onto your scalp so that it absorbs into the roots and leave it on overnight. Simply be sure to shampoo it out in the morning, preferably with a rinse, and repeat.

What are the Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Hair?

The benefits of using coconut oil for hair are many. Not only does it help nourish hair, but it can act as a sealant to protect your hair’s moisture barrier, promoting healthier, shinier hair. It can decrease the risk of brittle, dry hair and even help with flaky scalp or dandruff.

How to use Coconut Oil on Hair

Knowing how to properly use coconut oil on your hair is vital to getting the best results. Here is everything you need to know about how to use coconut oil on hair and the steps you need to follow in order to do it correctly.

1. Before You Wash

Start by massaging a small amount of coconut oil onto your scalp and spreading coconut oil throughout your hair before you wash it. If you want to use it as a scalp treatment before you bed, you can sleep with coconut oil in your hair.

2. Rinse and Repeat

The next step is washing. Be sure to rinse and repeat your hair as coconut oil can lead to build-up and dryness if not properly cleaned. Then condition like normal and enjoy fresher, shiny hair.


The benefits of coconut oil for hair are many! It’s worth taking advantage of this natural hair product to boost your hair’s health and growth. However, it’s important to be careful of what hair type you have and how you use coconut oil.

Be sure not to use it too often as this can lead to damage, breakage, and actually serve to increase dryness, and be sure to only use it if you see good results.

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